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Monthly Tarot Reading January 2022

🟢🟤 JANUARY 2022 🟤🟢

🔸Situation at hand


The message seemed clear and simple. Stone beneficial for you to work with at this time: lepidolite

🔸3 of Cups:
Making good times and great oldies with fun friends.
🔹Devil reversed with 6 of Wands reversed:
There is no victory in doing that thing you know you shouldn't do. Do not allow playful, lighthearted times get out of hand, taking a turn toward darker energies. Enjoy to the fullest leaving what no longer serves your highest good behind you.

♉️ Taurus

Lost in thought at the end of the road. Stone beneficial for you to work with at this time: amazonite

🔸Death with 4 of Cups:
Uneasy  feelings develop from a serious ending.
🔹8 of Swords clarified by Queen of Cups with King of Wands, Knight of Cups reversed with Ace of Cups reversed:
Do not disallow yourself to feel what you know you are feeling. All things change. There is a natural cycle of grieving in the human experience. Thought on the roles of mother and father or solid masculine and feminine energies and the different experiences that occur when the energy is unstable and unable to genuinely show love. Making or taking a love offer is not advised at this time.


🔸Tower reversed, Ace of Cups reversed:
"Shot through the heart" Things could seem a little upside down...
🔹9 of Wands reversed:
Do not allow yourself to become jaded because of past interactions perceived as negative. It is not beneficial to put up barriers to those wishing to get to know you. Do not let an unfortunate turn of emotion crack your foundation.


This is quite a layout~the Emperor and Empress are at each end-both have a pentacle and a sword card. The Emperor and Empress are upright along with a reversed card. Although this spread is of situations and the subsequential advice, this appears as the feminine and masculine of a long term relationship. (The Emperor has been all four kings and the Empress exhibits the mastery of all four queens-earth, fire, air, and water)

🔸Emperor with 4 of Pentacles reversed, 7 of Swords:
Perhaps the Emperor has given up any shady dealings that may have heightened his position in the past, knowing all things remain in the Akashic records. There was also the warning to "Beware of false prophets." The 7 of Swords indicates some deception yet the Emperor and Empress are upright in their actions, etc
🔹5 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords reversed with Empress:
On the surface it seems that a hasty decision leaves someone out in the cold with any sneakiness being gotten away with. It looks like 2 long term partners questioning each other's judgment. The card of advice is that of being isolated or "left out in the cold".

* I later asked for clarification on this reading. 2 of Pentacles reversed with the Priestess reversed:
Its not a good decision to go against one's better judgment and often puts people on shaky ground. Slow down and take a deep breath to better sort out your reality.

♌️ LEO

Your cards seemed to speak of two different situations occurring simultaneously.

🔸Knight of Pentacles:
This card says go for it Leo! A small stable offer is made. The cards that clarify this -go forth- energy are Chariot reversed, World, and Devil: Cards of a full stop, an ending, and treachery... quite a contradiction or separate situation.
🔹 Ace of Wands:
Pick up the pace and add your fun-loving Leo creativity wherever you go. This was clarified by Page of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, and the sun:
A lovely spark of stable energy within and between two people~perhaps of an age difference, but of a similar solid constitution for a fun relationship.


🔸 Page of Wands:
The first step of a fun journey is at hand.
🔹 Knight of Pentacles:
Slow and steady wins the race so slow down and keep it cool and calm.
* This reading was later clarified with Queen of Wands, Alchemist (Temperance card in this deck) and Queen of Pentacles:
All lovely ladies who know how to temper a variety of energies in order to build wonderful worlds around them. The smaller energies of pages and knights have great potential to build goodness on a larger scale.


🔸 Sun, Ace of Wands reversed fell out on top of it and the World face down beside it:
Just happy to be. No need to initiate or coordinate anything. An ending is occurring somewhere in Libra's world, perhaps not directly happening within the self.
🔹 Moon reversed:
Do not keep secrets or bottled up emotions. Shed light on things, but do not make any new starts.


🔸 7 of Cups clarified by 9 of Wands and Ace of Pentacles reversed:
What to pick, who to trust? So many options it can be difficult to know how to move forward. "Doesn't want to pick one." Your guard is up in order to keep out any unstable energies.
🔹 Moon reversed clarified by  Alchemist (the Temperance card in this deck) and the Magician:
Be honest about your feelings, do not lead anyone on in any way, be clear and decisive. You have all you need to create the world around you to your desired preferences ~remember this when feeling confused about taking the next step.

