Secret Garden- Opening Up Yourself to Vulnerability

I've come to the conclusion that if my 64 spirit guides have something in mind for my spiritual growth they will go to great lengths to achieve their goal.
I am 4th generation healer. This means one thing, to one person, and a whole other meaning to someone else. To me it means, I have a gift that has been handed down, not by word of mouth or by teachings, but by genetics. In this also comes a long line insecurities and limiting thoughts, and a need to protect oneself from persecution.
I've come into my own the past year. I've softened and become more compassionate and much more aware of others feelings and am learning to govern my own thoughts, my own feelings and my own life. I can not heal in others which is broken within me. I see it all the time, I am working through something and I will get a flood of people with the same issues. I love how Spirit works though me to allow myself healing along with others. Kinda like hitting two birds with one stone.
So, in the past few weeks I've had some intense growth. I'm learning more and more about my limitations and my amazing abilities to grow and to expand these beliefs. I'm learning to open up to new possibilities and new experiences. I am in a sense opening up to a whole new level of vulnerability.
That place where you to to open up the feelings and the fears to someone else. To share with someone close to you, how you truly feel, fear, and experience. It's scary, as in the past when I've opened up to others, they used these things against me, and have even left the friendship because of this very thing. So opening up to someone close to me isn't easy, but...I find that now when I do it, I am also allowing the other person to open up to share, with me, their feelings as well.
Yesterday I went to my parents home for Easter. I cried all the way there, and while I was there and then when I got home. I shared with a friend that is fast becoming my close confidant. Although, he too is very much in the same place I am, I see how we are helping one another be at peace with opening our hearts. I am starting to see that I am not the only one who longs for people in their life that are truly authentic. Someone you can fully trust, and who won't judge you for being you, or try to change you into what their expectations should be for you, but what is best for you by just standing in their own truth with you.
I have 4 men in my life right now that are changing my perception of life and myself. Men have a uniqueness about them and how they really don't get into drama and I am liking that. So who do we trust? Who do we allow into our lives?
I am standing at the secret garden door, the smallest door I've seen, I am opening it up just a tiny bit and when i do so much comes flooding out. Years of insecurities and life long pains. As they flow around me I stand in a strength I didn't realize I have. People can come and go and say what they need to say and do what they need to do I am will stand strong and be here. Allowing others to flow around me. And all the while standing strong within me. I look to the side and I see my strength.

All along, it is God.
It is the light, it is the I is the pure love from the heart. I am, all that I am, need, want and have.

As I stand strong within me, the authentic people find me, they too sing a similar song. Like a lark, beautiful and strong. We stand near one another, supporting one another, loving and being. The others flow past, picking up what they need or have to have and with each passing, we become stronger and more planted in the roots. The God within me are the questions I ask. I am a wisdom seeker. I am the one that will find the answers within. Opening the door is the fist step in finding the strength that has been here all along. The answers are all within me. The answers, the faith, the strength the wisdom. This is where you find yourself. Within

Laura Kuhl

Alzheimer's- A Psychic's View

My poppa has Alzheimer’s, dementia, what ever the Western mind calls the mind slowing down and going into a different direction.  My poppa san is different now. Once the man who could climb anything, win all and create, meditate, pray and console, is now different.  At first being the healer I am, I wanted to save the soul from its own journey and create health and wellness in the midst of drama and confusion.  I held out my hand to a man I felt was sinking fast, you know to pull him to safety. He reached out and let go just as I was about to pull back. It was a slow sink…filled with guilt and shame and sorrow and pain.  It was damning for a healer, I lost my drive to heal the body and went into reading and healing with my voice. I without knowing let that part of me die along with the power and the ego and the I’ll save the world attitude. I crawled into myself and only let God speak through me.  I gave up in a way, as my father declined. I was telling my higher self, “If I can not save my poppa than why try?” Now as I look back it gave me yet another lesson or five.

Fast forward a few years to now. I get a text from a dear friend.

My dad just got diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s.  I was with them today at the appointment

The breath left my lungs, as those words sunk in…Feelings came back… What do I say?  So, I went into my heart and came back with this:

Can I express my love for you right now…Can I be here, with you? I am, completely
My father is too…he’s in a memory care unit now. Life is different …but I thank God every day for the blessings, for the beauty that it brings to our lives… He’s not the dad I knew, now it’s someone different, kinder, softer, gentler, so sweet. I love him now more than ever. He says things that make us giggle…he is my father But the tears still come for the man I once knew…
Life is forever changing… Never ever the same Life is a journey into the unknown…lifting us higher to the state of love. Love differently than before, but stronger and different.

