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Monthly Tarot Reading October 2022



⭐️ Shows the lesson this Mercury Retrograde provided


(…which might just be 6 degrees of separation or less for TAURUS, CANCER, LIBRA, & SCORPIO…

If any of those signs are your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant and you feel the reading pertains to you, please also read the other signs in this group. There seems to be a lot of people involved, and they have connections in common.

  • Taurus’ 3 of Cups reversed came to mind when the 3 of Cups reversed came out in Cancer’s reading
  • Cancer and Libra both have the King of Cups reversed
  • Libra and Scorpio both have the Knight of Cups and the Queen of wands came up
  • The King of Cups seems to be the only shady player (and his ladies)



All have a somewhat jaded, unenthusiastic Hermit reversed



🔌 Shows the new fresh energy available to plug into

(after having gotten the gold star of accomplishment on Mercury Retrograde’s lesson this season)



** The cards are shuffled a few different ways. One card is asked for and what comes out is read.


*** Masculine and feminine cards depicting people represent the energies being expressed by that person at the time and do not indicate the sex of a person




⭐️ Authority gone wrong


Emperor reversed:

What constitutes a regal, upright manner and what does not? What does crazy with power look like from the outside, and from the inside? What is it like to be worldly wise or angry without provocation? What is grace and beauty in the physical world, in business, in character, in all affairs? Where are the kind and fruitful people? Or more to the point~Who has been exhibiting less than quality characteristics? It feels like Aries is witnessing or observing someone acting distastefully, but this can also be any one of us at one point or another. It is through this experience and view of “wrongness” that we learn where to move next, with whom to associate, etc to make things turn out right. “What one will accept or not dictates a lot.”


* Could this tyrant Emperor be the same upright acting Emperor in Libra's reading? If so, Aries may have a connection to the groups mentioned above: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio.


🔌 Flourishing self sufficiency


9 of Pentacles:

Aries knows how to make their own way and everyone sees when one is in command of their world. Health and wealth surrounds you because you’ve put in the work. Good job!




⭐️ Taurus, party of 3…


3 of Swords with 3 of Rods:

(Given the notion to look at the card at the top of the deck, one sees the 3 of Cups reversed)

The 3 of Swords is similar in most tarot decks~two swords pierce a heart, crossing it diagonally, the third sword pierces it straight down and is often larger than the other two signifying that what cuts the deepest are one’s own thoughts-even when one feel others are to blame for the pain. Taurus’ own mental torture from the actions of others “crossing” them has been highlighted this season.

The 3 of Cups reversed is not feeling the joy with the other two parties ~being at the top of the deck, this has likely already come to pass. At the bottom, and what one might not see coming yet, is the 8 of Cups who has gathered up his heart and is walking off to new horizons. There is an element of waiting, watching, and leaving here. The new moon appears on the 3’s of Swords (mental, air) and Rods (fire, action) and the full moon appears on the 8 of Cups (water, emotion) as he walks off into the night.


“No one in front of me and nothin behind” Bob Dylan~ Things Have Changed


🔌 Silence is golden


Knight of Swords reversed:

Recognizing when someone, whether yourself or another, is coming in hot with words better left unspoken can be a boon in this human journey. Who is listening to what’s being said? Words and their tones cannot be taken back later. Taurus has the energy readily available to know to a higher degree that all things change, not every thought needs to be expressed, and that others are capable of seeing for themselves where improper communications lead.




⭐️ Grace under pressure: learning how best to wait



(after quite a twirling landing):

This season’s lesson is about having the determination to stay the course even when there is little indication of transition. There is an element of timing at hand, and of one’s placement in the bigger picture, of understanding longer term cycles, and of allowing the timing of the will of god to play out. All things change, and have their timing in the universe. At the bottom of the deck, or what one might not see coming yet, is Death. That is the healthy transformation one seeks and feels coming. Looks like you got this, Gemini. Enjoy the moment.



🔌 Utilizing downtime


4 of Swords:

Similar to Mercury’s lesson for Gemini, this reiterates the importance of taking a time out. It seems that October is best spent quietly regrouping oneself before a more active period comes. This doesn’t pertain to vegging out on social media, but rather to constructive self examination that can be more fully developed when in a relaxing, spa-like environment.




⭐️ 🎶 Moon Shadow,

Moon Shadow by Cat Stevens



The Moon guards things obscured and unseen as of yet. These things, no matter how the situation is presented, are deep emotional matters requiring the use of intuition. When the moon is upright, or out, the question is-what’s hiding? When asked, three cards clacked loudly onto the top of the deck, refusing to go back in-they spell out the situation.