♐️ Sagittarius

🔸 Page of Wands clarified by 5 of Pentacles reversed and the World with 4 of Pentacles:
Setting out fresh on a new journey for the soul, yet hanging onto an ending. "Conflict resolution"
🔹Wheel clarified by Hermit reversed:
There is a natural timing or progression to all we experience in human life. Close out that which has ended, but do not retreat away from others, bottling up feelings and hiding your experience. Sharing your realizations helps to see the big picture with fresh eyes.


🔸 2 of Cups clarified by 3 of Wands:
"awwwww" (in a sweet and lovely tone) a like-hearted connection. A delightful energy falls upon you as you anticipate travel and new adventures with like minded people.
🔹 3 of Pentacles clarified by Ace of Cups, Devil, Queen of Swords, and 7 of cups: Work with them, lay a solid foundation, participate in the community with a loved one. The clarifying cards seem to represent a person who is normally decisive being a little confused by options. The notion of hotly desired sexual activity was present.


🔸Tower, 3 of Pentacles reversed clarified by Wheel reversed:
Another striking epiphany for Aquarius to change its course. There seems to be an ongoing theme of going it alone or working with individuals rather than groups. There is a tendency towards difficulties setting a solid foundation and work with groups or organizations is not cohesive this month.
🔹 Ace of Pentacles clarified by 6 of Swords, Knight of Pentacles reversed and 5 of Cups reversed:
Again the advice is that an offer is solid to work on your own or with individuals as others. Move on to calmer waters, away from those who do not come through for you-and do not spend time feeling down about it.


🔸 Page if Wands (flipped face up onto my hand) Ace of Pentacles:
Setting out~perhaps on a quest. A fresh, solid journey is at hand and you have all it takes to do it right. An offer made or taken is a good one.
🔹 3 of Pentacles reversed (flipped face up into the mix of the deck): 3rd party situations are a no go. Working with others does not bring the forward momentum you are already starting to achieve on your own this month.

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Monthly Tarot Reading December 2021

*The first card out this month reviled itself as a past energy and as the readings went on it became clear the cards for December were showing the year in review for each sign. Rather than ruminating on past energies it seemed to show how the concepts are still at play and the ways in which each sign has been working with them for positive forward growth. The only constant is change. May your days be merry and bright! 🌟


2 of Swords, 9 of Swords, Devil & 3 of Swords reversed together

You may have come eye to eye with a situation you've felt caught in for some time. If a decision has not yet been made, the time is at hand to do so. Relaxation techniques to reduce any tightness compressing your mental state will allow for a closer look in a more objective way, making right and wrong more obvious and easier to untangle. Choose the path of least pain for all concerned. We are all here making mistakes and improvements~all's well that ends well. ❤️


5 of Cups & 7 of Cups reversed together, Hierophant, King of Pentacles reversed , Strength

Taurus is more prone to giving advice than reveling their own quandaries, yet it seems you've confided in another some of the emotional unrest you've been feeling around your desire for stability. You are not confused and do not want any confusion coming your way. You understand the norms of cultural society and the personal power that develops from solid connections where each is uplifted. The universe/God/guides/etc acknowledge your steadfast ways, hear your request, and ask that you to hold tight~especially if this pertains to a masculine partner who isn't exhibiting stability. You could be feeling lack yourself, however, the King of Pentacles reversed is coming through as a specific person-one who does not seem to have it together and makes no action, while Taurus feels more solid and capable of flourishing. Keep on doing you~justice is at your side. 🔰


8 of Swords reversed, 1 of Wands & 6 of Swords reversed together

8 of Swords reversed told of the past; showed the cage door being opened and the (overactive monkey) mind being freed which has brought you to an active state of initiating with energy so solid it sticks this time. I heard the words "You don't have to go back" and "No more midnight voyage". Your radiance shines out in all directions so grip the wheel tight and go full throttle-flightiness has flown the coop and the energy feels quick and accurate. 🌏🔥🌬💧