I was so mad at my mom and my family when my father went into memory care. For 6 weeks I would not talk to my mom, brother, or sister about this turn of events. I cried all the time, I felt helpless and lost.  Then my sister went to see him and wrote me a long letter. My father helped a man that they thought would die. He was…leaving himself and not wanting to live. Then my father enters the picture, and this man changed. My father was making a difference to someone I didn’t know. He was happy and up and moving and doing really well.

Stop….Laura, what are you doing? Who are you? What are you? Go into who you are now and tell yourself what you’d tell others.  Trust God.  For he never, ever leads us where we do not have to be. Let go, Laura.  See the beauty or see the pain, it’s your choice. Make it what you want. I changed my heart from sad and mad to happy and glad.

Now months later, I am happy once again. Seeing that God always leads me down the road of prep to help others walk the road, to see the light where darkness lingers. To learn to trust that God has our best interest in mind.  That he never leads me or my family down a path that isn’t the brightest, the best, exactly where we are meant to be. Now, I see, my pain, my darkness that turned to light is now here to help others.  It’s a beautiful thing when you get it down.  When you start to live the life you were always meant to live. Happy, bright, positive, glowing, abundant, joyful, peaceful. It’s all a choice.  Choose to see the darkness. It lingers near, enveloped in fear. It is there to pull you down…to see only the negative, to live in fear and pain.  OR…you can choose to live differently. To see the beauty. Every single moment is a choice. Every single thing…is a choice of you wanting to live in the light or sink into the darkness. I choose the light. I may be swept away every now and again. God testing me…LAURA…ARE YOU SURE? LAURA? WHAT IS YOUR TRUTH? DO YOU TRUST? DO YOU REALLY, REALLY TRUST GOD?  DO YOU REALLY LIVE THAT WHICH YOU PREACH? DO YOU REALLY?  FALL DOWN LAURA AND GET BACK UP…THAT’S IT, HERE IS MY HAND, I HAVE YOU LAURA. I LOVE YOU. I AM HERE. I AM.

Blessing to all who’s eyes have read these words.

-Laura Kuhl

Madison-based psychic and medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic as well as a Level 1, 2 and 3 Reconnective Practitioner

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Vulnerable... Life Lessons From a Psychic's Point of View

So life is a series of changes. As I had this past week, a day where I cried all morning feeling helpless and hopeless. Life was piling up all around me. I tried to contain myself during some major life decisions.  Sometimes the answers lay in the letting go of what we think is right, and what we feel we can achieve. Life isn’t always this controlled, this is how it will go… and that is how I am going to achieve that.  Sometimes we need to reach out and ask for prayers, so that we may see a different way.

I believe now, that when we take a moment to self reflect on our life and ask for help when we truly are in need, real changes happen, real healing and amazing things start to happen. Opening up and being vulnerable and asking for help isn’t always easy, but I found out that when I do amazingly beautiful things happen. Things that can’t without the help of our friends and family and God.

This past week I had an overwhelming response to a day when I felt lost, out of control and helpless. Indeed when I look back, it had been building for weeks. I wasn’t sleeping but maybe a couple of hours at a time, my stress levels was at an all time high, and God was literally piling major life decisions on my plate, in huge piles, one after another after another after another.  I had a lot to decide in a short period of time. Major life decisions. Things that affect other peoples lives and I was praying that I was making the right decisions for all involved for the highest good and the highest vibrations for all involved. It’s a lot of pressure to put on one person, all at once. One of these was enough to make some people crumble. I had piles of them.

I reached out and asked for real help, which to me is prayers for clarity.  All of those responses helped me in ways that were beyond measure.  I thank the Universe, all of those beautiful people. I truly am blessed, and grateful for the healing that has taken place. My truck is fixed, my house issues are resolved, and decisions have been made, and my family and friends responses were so helpful and integral in my ability to respond and react in a positive healthy manner, that is moving me in a direction that I feel safe and secure in. Prayers and self reflection brings on healing and love and an ability to then make appropriate decisions.

Being vulnerable and reaching out to others for help isn’t always easy, its humbling and one looks at oneself in a way that I can not do this on my own, I needed help.  I reached out, I let go of the thought , “Oh I can handle this on my own!” and I received such healing prayers. It was amazing. Also. from people I never thought would care. The ones you think will respond are not the ones that do. It was really a check in who has your back. Most of my family didn’t respond, not saying that they didn’t pray for me, or do other things, it was just a surprise. of course they wouldn’t reach out either, so that makes since. Where was I taught not to ask for help, but to do it on your own, take care of your own stuff? This makes sense. It wasn’t easy becoming vulnerable, but it truly takes strength to go down on your knees, and humbly, fearfully ask for help.