3 of Cups reversed, Ace of Cups, King of Cups reversed: All the cards are cups-this is a romantic love situation. The people are reversed, or not acting from a genuinely loving heart space~but there it is-the cup of love-up for the grabbing. In this particular situation the chalice, with its waters of love, (Ace of Cups) has a sweaty sort of sexual vibe. “Dripping with desire.” ~perhaps the kind one finds in improper drunken celebration. The people depicted on the 3 of Cups do not display the usual joy and frolic typically seen on that card. Their lackluster gaze is focused in the wrong direction. Even the King of Cups seems serene on the surface, as if to say~there is nothing here to see. Upon looking back at the moon that keeps things hidden, the words “Things That Time Forgot” were said $10,000 Pyramid gameshow style. Perhaps this situation is still being kept under wraps, even if time has passed.


🔌 How to -not go there-


Magician reversed: (Interesting) This is about knowing when Not to manifest something. Or more to the point~to not allow oneself to dwell in thoughts one doesn’t want to come into being in the world. Every person has the power to curse someone or to create something they genuinely don’t want. To recognize one’s own power,  and direct the energy in a solid manner, helps to avoid dealing with things one would rather not deal with in the future.


♌️ LEO


⭐️ “Get out of bed and get out of head”


9 of Swords reversed:

There’s a simple, direct message in “Get out of bed and get out of head” for Leo’s

lesson this season. Sometimes things that are easier to say are harder to do. The light emitted by thought becomes something in the physical world. It has been proven that anxiety, worry, negativity, and stress all lead to health problems. For every action there is a reaction. Its time to get up and live, leaving whatever happens to pain your brain behind so you really can have fun in life.


🔌 Making it happen


3 of Wands reversed:

There is a sense of not waiting on others to make your own way this month for Leo. When the 3 of Rods is upright one may be waiting for reciprocation of the energy they’ve put forth into the world. When reversed, one realizes there is no waiting at the self check out counter and things get done without reliance on others. There is an element of standing up for oneself here.




⭐️ Hey! Don’t hide yourself away 🎶

(To the tune of Don’t hide your love away by The Beatles)


Hermit reversed:

The ol Hermit has seen many things and his eyes speak with stories. They said “You know how people are”. “I am more at peace by myself.” The night air is serine around the campfire. “You know what people are capable of” he said while imparting the sense that he would not involve himself in anything with potentially negative consequences. No matter if the Hermit is Virgo or someone Virgo is interacting with, the lesson this season involves finding a way to bring one’s light out into the world and enjoy congregating with people. Some things can’t be unseen or unknown, but despite what one has seen and known, one must make an effort to join the others. (Everyone needs some alone time~that is not what’s meant here.) No matter whether one remains alone or interacts, there is always a larger picture to consider.



🔌 Spiritually standing on one’s own


Several cards wanted to fly out of the deck including the 9 of Pentacles, Devil, Page of Rods reversed, Last Judgement, World reversed and 10 of Rods:

Although more complex in nature than energies other signs now have to work with, Virgo is finally at the end of a monumental cycle. Standing strong on ones own, it is easier to see a trickster staring one in the face. It is also easier to see those who’s energy resonates well with ones own. After a good last look in the mirror of life review, all the burdens will be laid to rest. Virgo looks to be on top of health and wealth while deeper movements are made internally, and spiritually on a soul level.




⭐️ Too many people in the play, Libra.


King of Rods, Knight of Cups, King of Cups reversed, Emperor, 4 of Swords:

The lesson must be in the 4 of Swords~all the others cards are people. No matter what all these players are up to, it is up to Libra not to speak before thinking things through. Peace of mind is worth something and taking time out, away from others, for genuine relaxation can be helpful.


The King of Rods emits the calm sexuality of quiet, quick, continual movement as he stands guard, seemingly still. The youthful knight of Cups seems more feminine in nature and is looking to the emperor with an offer in hand, but the King of Cups reversed is in the way. Is this the same person who showed up in Cancer’s reading in a negative love triangle? I don’t know who all of these characters are but the Emperor is someone with authority and clout who is discerning and is likely the head director of some organization. To top off this cast, we have the Queen of Rods at the bottom of the deck, or in the position of what is to come. The way the cards are laid out it looks as if she’s guarding this group from the opposite direction as her mate, the King of Rods. The only shady person here is the King of Cups reversed.

One must be exhausted from trying to figure out the situations with these people. Libra may need a break from all of it when things seem to be too much to tackle. A time out day at a spa to regroup could be helpful.



🔌 Disaster avoided


Tower reversed: The tower can be destruction down to the foundations so that a sturdier structure can be built. It can also be an epiphany or anything that seemingly comes out of nowhere and shakes things up. The Sun card, of great happiness, is at the bottom of the deck… Asking for a little clarification on this Tower, a storyline popped out.


2 of Swords reversed, Knight of Swords, Knight of Cups, 2 of Pentacles, 2 of Cups:

Deep breath… It was an unfortunate decision for the Knight of Swords to rush in and say what was said to the Knight of Cups. It put things on shaky ground between them and neither knew where to step next, but love prevails and union is sweeter with two. “All’s well that ends well.”