The Tower reversed, The Hierophant & King of Pentacles together

Tragedy narrowly averted. Standing on solid ground.
Helpful advice given/taken.
Some rather big energies have come to pass and a new path has opened. (Glittering yellow brick road) The Hierophant pointed out karmic confusion around family issues of societally accepted norms and cultural expectations, calling attention to what information is to be kept safe guarded and what is meant to be shared. If family is not involved, all of this may have developed as an internal struggle. The King of Pentacles is coming across as a particular person and it could be that you are exhibiting those steadfast qualities yourself. Cancer and Earth sign masculines are super solid at this time~hands on the wheel or in the dirt. 🏠🌲

LEO ♌️

The Hanged One, The Sun, 3 of Pentacles

On the bright side. After contemplation on the roots of issues, (as humans experience them) a sort of gentle, lovely sacrifice, or surrender of the grip one may have on their own spirit, was made. All that abides by the law of one (do no harm) was allowed to assist and take the wheel. A brilliant new day dawns where cooperation and team spirt are fun and life is colorful, creative, and built on solid foundations. Now is a great time for Leo to set an example on this planet by simply being their good 'ol sunny self. 🌈🌤🌿🌺


Queen of Swords, then 1 of Cups reversed, 1 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords & 9 of Cups together

Ahh the good old Queen of Swords~discerning, forthright, steadfast in truth and quick to cut to the heart of the matter. It may be in her nature to see through the lense of stability before love, but an essential new perspective presented itself and an internal decision was made to Be the love. A hard look in the mirror, whether through an actual mirror or through the actions of another, leads to creating that ~warm, fuzzy, all is blissfully well in the world~ feeling for yourself. Incoming energies are met with loveliness and the same kindness is returned. A new and softer day is dawning⚔️🌅💗 LIBRA ♎️
The World & 10 of Cups reversed, 1 of Pentacles

While a sweeping ending of a major life cycle was underway, momentum was building for your come back. Perhaps all that glittered was not gold in a heartfelt connection that spanned some time. Though a disappointment, it doesn't seem catastrophic and you come out solid, shining like a star; living your intention of constructing your new path properly. Stay the course, you're in for a win. 🏵


5 of Swords, 7 of Cups & 5 of Cups reversed together

A more positive internal and emotional path is being developed after coming out of conflict and confusion. I heard "shot through the heart." Situations of mirroring darkness and light allow for a greater understanding of the human experience and can be helpful in dismissing that which is not desirable for your life's path. These energies seemed to be culminating now rather than throughout the year. You have serious strength of character and staying on the sunny side of life makes a difference as the Scorpion transitions to the Eagle, accurately developing long range sight.☀️🦅

Sagittarius ♐️

The Hermit, 3 of Cups reversed, then 5 of Wands reversed, 4 of Wands reversed & 6 of Swords reversed together

This year has been an internal journey of seeking the light away from the external world. You weren't putting out feelers to attract others to you.  Perhaps being out in public wasn't as enjoyable as it once was or you were feeling the lack of a core group of besties at your sides. Allowing yourself quiet contemplation continues to assist you in seeing what is to be celebrated in life and what is disruptive and should be dismissed. I heard "Never going back again" and "free your mind and the rest will follow". ✨


1 of Wands & Princess of Pentacles together sideways, The Star & 10 of Cups reversed together

At the brink of stability, it can be a daunting challenge to dip your toes into new human experiences. (I saw a bottle rocket fly off sideway.) Know that God's universe is all a flutter, quietly cheering you on. The 10 of Cups reversed seems sequential~that the healing of the Star must run its course before the deep, long heartfelt connection becomes an upright, abundant, actualized energy. You are at the presuppose of greatness and Capricorn understands the benefits of following through. 🌿🌈🌺


1 of Pentacles & Temperance together, Princess of Pentacles

A new grounding for a new kind of grounded~ Perhaps you've seen firsthand that oil and water do not mix. You have the ability to blend that which does not do so easily. The Princess of Pentacles knows the easing of energies is a patient endeavor that helps secure a sturdy start on the new path forward. Upright and stable, you progress solidly. I heard the song "solid as a rock". They have seen your shining star and know of your soothing ways. I heard the song "shining star for for you to see". Temperance asks you to use your abilities to assist others in softening, blending with each other, and playing nice. Let them see you flourishing in the abundance surrounding you. 🪴🤗🍊🎵


4 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles & King of Cups together (all 3 cards have the cosmos in the background)