I will share, that through my vulnerability and my letting go, I received more in one day, than I have given in a year. It makes me step back and analyze where and what I am doing with my own life.  Giving of ones self isn’t always the way we think it is, or how I was seeing it. Its more. I have so much to give.  Compassion and love. I will start with that.  This is something that shifted in me during this past week. I am stronger than I thought, and I have a whole lot more to give of myself. Selflessly and with lots of love.  Thank you for this beautiful lesson, I am humbly grateful and thankful beyond measure.  This was truly life changing.

Blessing to all who’s eyes have read these words.

-Laura Kuhl

Madison-based psychic and medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic as well as a Level 1, 2 and 3 Reconnective Practitioner

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Manifesting Machine

If you believe and trust and feel what it is that you know you deserve and want, see it, feel it, create it.  Manifesting is the wave of the future.  If you build it they will come. If you take a leap of faith, it will happen.

I was told a story about a man that was tripping on acid and during his trip he had to create the stones over a large hole to get to where he was going. So in his mind he created each and every stepping stone and crossed the deep hole and got to the other side of the room. This is very much like what this new consciousness is bringing us into.  A place where we must think, believe, feel and see our futures.  If you’ve ever asked for anything, and within hours the answers came or the prayer was answered then you know exactly what I am speaking about.  You just know deep within that it’s what will happen and what IS meant to be.  This is manifesting… Feel it, see it in your minds eye and create it.

It’s not rocket science.  It’s really too easy.  But it takes focused practice and that is time consuming.  It’s what your true desires are all about. You can either keep creating lack or create abundance. It’s up to you my friend. Choices are everywhere. Choose your path.  Mine is abundance and love and success. Wanna join me.  The ride is going to be awesome. Who’s with me?

Peace/love and sunshine!

-Laura Kuhl

Madison-based psychic and medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic as well as a Level 1, 2 and 3 Reconnective Practitioner

If you are interested in learning more about Laura and her work, call or text for your next appointment. 608-217-7689 e-mail @

Free Floating Anxiety

So the past month or so I’ve gotten so many calls, emails, and text concerning this subject of free floating anxiety. No one can pin point what it is that they are anxious about or why the uneasiness of it all.  So, being a human myself I too was living through it. I found myself meditating, exercising, eating well and praying a lot more than usual.  Then the realization that with the increase of times spent within really wasn’t sustaining me. The only time I am aware of the anxiety being gone, is when I am with other people. As soon as I am left with my own thoughts, in my own world, bingo the anxiety ramps up and I become quiet uncomfortable once again.  So, last night while in deep meditation, i was given the reason for all of this anxiety.

Laura, the time has come that the energy of the earth is going to increase and go faster than ever before.  During this transition you will feel tired, anxious, fearful of something not being right within yourselves. Also an increase in frustration and anger. One must be totally aware at all times to conduct themselves in a manner that will not exasperate the situation, but bring it into a recognizable understanding.  The more that the earth increases its energy the more expansive the humane will become.

Expansive? What in the world is expansive?

It is the light that shines within us all, our vibration, frequency, or our essence.  It’s not seen with the naked eye or even felt with a hand. It is the energy from our heart that people subconsciously see and feel from us. We are expansive beings and can become small as an atom and dark as night or as expansive as we want to outside of ourselves and as large as the universe itself which

we all understand is limitless and full of a beautiful white light.  It’s an increase within that expands and surrounds our human bodies, or can also lay within and hasn’t yet expanded out.  It’s easier to explain on paper to draw this concept than to explain it with words. But, none the less, this is what is causing all of this increased anxiety. People are being forced to deal with the uncomfortable truths about their lives in order for the expansion to happen with ease or more ease. So what isn’t working in our lives will fall away. You will quit the job you hate, or move out of the house and from a marriage that isn’t working. On the other hand you may expand in a job that is your passion and you may find our true love within us and then attracting that perfect mate into our arms. It can go which ever way you need it to go. Karma is being burned off in profound and increasingly faster ways. More and more people have no karma left and are working now on dharma.  Within this transition is a heavy feeling, and a movement within that can’t be contained such as shaking legs, moving our bodies or doing something all the time.  Staying up late, waking earlier than normal and being tired no matter how much sleep you get. It can be aggravating to only be able to sleep in 1/2 hour increments.  I have so much energy that as I sit in my chair my body is moving back and forth due to the increased levels of energy on our planet as a whole.  This energy I would get when meditating with large number of people is now happening when I am alone.  Walks in nature normally a calming practice, this energy only gets increased within my body.  I was told last night that this energy is only going to increase as our consciousness increases and our energy patterns with our bodies also increases. Please meditate on expanding your energy outside your body, and making a huge ball of light surrounding and expanding outside of yourself.  This is what helps to expand and show the body it doesn’t need to be contained within this shell of a body.  Eventually we will all be more expansive and less contained within this shell.