⭐️ Entanglement?


Kinght of Cups:

(here she is again, shooting out from the middle of the deck) This is a youthful character, on the move, cup of love in hand, chivalry at the forefront. Asking for a card of clarification, the Queen of Rods shows her face again. It feels like the knight of Cups is the Queen of Rods' daughter. Two cards dressed for battle tried to come out as if the Queen was looking on, perhaps to see if any are worthy enough for her child. The people cards from Libra's reading are now at the top of the deck, or have already been involved in the situation here-Emperor, King of Cups reversed, King of Rods.

Whatever is going on between all of these signs...its a lot to deal with. Thank goodness the ones around Scorpio are upright and know how to conduct themselves properly, acting from their higher quality characteristics.

Asking for the lesson for Scorpio to be pointed out, the Star card came up~beautiful, wonderful connection to all. Here it speaks of healing the ways one feels seen in other people's eyes. Addressing the ways one considers the opinions of others and the circumstances in which it may be best to listen only to oneself. Others can only provide assistance based upon their own experience of this existence. The Star is about feeling well-situated in the world~its lovely. Here's the kicker-on the bottom of the deck, in the position of what one doesn't see coming yet is... the King of Cups reversed! The shady lover man has the Emperor behind him and the entire storyline connecting Taurus, Cancer, Libra & Scorpio is pointed out once again.

Remember every one of us is  connected to and supported by all that is good and right, as guiding oneself becomes more important, especially when needing to speak up around others, or when asking who's structures are being up-kept?



🔌 Knowing when to cut it off


Queen of Swords reversed: Whatever form of nonsense “it” happens to be, it won’t be tolerated for long. Quick minded and quick on the draw, the Queen will “shut that bleep down” before it turns her face stern. She has stood up to protect her own energy field before and certainly has no patience for entertaining fools this month. Sometimes a quick moment of harshness now helps one to avoid much worse worse tangles down the road.




⭐️ Take your own advice


Hermit reversed, 10 of Cups reversed, magician reversed, Tower reversed:

Sometimes the Hermit can represent bad advice being given, and that is what's coming through here. The one who would seem to be wise by this point can only really speak from the experiences they've had and it looks like they're speaking of marriage in an unfavorable light, saying that its not all its cracked up to be, that it's impossible to maintain, and that a destructive end is inevitable. They may appear to be speaking from wisdom, but they are "full of bleep”. They go on with this because they, themselves, do not know how to correctly conduct the tearing down of the negative thought structure about long term union that they carry~so they continue to perpetuate negative advice. It seems this season’s lesson for Sagittarius is in tuning up the nonsense detector.


🔌 Knowledge into wisdom



Sagittarius sees to the heart of the matter, putting into action the lessons learned. Leading with the heart in the right place for all concerned, one sets a good example. The Hierophant represents the moral structures of society and is the one who ceremonially joins couples together in longterm union.

He imparts these good notions as he  smiles with the knowing of the light, “It is what we want it to be” ~meaning the world and the future for ourselves. “Peace to all, and to all a good night.” “Your goodness is recorded in the halls of Amenti.”

Drawn to look at the top of the deck, where one might see things which have already come to pass, there is the cranky hermit who speaks of unfairness.

So it seems Sagittarius doesn’t succumb to bad advice and goes forth with ~perhaps with a wedding.




⭐️ Where's the stability in it?


8 of Pentacles reversed with Ace of Pentacles reversed:

"You don't put in the work, you don't get the offer." Knowing Capricorn is likely to be in a position of authority at work, this could be what you've had to say to someone. It would be rare for Capricorn not to put in the work. Perhaps one may be witnessing this play out with those in higher positions than their own. In any case, its a short and simple lesson in casue and effect. Daydreaming doesn't provide this paycheck. In some cases Capricorn could flat out refuse to do something that is believed to be of no benefit.


🔌 Umma lover, not a fighter


Five of Swords, 2 of Wands at the bottom of the deck: Capricorn is over the battle and up to join forces. “I

Don’t even want to talk about it anymore. Let’s move forward.” “We can be two sharp-tongued humans or we can come together and make something good.” There is a movement or change to a more doable vibe.




⭐️ Moon Drops:

pearls of intuition


Moon reversed and 2 of Swords reversed:

The end of a deep, long, emotional intuition cycle has come, and certain things have come into one's own light of knowing and release.

“The cat’s out of the bag.”

At face value the cards tell of an unfavorable decision now being emotionally out in the open. Times when one stood blindly at a mental crossroads are being highlighted this season for Aquarius. Aquas may be more readily capable of speaking about those experiences these days~a topic which previously may have been blocked at the throat. Deep emotions come up and out. In projecting positivity for all, what bit of it includes the will of one's own wishes? Do not fear this transformation, it brings new wonderful things. A new moon appears on both cards.