As the 4 of Pentacles was laid down I heard "lets hang on to what we've got, it doesn't make a difference if we've got a lot". Broadening your horizons leads to doing what is right with nature, building with conscious equity, and finding a steady ebb and flow with your cosmic waters. The King of Cups is most likely you, in any case  anyone involved is even keel in  emotions, giving and receiving, putting forth and attracting solid, loving, fair goodness. I heard "the offer is genuine".🎆

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Monthly Tarot Reading October 2021


King of Pentacles reversed, Ace of Cups, Queen of Cups reversed (Wow, quite a layout.)
💗 What is between them? Love. What separates them and what holds them together?
(If you are single it may pertain to feminine and masculine aspects within, though it felt as if there were 2 people.)
The feminine energy may come off as cold, while the masculine energy may not seem stable. Perhaps both feel they have nothing to offer and also see the other as having nothing to offer… but there it is… a glorious cup of love. Perhaps an honest conversation will help turn these strong energies upright~the potential is there.


5 of Swords, 2 of Pentacles, King of Swords, 8 of Wands, 3 of Swords reversed (all fell out together seeming to tell a straight forward story line)
💓 ~A skirmish of energies like too many cooks in the kitchen
~Juggling between worlds, ideas, people, situations
~Someone speaks up, cuts to the core of the matter in a well-spoken manner, mediates
~A significant conversation with lots of back and forth action
~Results in lessening anguish


Knight of Pentacles (gently flipped up onto my hand, did not exude the usual slow stability, but rather the in and out nature of youthful adventures), 3 of Wands reversed & 9 of Wands reversed (fell out together, felt like hidden aspects)
💚 Someone who is, by their true nature, a careful, long term builder may be finishing a slightly reckless early life cycle of dispersing one’s energies as their true, stable self takes hold Not sure what to think? Take it slow, things will build.


2 of Cups, 3 of Cups, Judgement (when shuffling, too many cards kept falling out until I felt tired from so many mixed up energies and wished to calm or pair things down)
❤️ Feeling the love? Seeing eye to eye and heart to heart with another soul may have you celebrating a bit too much.
Single & ready to mingle? Not for long. It is quite favorable to attend any functions you’re invited to at this time, providing you don’t loose yourself in the libations. By month’s end realizations abound as a heightened sense of awareness steers you on your path.


4 of Swords reversed, (last 3 fell out together, clarifying what was being meditated on) Queen of Swords reversed, 4 of Cups, Chariot reversed
🤎 Ok, I’m done sleeping on this & I’m ready now. Ruminating on sorrows, stagnation, and sharp words that can’t be undone has run its course and is no longer productive. It is time to get up and live it as you envision it~a benevolent outcome for all.


Judgement (heard “come to god moment”), 7 of Pentacles (6 stars stood out like a fall yellow/orange smile on the card), 9 of Wands reversed (heard “give in”)
💛 Self-Realizations. -Meeting one’s self in the vastness of this multifaceted existence. -Seeing how one interacts with others, with self, in matters of business, etc, -How one moves forward, decides what to stick with or not and why -What is truly wanted and how to make it so. So shall it be. Actions and reactions. An opening for a great progression is at hand. You’ve been diligent at the wheel a long time and its safe to let go and let god steer. The universe smiles upon you, providing for your journey.


King of Swords, Hanged One reversed, Magician reversed
🖤 After the end and before the beginning. Someone speaks their mind, cutting to the core of a situation. Perhaps someone has pondered a while without developing a fresh perspective, resulting in all talk and no action. Stand in your power and speak your truth with carful intent for the future no matter how confusing things seem. The truth shall prevail.


Chariot reversed, 2 of Cups reversed, 9 of Swords reversed
❣️”Hold the boat, we’re getting off.” Not seeing or feeling connected to or successful with another person or with conflicting aspects within the self. The desire to move forward from overthinking is present, though no movement seems to be taking place. Work with others or yourself to build a solid, cohesive foundation for future victories.


7 of Swords reversed, (last 4 fell out together) Emperor, 7 of Wands reversed, Princess of Cups, 2 of Pentacles
💞 “Tragedy narrowly averted.”
No longer beating yourself up over something. Instability or a rocky road with an authoritative figure. If two people are involved the more masculine energy may be angry feeling they have nothing to fight for with the more feminine energy sprinkling a little sugar on the situation while entertaining two worlds. Any harm done will be out in the open~though I heard someone “didn’t do it” though it may seem like they did.