I wish you all peace, love and harmony within your lives. Until we meet again, be well and expand.

Hike and Heal

Starting next week, and every Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. during the spring through fall,(weather permitting), I am going to be doing a Hike n Heal in the Just out my front door series in  the loveliest place in Madison,WI. The UW Madison Arboretum. ( )  Just as the Magnolia and the Lilac trees start to bloom the perfume of these flowering trees envelopes your soul. The absolutely best walks have been in the Arboretum for me. My sister Sara and I would go after dinner for a leisurely walk and we would talk about life, love and spirituality. Sara would sometimes hug a tree, and I would laugh, photograph and post to Facebook.  Decker and I shared many a walks through the magical woods, and the edges of the tree lined belittling.  He spotted where an Owl would often perch at night,  a white coating covering the bushes told him.  The lil flowers that are everywhere, the smells of grass, blue birds, hawks, trees and many other wild life, it just makes my day. I become quite addicted to the pleasures of the outdoors.  I spent many a day outside as a child, and now the once lost spirit of that young girl is back.  I love, love, love this place so near my front door.  So, I invite you to join me.  We will walk, talk and do a meditation somewhere in between.
A lil  Hike n Heal” to get you over the hump of the week, and for you to experience the great joy I find just out my front door.

If you’d like to join me, please feel free to text me ” I am coming just out my front door” …at 608-217-7689… we will meet in front of the visitors center.  It’s the entrance that is off of Seminole Hwy.  If you can’t join us that time on that day, I am found there often enough, I encourage you to text me if  you want to take a walk.  I love this place and anytime, if I can, I’ll join you too in a walk.


I am in Love

I have to admit…I’m falling in love.

I have to admit…It’s quite serious.

I have to admit…It’s not as it seems.

I have to admit…It’s scary as hell.

I have to admit…My mind is a mess.

I have to admit…I think about it a lot.

I have to admit…sometimes it’s messy.

Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes, I have to bite my lip to make sure its real. Sometimes, I stop, I look in the mirror.

Yep, there you are. I love you so much, you maybe scared, messy and too much, but you are all that I have, and the more

I get to know you, the more I am falling deeply in love with me.

It’s not easy. Loving me. I sometimes am too hard on myself, and other times, I am too soft. Either way. I love me most, when I am outspoken and messy and just not right. Cause this is me…and I am alright!

Learning to love me. Another series, in the events, of my life.  Carry on.


What is Love?

A dear man left this world and behind him he left a trail of wonderment, love and joy.  He was “The Wizard” to me.  The man behind the curtain was far too small for what I saw in him.  His soul and his energy were huge, intense, strong, humble and amazingly beautiful.  He opened up a world to me that had been on all accounts had been destroyed by human kind.  A life long journey of self hatred, addiction, over eating, closed heart, outside myself and illness.  Then, I met him and he took his soul and his beautiful energy and moment by moment, little by little changed my awareness, my perspective and my journey in this life. He opened up doors that had long ago been shut down….thrown away, discarded by the very soul it was trying to save.  He showed me how beautiful life is, how amazingly wonderful it is, he opened my eyes, my heart and my mind.  He took me down rabbit holes, and spun my mind into a new and wonderful position…..He was simply amazing.  He was beautiful. He was brilliant. He was a Wizard, if ever a wizard was.

His life was far too short, his life taken much, much to early.  His death dropped me to my knees in utter disbelief.  He was far too large in life to actually die.  He was far too important to go. I didn’t get to say good bye or tell him how important he was to me or how loved he was.  To never feel him again was far too sad of a thought.  I mourned the loss of the Wizard….as I did, a great thing happened in a moment of utter loss. I felt him and his beautiful energy and heard him say it was my time and I am going to help you now far more than I ever could in life.  I stopped and thought, “This is Love.” Never changing, never dying, only more brilliant, more amazingly beautiful and truly the cosmic energy that fits his soul.  His soul is beautiful, it is here and it lives on forever, in my heart, through my actions, my love, my joy and my experiences of life, he will live on within me and the many others that he helped, saved, changed.

I cannot honor this man more than to love my own life and live my

life to the fullest.  To go about serving others with out EGO, without arrogance, through all of the nay sayers and disbelievers.  They too will someday understand that this life is about Loving one another, trying to figure it out moment by moment.  If you are lucky as I have been a Wizard will be your teacher, your life changer and go deeply within your soul and change your life forever more.

Thank you David Hassert for being my Wizard and forever changing my life. I honor you in this moment and I love you.

Godspeed my friend….

In deepest gratitude and love,

Laura Kuhl