Thinking, wishing, hoping, praying..



🔌 Striking a fair balance in the physical realm


6 of Pentacles:

Health and wealth and all things Earthly are stable for Aquarius this month. One is at ease when one can afford to be generous, free from limitations of the human kind.

Aquarius may be seeing how a path perceived as straight curves back and forth a bit with a closer look. Striking a middle of the road balance between health, wealth and all things worldly gets one where one wants to go regardless of the meandering edges.

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” “What one sees as fair and equal in the universe, another might not.” “The measurements of the universe” “Weights and measurements” “The blue seeing eye of the high minded sapphire, regal in manner”




⭐️ Discerning the best way forward


Ace of Rods:

Coming into one’s full power of presence one has learned how to correctly weald their energies. Pisces creative self-in love, business, spirit, etc-is now more comfortable in the physical world. Pisces is now in command of projecting the right amount of fire or enthusiasm in the right timing, and providing the right amount of love appropriate to make things grow quickly and correctly. Present ideas~they can catch on in a fabulous new spark-Go Pisces!



Hermit reversed:

This character feels a bit jaded by the human experience this month. Known as the wise man, he has lived long enough to give opinions on matters. But his story is just that. It may be more difficult for any one of us to properly advise another human than we think~humans can only speak from personal experience, living out individual life paths.


7 of Wands:

Drawn to the bottom of the deck one sees the 7 of Wands standing guard to ward off the energy of the Hermit. The Wands are of upright, fair, decent energy, but are somewhat blocking~ especially to long, drawn out stories of youth from a time when the outdated advice would have pertained. 7 of Rods is off in another direction and to new horizons. The energy at hand is about knowing when not to plug in to what’s going on around oneself.

Generic Image of Tarot Cards

Monthly Tarot Reading September 2022

Reading the information for one’s Sun, Moon & Ascendant will help to develop a more well-rounded understanding of the energies at hand for each person.
For free birth chart information go to sites such as and click on free charts, then on calculate Ascendant, and fill in your time & place of birth.


🪬Information God, guides, etc wants each sign to know

🫦 Challenge Mercury Retrograde presents

🗣 Guidance

* One card for each was asked for and any cards that came out were read.

* This month seems to have a few common threads or themes running through for a number of signs. (Shuffling was done very thoroughly.) Many are very close to the ending of a major cycle with stable energy to build upon being or becoming available to solitarily progress forward.
I don’t believe in coincidences, kept missing the last step at the bottom of the stairs and almost falling, and was hearing “missing the last step”. The World card has come out reversed for a few signs and that message is being reiterated with the appearance of that card.

A tyrant who isn’t utilizing creative forces for the good, things deeply felt, factors “beyond our control”, lots of cards indicating people and the caution to be discerning with words are in the mix this month, and likely a bit longer~through Mercury Retrograde (September 9th through October 2nd). For additional information one might read ~Here’s How Mercury Retrograde September 2022 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign~ at Bustle for example.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will also be Retrograde this month.

* People cards do not indicate one’s gender, but show the masculine and feminine traits being exhibited by a person during the time frame indicated.


🪬 King of Wands reversed with 6 of Pentacles: Someone has the power to be generous but is not using their creative drive properly. Aries will be shown what giving from one’s excess correctly and fairly looks like through the experience of someone doing the exact opposite.

🫦 3 of Pentacles: The challenge is to connect and work well with others in community (and the physical realm), building a solid foundation where all are allowed to flourish. 3 is half way to 6 of pentacles, or being able to share the health and wealth~because solid work was put in together previously.

🗣 Alchemist (Temperance): There is no need to go to any one far extreme in determining where the middle ground is. Temper the energies at hand, see all sides in order to blend worlds well, so that all is equal and even. It can be a slow process requiring grace, but sturdy foundations are not built in haste.


🪬 World reversed: There is one more necessary step to take before the successful completion of a huge cycle which Taurus will never have to go over the lessons of again after its completion in this life.

🫦 High Priestess reversed: The challenge is in dealing with any frustration or confusion that comes when not following one’s intuition or when incoming messages are not clear. For Taurus people who have more fixed or earth placements in their charts it will pertain to allowing the depth of the universe to be seen and felt and for intuition to come through. For Taurus people who have water in their charts, and are already quite in tune with their intuition, it will be about understanding that we are all humans who are susceptible to  the magnetic, watery ways of this creation and to the nuances of the birth charts we accepted to be born with (the map of the placements of planets, etc at the time and place of birth)

🗣 4 of Wands: Now is the time for Taurus to focus on something they are naturally good at~ creating a joyful, comfortable home space. Sturdy, fun, lovely surroundings bring daily vibrance helpful for easing through any difficulties more smoothly this month.