Knight of Cups reversed, Star, 10 of Pentacles with 7 of Swords reversed clarifying it
💖 Not a child anymore. Living the experience of no more silly games and realizing that in itself is tremendous healing that dissolves the sense of illusive separateness. Time to oneself, time to sit alone in the quiet of the night air to feel the connection with all makes union sweeter. Relish the heartfelt moments of having it all.


World, Moon, Ace of Cups
💝 Well then, your time has come. A whole new beginning with a deep offer of love is at hand. There will always be the unknown, but this time it comes with a grand sense of the big picture of love and emotion in the human experience and beyond. It may feel as though an unseen force  envelopes you in loving bliss or you might be struck with a genuine love offer when you least expect it. Do not fear the deep places, the hand of nature/god is at play, gifting you a sweet new start.


Star, Judgement (heard “massive download”), Devil and Ace of Wands (fell out together and felt like a separate situation in the physical)
💜 …wow! Connection to the vastness of all spirit, science, wisdom, etc is wide open with you in the spotlight and the energy is upright. Fantastical congratulations to the depth of your soul! Full power! There is also a hot and naughty energy happening at the same time-don’t lose yourself or your path of riotousness while enjoying every drop of the naughty passion that comes with the human experience.

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Monthly Tarot Reading August 2021


???? At the heart of the matter: ~Magician Reversed~

Not making it happen. Despite having all the needed elements to take action, no move is made.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~King of Swords Sideways~

What constitutes good communication? Is it too harsh? Is it clear enough? Does it provide a platform for solid progression or is it degenerative? Does it produce a collected head space?

????Advice:~Wise One (Hierophant)~

I heard sit with it and all will be reviled. While the Priestess know how to quietly uphold esoteric knowledge, the Hierophant knows how to show by example, presenting others with practical ways of living spiritually in every day life.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~Emperor Sideways~

What constitutes being in control of your world? Does an emperor walk softly, carrying a big stick? What would you do and what would you not do to keep your world in check?

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~6 of Swords~

Leaving all that no longer serves you behind will feel like a fresh breeze.

???? Advice:~Page of Swords Reversed~

Sometimes there is a need for a clean cutting away or to just drop something and stop giving it attention.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~Queen of Swords~

Saying your piece, stating your truth

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~3 of Pentacles~

You can't see working together on this. Could things work out and be built properly with the players at hand?

???? Advice:~2 of Pentacles Reversed~

Don't juggle situations, people's hearts, ideas, work, etc. Make a decision. Stick to it and things will naturally move along.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~World Reversed~

I heard "It ain't over till its over." It must be close though because the world is the ending of long term cycles. "A change is gonna come."

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~6 of Swords~

Mental transformation. Leaving behind negative mental tendencies.

???? Advice:~Queen of Wands Reversed~

You've taken time to reflect and think before making a move-it is not yet time for action. Do not flaunt your feathers yet.

LEO ♌️

???? At the heart of the matter: ~Emperor~

How you communicate the ways in which you have control of your world. How do you conduct yourself in regards to others?

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~5 of Wands Reversed~

Leaving a bombardment of conflicting energies behind. Maybe you didn't even realize the turmoil was gone. Make sure you are not led into anything harsh or entangling.

???? Advice:~Page of Cups~

Be kind. Bring the pleasant, generous, warm, openness of child-like enjoyment forth.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~Moon Reversed~

Emotions revealed. Things don't seem so murky and obscured anymore. Things seem more steady and less in flux. Roll with it, cards are being put on the table.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~Awakening (Judgement)~

What have I done? Where have I fallen short? Where have I stood tall and proud? A sense of access and responsibility to every little thing in the akashic records of your being. A transformation you may not even see or feel in how you judge others and yourself is happening.

????ً Advice:~Justice Reversed~

"You take the good, you take the bad, and there you have the facts of life." Come to terms with injustice being a part of the human experience. "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might get what you need."



???? At the heart of the matter: ~Page of Cups Reversed~

No offer given, no offer taken.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~2 of Pentacles Reversed~

Not seeing the way to be steady, smooth, and even keel. Libra's goal is to be in balance, not needing to tip the scales back and forth.