🪬 3 of Cups reversed: This speaks of not going out to have a good time with friends or perhaps not having a good time going out with friends. (Yes, it is unusual for Gemini…)

🫦 Hermit with Page of Cups and 7 of pentacles: The challenge here is less talking and more listening. This refers to the kind of listening one does in silence, while sitting alone, in order to tune into the wisdom that is available. During this time thoughts may turn to the ways in which one fills their own cup of love, and in turn how one offers it. This can lead to thoughts of what it takes to build something capable of flourishing in the future by tending one’s own garden first.

🗣 Queen of Swords: Be discerning with your words. Take time to think before speaking. Choose words wisely, as well as the timing of when to speak up and when not to. Sit with yourself during this Mercury retrograde and wait to speak up until it has passed. It will assist Gemini in acting in the manner of the queen of right thinking and tactful wording.


🪬 Ace of Swords reversed with 3 of Wands: Someone is lying and someone is waiting for the revile, for the truth to come out, or for someone to notice the incorrect words. (The Ace of Swords reversed can indicate different things. This is the message that came in fast and direct.)

🫦 Emperor: If someone is waiting for the emperor to detect a lie, it shouldn’t take long since he has previously acted as every king in the deck (properly utilizing the the qualities of earth, fire, air, and water) and he knows well when information being presented isn’t on the up and up. But why is he in the challenge position? 2 cards of clarification quickly came out of the Ryder Waite deck-5 of Pentacles and 6 of Wands reversed “The emperor stands alone” spirit said. The emperor depicted in the Uncommon deck, being used for this month’s reading, is not a tyrant, but more of a spiritual guru, who’s sure of his words, as they are thought through before being spoken in a calm manner. He does seem more solitarily in control of his world~perhaps previously leaving a situation that was not bound to bring success. (This was the only card this month where I could not figure out why it showed up in the position of challenge. I expect that by the end of the month Cancer will know who it refers to.)

🗣 Hermit reversed: Cancer needs to come out with it. Perhaps Cancer knows of a lie or knows of the truth. Even if it is simply a bad idea, its time to stop thinking about it and speak up. Bring the wisdom forth. The emperor will do as he pleases and is capable of discerning what is right.

♌️ LEO

🪬 9 of Swords reversed with 9 of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles reversed, Knight of Wands: This straightforward storyline speaks of getting out of one’s head and leaving mental agony behind, standing sturdy on one’s own, making a decision on where one stands (or perhaps lives), letting go of something not within one’s control in the earth realm, and going out into the world to make one’s own way in a dynamic, artistic, flourishing manner. Nice.

🫦 Page of Wands reversed: The challenge during Mercury retrograde for Leo is sometimes not feeling the childlike wonder of pure enthusiasm that is helpful when initiating a new desired path.

🗣 9 of Cups: Fill your own cups of love first. Create your own happiness because no one else can bring Leo genuine fulfillment. In doing so, this is how the 9 of cups became known as the wish fulfillment card. Keep in mind that the next step or card in the deck is the 10 of cups which represents two people who have fulfilled their own lives coming together in a long term union of genuine love and caring.


🪬 World reversed: There is one last step to be taken before a successful completion. You are so close to closing out a major cycle for good.

🫦 6 of Pentacles reversed with Page of Pentacles reversed: The challenge is being shown unfairness in the physical realm or no equal give and take in the human world. Seeing no solid offers being presented or feeling that you have nothing solid to offer is also challenging this month. This too shall pass and the World card will come to a successful close sooner than later, but not likely until Mercury retrograde has passed.

🗣 Moon reversed with Knight of Wands: Information that has come to light helps Virgo to choose to make a clean, fresh, bold, fun, creative, golden, almost Leo-like world for themselves down a new path of independent journey. Those who are considered to be acting like less than lovely about things will be left behind mentality.

* I was drawn to the bottom of the deck or what one doesn’t see coming yet, as it is percolating and culminating in the ethers of the universe at this time~6 of wands: “victory is eminent”.


🪬 2 of Cups reversed with King of wands reversed: This immediately felt like it was pertaining to a love connection with the feeling of~ugh, oh no, dang it, so sad, too bad this king is not kind or is “being a dick”.

🫦 Justice: The card flew around before landing on the floor, slightly reversed. I asked which way it was to be read and was told it doesn’t matter in this case because the challenge is in finding the justice or not having the justice. The scales are tipping in a hard situation to find balance and good decision-making in.

🗣 Queen of Swords: Make sure everything said is the absolute truth so that nothing comes back to “bite you in the butt”. Be upright. Stand your ground. The scenario of a lady lawyer speaking in the highest honer of truth, bringing a win, because something is not Libra’s fault was shown.

* The intuition enhancing music I was listening to would not play as Libra’s cards were being laid out. Silence and speaking up in appropriate timing also seems to be a theme this Mercury retrograde for many.
* On the recording made of the messages coming in I said “sorry Cancer”. I don’t believe in coincidences, so there may be some connection there.
* The card at the bottom of the deck, being the 10 of Pentacles reversed, reiterated the feeling of the first card that came out for out for Libra~2 of Cups reversed~the end of a love relationship or family situation.


🪬 Star: Know that you are not alone in this and that the connection to infinite healing energy is always available. Putting one’s best self forward to the world attracts the best in return and assists one in moving forward toward victory in balance with the universe.

🫦 Queen of Cups with 10 of Cups reversed: The challenge is to simply be loving in a situation where loved ones may not reciprocate Scorpio’s nurturing ways. When met with the unkind, unfulfilled, broken ways of others it may be difficult to put love forth toward a downhearted ending, quite likely a marriage or family situation while maintaining your personal love bubble.

🗣 10 of Swords reversed with Knight of Pentacles: When no more time is given to mental anguish, it helps Scorpio to come to the understanding of the Star card energy. Going it alone doesn’t have to be sad or scary. Slowly set out upon a solid new start, leaving all the torment that has been put upon you behind. The willingness to take that step forward also brings the same energy of solid offers in for Scorpio. To every ending there is a new dawn.


🪬 7 of Cups with King of Wands reversed: Life is filled with many choices, as typically seen in any depiction of the 7 of Cups. Some cups are filled with love and victory, some with treachery and deceit. It is up to Sagittarius this month to take a pause and allow intuition to guide the heart through any confusion when making choices. Doing this allows Sag to recognize that one of the cups contains a tyrant who is not using their creative fire respectability, is not in control of their kingdom or of their own actions, and is not a wise choice to connect with. (Swearwords came through on the King of Wands reversed further reiterating Sag’s sentiments on having that person out of the picture.)

🫦 5 of Pentacles: The challenge is in overcoming the feeling that there is nowhere to land on solid ground, that you’ll be left out in the cold without the worldly comforts of health and wealth.

🗣 Moon with 2 of Pentacles, 3 of Cups reversed, Wanderer (Fool), Ace of Pentacles: There are unseen factors which are not possible to know of yet. When deciding where to solidly place your next footsteps, do not listen to the chatter of others, make your own decisions for yourself. Setting out on your new path without the baggage of other’s advice, which is only being given through their own experiences, is what bings this wonderful ace of pentacles energy rolling in. The energy of being able to put forth and to accept solid offers to build upon comes from one’s own self during this time frame.


🪬 Alchemist (Temperance) reversed: In the ebb and flow of all there is, in the time and space of the human experience, this is a month in which things do not naturally have an easy time blending well. Capricorn may be experiencing this or observing it, or both. A normally sturdy being may experience a bout of depression, likely stemming from perceived earthly difficulties such as feeling left out in the cold due to health or monetary concerns. If a smooth balance of physical and spiritual energies does not come easily, do not be tempted to push the river. This too shall pass. Take it easier on yourself.

🫦 4 of Cups reversed: The challenge is not to feel down about something if it doesn’t go the way you would have preferred it to. Do not allow the  faux pas of others to linger in your heart-space as this energy cycles through this month.

🗣 5 of Cups reversed: This further reiterates not to cry over spilled milk, what’s done is done, and do not linger in downheartedness. Capricorn has an inherent strength to bounce back well. Your ability to know what to invest yourself in and what not to is robust.
* Lapis is the stone for Capricorns to work with during this time frame and anytime a bit of strength is needed


🪬 King of Swords: Know when to cut ‘m off. The Kenny Rogers song, The Gambler, says to know when to hold ‘m, know when to fold ‘m, know when to walk away and know when to run. It seems that Aquarius is being presented with a situation in which you are up to the challenge of standing strong, speaking up, and cutting to the core of the truth during this time frame. The classic interpretation of the King of Wands card is at hand~quick mindedness paired with a decisive turn of words.

🫦 Devil with Page of Wands reversed and 3 of Wands reversed: The challenge explains why the King of Swords energy is necessary this month. The devil represents all we are drawn to which we know doesn’t serve our higher purpose. It can be anything from a cupcake, to laziness, to hard drugs, and so on. The challenge is in facing the devil and cutting it off. There is an element of timing that seems to be associated with not going there or inactivity vs jumping the gun. Do not wait and want for something you darn well know isn’t good for you or isn’t rightfully yours~especially fiery  in and out energies.

🗣 Moon: Accept that there are things that you cannot or should not know. In your infinite connection to wisdom, intuition, etc. there will always be unseen and unknown deep external factors. This is the way the human experience is set up for good reason. God knows best. There are times yet to come when surprises are meant to be surprises, lived out in their own timing, without looking into their depths before their intended time comes to pass.


🪬 Queen of Pentacles reversed with Tower reversed: Its not as bad as Pisces thinks. Even if you feel down and out monetarily, do not despair, you avoided total “disastrophe”. Even if one is not feeling on top of things in the physical realm, not feeling healthy or not flourishing in business, hold on~all is not lost.