???? Advice:~Page of Wands Reversed~

Taking action to move toward this thing, person, concept, etc.  would likely be a juvenile mistake.



???? At the heart of the matter:~4 of Swords Reversed~

Done thinking~the desire to Do. Done resting~the desire to get up and out and live again.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~8 of Pentacles Reversed~

Not putting in effort and missing the details. Is someone flaking out on you? Are you being a flake? Paying attention to the work of being you.

???? Advice:~Ace of Cups Reversed~

Do not give or solicit love offers




???? At the heart of the matter:~4 of Wands Reversed~

Not feeling comfortable or stable enough to enjoy the celebration of life.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~Ace of Wands Reversed~

Inaction, and the effects that follow.

???? Advice:~6 of Pentacles ~

Fair treatment in what you give you time and effort to including yourself helps you to feel grounded.




???? At the heart of the matter: ~Ace of Swords Reversed~

Not speaking one's piece. The transformation comes when one speaks their truth in a sober fashion

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~2 of Swords Reversed~

You may not realize the decision has already been made. Leaving the mental activity mode.

???? Advice:~2 of Cups~

Allow your higher self and your human self to mesh in agreement to treat every connection as heart felt and genuine and the world will show you live in kind.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~High Priestess Sideways~

To open the door to your being or not. Being an open channel opens one to all kinds of energies and understandings

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~The Devil~

What heals and what harms? What draws you into a place you really didn't want to be? Is there anything that has a hold on you from junk food to junk TV to negative thinking?

???? Advice:~Queen of Pentacles Reversed~

Not the time to make moves, show your hand, or strut your feathers or live above your means. Keep things on the quieter side. Don't skip out on meetings, etc.



???? At the heart of the matter:~4 of Cups~

A little sullen, not appreciating what's in front of you. Not seeing the gifts one has been provided with.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~Wise One (Hierophant)~

How to utilize spiritual understanding in the physical realm. How to put good ideals into action in the human experience.

???? Advice:~8 of Swords Reversed~

Get out of the mind trap.

Get your head out of the sand and turn the frown up-side-down. Do not make things harder than they need to be.

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Monthly Tarot Reading July 2021


Knight of Swords, Hermit reversed: After a period of contemplation, you've put it all into words and are now ready to release them.

Advice~Queen of Wands: Act in a regal manner. Be dynamic, charming, warm, colorful, and strong in your message. Do not jump the gun. Be aware of juvenile communications and thoughts. You've got this.




Empress reversed, Lovers reversed: You may not be feeling the connection with someone this month. You might be fine with that considering you didn't feel uplifted by it. Perhaps you were not living your finest hour, even feeling that the connection burst your bubble of abundance. You might even know who you'd rather work with.

Advice: You may already have a better tomorrow in your sights and won't feel left out for long.




(This might be for a particular person~the message was quite specific. The feeling of knowing one had messed up came over me and I heard lyrics from Bob Dylan's Walkin' Down the Line: "My money comes and goes and rolls and flows through the holes in the pockets in my clothes.")

8 of Coins reversed, Tower reversed: Feeling out of sorts. Not proud of your actions or inactions this month. Perhaps you neglected the details or the work entirely. Disaster nearly avoided. Its not as bad as it seems.

Advice~9 of Coins reversed: If you are not single do not act that way. Move forward.




4 of Swords, 3 of Coins: I heard lyrics from the Cheers theme song: "Takin' a break from all your worries sure would help a lot." I also heard the words: the institution vs the people. Taking a moment to contemplate the building of a solid foundation.

Advice~Knight of Swords: If you have an idea you think is solid, after thinking of the community at hand it pertains to, put it out there~say your piece.



LEO ♌️

Wanderer (the fool), World reversed: The fresh feeling~the fun of a new start. You are no longer experiencing the end of a major life cycle and are gathering momentum to get out and live it up again.

Advice~Wise One (hierophant): Now you will have the chance to put to use the knowledge you have gained.




King of Coins, Hermit reversed: I heard Hopeton Lewis lyrics: "take it easy, no need to worry." Someone is sitting pretty; relaxing into the work of life, getting out there and fully enjoying engaging in the moment at hand.

Advice~Queen of Swords reversed: You understand more flies are caught with honey than vinegar. When something difficult needs to be communicated you are aware there is no need for sharp words or tones.