🫦 8 of Wands: The challenge for Pisces this Mercury retrograde is literally communication. There may be bombardment of energy, messages to respond to, others watching your social media, etc. Watch your back and be careful with the energy and information you put forth.

🗣 Two sets of information flew out onto the floor. At my left foot was the Knight of coins: Go forth slow enough to make solid offers that can be built upon~take your time and do it right.
At my right foot was the 2 of Pentacles with 5 of Wands and Ace of Wands reversed: Make sure your next step is on solid ground, steady and sturdy,  because there is a decision to make and those who are combative and argumentative will not bring in the fresh, creative energy you seek.

Monthly Tarot Reading August 2022

🌞🌺🔮August 2022🔮🌺🌞

It is recommended that one read their Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (the big 3) to develop a fuller picture of the energies at hand.

🌞 SUN: Outward being, what is being presented to the world and how the world projects your energy back to you.

↖️ ASCENDANT: The (magnetic) effect of what is rising on the horizon at the time and place of birth, psychological motivation, what one truly wants to DO in life, the you that comes out when friends are around, the physical body, etc.

🌙 MOON: The level and tone of what one has available to give and needs to receive Intuitively, emotionally, instinctually, etc., the "feels" of deeper waters.

🌎 Pentacles: earthly realm, money, health, slow stable building

💧Cups: waters of the soul, love and care, intuition and instinct

🔥 Wands: fire, enthusiasm, upholding and moving the spark of energy

🌬 Swords: air cuts quickly to the heart of the matter, mental activity, communication

* When presenting information in the terms of he or she, it is in regard to someone experiencing and exhibiting the masculine or feminine qualities of that character~it does not have to do with one's sex organs.

This month I asked for messages to come through one card for each sign from these 4 decks.
⭐️ Star Tarot
💀 Santa Muerte Tarot
🧿 Uncommon Tarot
🐴 John Bauer Tarot

Spirit (God, guides, higher selves, and all that assist in delivering messages such as the divine that abide by the law of one-do no harm) seemed to be delivering stronger wording than usual for August~some of which I replaced with the word bleep. (Please don't shoot the messenger. 😉)


⭐️ Ace of Cups reversed: If it seems to be that waters are flowing backwards this month, chakra work and chakra music can help align energies to flow properly again. Your heart is in the right place and it wants to shine again; to give and receive in connection to all.

💀 5 of Pentacles with Fool: Though the road underfoot may seem a bit crunchy or uneven, it won't deter Aries from taking the first step forward toward an enterprising new start.
Even if an Aries would rather not set out alone, they are quite capable of enjoying nature's beauty and what the world around them has to offer.

🧿 4 of Wands reversed: Those that do not have a mate may be feeling that there is nothing to celebrate on the home front this month. Do not dwell in the notion that there is no one to experience the thrills of life with. It will come again.

🐴 King of Cups: Contact with an older masculine presence perks you up by the end of the month, providing a good example of caring, giving good advice, nourishing the heart,  and a hand to hold along life's journey. If you are not in contact with this person, perhaps this person is you.


⭐️ 5 of Cups: As this deck was picked up, spirit said "quiet your voice". August may be a better time to ponder than to speak up for Taurus. There is a high level of concentration or focus on that which has already come to pass in the emotional being. It comes with the knowing or realization that plentiful, upright love will be available when Taurus is ready for the sun to shine on their waters again.

💀 7 of Wands: The next three cards are 7s~August may be somewhat of a spiritual jackpot for Taurus. In the tarot journey, 7s are a moment of pause to ask "am I doing the right thing?" in order to stay the course or make adjustments on or to the path. The energy is strong and Taurus is determined, though it may be difficult this month to see that you will make it through the woods.

🧿 Chariot reversed: This card revealed a moving image: while riding a bike on a dirt path, the tires vier off a bit and need to be adjusted back onto the path. It is not difficult to do but is a necessary rerouting to get back on track. There is no eminent disaster, just a simple course correction.

🐴 7 of Pentacles reversed: Taurus, who normally takes comfort in the nature of their surroundings, and is slower to incorporate change, may feel the time has come to reroute. What can almost be a frightening experience at times does not seems so difficult when you remember those two sturdy cups of caring will still be accessible and attainable come September.


⭐️ 10 of Cups: This is to be taken at face value~two people who have filled their cups of love individually and are in harmonious connection with another who is on the same intuitive heart level.

💀 King of Pentacles: He isn't just sitting on top of a load of money, he's making ambitious moves with it in order to become emperor someday. This king knows well how to build a sturdy, solid, healthy, productive kingdom. (This card seemed connected to the 10 of Cups.)