Death reversed, 10 of Wands reversed: I heard lyrics from the Violent Femmes: "gone, daddy, gone, the love has gone~away."

You may be asking "Is it over yet?" ...because you're feeling over it and not tied to something or someone anymore. A moment of purgatory.

Advice~Empress reversed: You do not have to be all things to all people. You may need a genuine moment of downtime to breathe new breath before your fully abundant self surfaces again.




10 of Cups reversed, 4 of Cups: Not having the ideal life or partner. Perhaps no offer is given or you may find that you pass up an offer, holding out until what is right for you comes along.

Advice~Ace of Cups reversed: Do not give or accept love offers at this time.




Awakening (judgement), 9 of Cups: What constitutes playing dirty? What constitutes the makeup of a true victory? You are being given what you wanted~all you have to do is enjoy it.

Advice~2 of Swords: Do not flounder back and forth. Choose it and go with it~energies are in your favor.




2 of Wands, 10 of Cups reversed: Meeting the world, seeing eye to eye on common ground, starting a situation in the face with openness. You know you cannot have all the things that you want in life.

Advice~9 of Coins: You find strength in your independence no matter what the world shows you.




Death reversed, 2 of Coins: I heard lyrics from Bob Dylan's 115th Dream "I decided to flip a coin, Like either heads or tails

Would let me know if I should go, Back to ship or back to jail."

Ending of harsh situations. Transformation by way of knowledge quietly accumulated. Weighing options by thinking yourself into one situation, then another~feeling into what each would be like.

Advice~Queen of Swords: Watch your wording. There are truly no wrong paths. That which is meant for you will surely never pass you by.




Magician reversed, 4 of Swords: Inactivity. The heart of the matter is getting on with creating a new human experience. Use downtime wisely and pay attention to your thoughts so that genuinely restorative relaxation can happen.

Advice~Emperor reversed: Find the balance of releasing control to the universe and letting God steer you toward that which is good for you to experience, then act upon those things

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Monthly Tarot Reading March 2021

♈️ ARIES ~2 of Swords reversed~          

Someone's mind is made up and they're sticking to it for better or worse.

Advice~Strength reversed~

You don't always have to be tough.

♉️ TAURUS ~King of Cups~

"Are you going to take my hand?" someone asks in a heartfelt manner. Love is available.

Advice~4 of Cups reversed~

Do not stay sullen; it doesn't behove you.

♊️ GEMINI~Page of Cups~

A little something is offered in the way of kindness.

Advice~10 of Pentacles~

Do not be dismayed with small offers, think bigger. Act from the sense of having it all and you will surely have it.  

♋️ CANCER~3 of pentacles sideways~

Are we working together? We could build something solid, but  I'm not going to beg

Advice~Queen of Cups~

Act with love no matter what others do. Use your big heart.

♌️ LEO~ 7 of Wands reversed~

You have no need to keep your guard up and feel the freedom from having to defend anything.


The energy is better spent in believing in the lover you choose. Enjoy.

♍️ VIRGO ~Moon~

There is more to see and feel and be reviled this month as you move through the depth of this journey.

Advice~Justice reversed~

In the midst of injustice... how will you act?  

♎️ LIBRA~World~

Recognition of all that has come before this complete ending. Hindsight is 20/20

Advice~2 of pentacles~

You are setting a standard of balance within in order to ensure fairness in all endeavors to come.

♐️ SAGITTARIUS ~Priestess sideways ~

Am I solid on my own? How do others see me? I know I am strong and loved so why do I question it?

Advice~7 of Cups~

Walk away from muddled thinking. Make solid choices and run with them.

♑️  CAPRICORN ~1 of Swords sideways~

Is it truth or not? Is it of the light or of the dark? Is it Yin or yang? Trying to see both sides of the coin.

Advice~2 of Pentacles~

Take another look at who and what you invest in. What deserves your time?

♒️  AQUARIUS ~Fool reversed~

Not taking the step. Whatever the world has on offer, you're not buying. 

Advice~6 of Swords~

Walk away, just put it down and walk away. (The Fool being reversed seems to indicate you're a step ahead and on the right track.)

♓️ PISCES~1 of Wands reversed~

"Not gonna do it." Shying away from action. No passion to initiate.


You knew. ...didn't you? Resolve to follow that knowing. Feel the connectivity of all that is. It is at your command as you are at its command. Walk with grace.

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Monthly Tarot Readings Feb. 2021

ARIES: Queen of Coins, Ace of Swords reversed 
Sitting secure in abundance, in a mommet of recognition of those who gave guidance and protection along the way. An understanding of how lies, misperceptions and the like effect growth & success has been developed. What now seems obvious, once was not. chalk it up to another notch of experience on your belt~you're sitting pretty. 

TAURUS: 4 of Wands, 6 of Swords
Riding the wave of stable energy at hand, one walks away from situations of mental turmoil to people & places that match one's own newfound sense of solidity of character. A celebration of genuinity. Nice!

GEMINI: Queen of Cups, the Wheel reversed 
A simple twist of fate, seemingly beyond one's control, felt like a stop sign from the universe. In the turn of events that followed, the ability to gracefully honor life with gratitude, and bestow love and respect upon one's self and others, imparts a sense of knowing that one is emotionally capable. 

CANCER: Star, Devil
Strong energies at work. The healing hand of the Universe steps in, guiding one away from that which does not align with the light of good. We know what is right and wrong, and when we are allowing ourselves to be pulled into the shadows. Dark night of the soul is over. Rest easy, a new day is on the way. 

LEO: King of Cups, Strength reversed
Having been through one's fair share of heartfelt situations on the road of life may have diminished the child-like sense of strength which comes from lack of fear. Trusting intuition with a watchful, calm demeanor has been achieved. An understanding of the value of genuine love has been developed as well as the ways disingenuousness can harm. 
Note: I happened to notice the Lovers at the bottom of the deck, and under that the 2 of Cups, the Sun, and the Ace of Cups. Moving past being jaded allows these gorgeous energies of new, well-matched of love in. 

VIRGO: Page of Wands, Queen of Swords reversed with the Devil reversed 
A new day is dawning. After a period of turmoil, in which harsh words may have seemed necessary in order to turn away from that which one knew was damaging, an aire of child-like optimism is a long awaited breath of fresh air one was more than ready for.

LIBRA: King of Swords reversed, 5 of Cups reversed 
Past the turning point and headed out of a sullen heart-space, you are no longer willing to entertain advice from others. There is no need to be harsh if you have no use for what others offer. "I don't even care if I care anymore" can be just as easily be said or thought in the light, easy tone of grace.

SCORPIO: The World reversed, Knight of Wands reversed 
You have seen yourself in the cosmic mirror, experienced the cosmic reflection of your being ...and you are aware of the one last little thing that needs to be addressed before the book closes and a new one is opened: that unstable, pesky, in and out energy (person, idea, etc) that never really goes away... You have come far & it wont be long before you're writing yourself into a whole new world.

SAGITTARIUS: The World, 10 of Cups
The End. Whether or not you are already aware of your divinely matched counterpart, a new, emotionally fulfilling adventure awaits as you reap the rewards of having learned to fill your own cups of love first. Big endings mean big beginnings where others meet you at the height of your light. 
Note: The World popped out of the deck and landed upright in front of me. Much like Scorpio, you too have seen the cosmic reflection of your being.

CAPRICORN: 10 of Coins reversed, Queen of Cups
You kindly come to the aid of others, yet are not feeling the love and support being reciprocated by those around you at this time. Aware of your emotional strength and talents, you know that keeping your chin up and continuing to fill your own cups first, will bring a new cycle of stability, further allowing you to distribute the overflow of love to others without accessing whether one is deserving. 
Note: Somewhat similar to the feeling of standing solidly emotionally on one's own in Gemini's reading

AQUARIUS: Ace of Cups, Queen of Swords and 5 of Swords 
Your cup runneth over. Sending forth kind words and thoughts to those feeling anxious (including one's self) can only lead to more love returned upon the sender. Having moved past situations of mental strive in your own life, you provide a discerning ear and dispense logical advice. "Would you rather be right or be happy?" Love chooses you. 

PISCES: Magician reversed, Queen of Coins 
Not feeling that your world is at your command? Have you put others on pedestals so high it diminishes your ability to connect with them? You have previously realized that everything successful people have in them to reach the top also exists in yourself. Resist making any "tricky" moves & conduct yourself with the glory of accomplishment in each moment.