🧿 Knight of Pentacles: A slow, fresh, steady, youthful energy comes in putting a new offer on the table. (Another person card for Gemini this month.)

🐴 2 of Cups reversed with 10 of Cups reversed: (This seems to be yet another situation of people in Gemini's world, but that's par for the course for a people person.) Perhaps an old friend or sibling is knocked down a few rungs in your eyes as you watch a long term, heartfelt connection of beauty and grace deteriorate. I heard "ain't what she used to be."


⭐️ King of Cups: As the cards were picked up, the taste of satay peanut sauce came to me, as well as the words "coming in hot with that cup of love". It sounds more like the actions of a knight, but this king has laser focus and is darn sure of their offer. Determination to present a full fledged offer abounds.

💀 6 of Pentacles: The topic of equality is on the table. The situation or person is found to be just and upright~stable in their desire to give and receive. (The first two cards seem connected and the last two seem connected.)

🧿 10 of Cups reversed: Even after all of the positivity has been presented in the first two cards... Cancer knows it isn't THEIR 10 of Cups love connection. "How do I let a good man down?" sung by Sharon Jones.

🐴 8 of Swords: In this representation of the 8 of Swords, there is less of the vibe of one's own mental prison and more of the notion of an end of the day reflection upon the words "I didn't want to have to do that". It seems to be an act protected by the universe as  Cancer must simply state one's own truth. This uncomfortable situation too shall pass.

LEO ♌️

* When recording messages for Leo, I mistakenly said Taurus... however I don't believe in coincidences and there may be some connection there.
⭐️ High Priestess reversed: Deep information comes to the surface. Something is reviled, or more to the point, the cat is let out of the bag. This information might be regarding the home or mother, or may stir deep emotions.

💀 Queen of Wands reversed with 8 of Swords: This pair comes with a little warning that Information released can lead to Leo saying or doing something a bit catty or sassy. This in turn can lead to time spent in one's head regretting.

🧿 Death: Its not an ending~its a transformation. It is not a dark night of the soul, it is realization~which perhaps comes easier when alone at night. There is forward movement here and something definitely changes.

🐴 World reversed: Again, its not an ending~its a transformation. Looking into the reflection pool of all one has experienced can sometimes seem daunting. This card is here to reiterate not to worry, its a spiritual movement for the better.


⭐️ Prince of Swords reversed: My voice cut out as I was recording incoming information and I heard "speak up". Virgo may be feeling cut off or that their opinions, thoughts, or voice is not being allowed to be heard. Around the full moon on the 11th spiritual insights can lead to positive changes in communicative expression.

💀 3 of Cups: Virgo comes into knowing who their genuine friends are through the pure enjoyment of being themselves this month. Those who are chosen to be part of their inner circle have qualified themselves to be there and in like, Virgo proves to be a solid, fun, giving friend for the long haul.

🧿 Hermit reversed: I heard "Hey, don't hide yourself away" sung to the Beatles tune Don't hide your love away. When the Hermit is upright a time of deep pondering is at hand. When reversed, time for thinking is over. The knowledge accumulated is ready to be put to use and Virgo is being encouraged to come out of the cave, knowing who they can speak their truth with and who to remain quiet around.

🐴 Ace of Pentacles with 5 of Wands reversed: Whether you are giving or receiving this earthly offer of money, health, long term building, etc, this is an offer so strong and steady you may see it coming. The notion of an incoming love offer was present with this pentacle, and with the 5 of wands reversed backing it, there will be no squabbling, testing, debating, or conflicting, combative energy over anything with this one. Though one coin in the hand may not seem like much at first, this offer is a straightforward, tangible one to build upon.


*Libra being the sign of the scales, the notion of going back and forth to find the middle ground was pointed out as the reading started. The first two cards seemed connected and the last two seemed connected.

⭐️ 4 of Swords reversed: There's no reason or need to think about it anymore (whatever "it" is to Libra this month). It seems that a decision had already been made within Libra's spirit and no further contemplation is necessary because they know they have their 10 of Cups.

💀 10 of Cups: A connection flourishing with spiritual love. "Stay with your 10 of Cups" said spirit. 10 of Cups is generally two people who have mastered their own emotions, intuition, and expressions of love to self and others, who have formed a heartfelt, longterm, love connection.

🧿 7 of Pentacles reversed with 5 of Pentacles reversed: "Don't go back" said spirit. Libra saw something they liked that they built, and Libra saw something they didn't like about what was building in the other situation. "Do you want to feel abandoned and left with nothing?" "Do you want to feel that again?" Spirit asked.

7 of Pentacles is generally about something that time and effort has been put into and a moment is taken to asses the way forward as the fruits of one's labors are not visible yet.
5 of Pentacles is generally about feeling left out in the physical realm. It is a card of lack of stability in health, wealth, and feeling worthy. Normal occurrences, like cold weather, are then obstacles. 5 is a turning point, and when its reversed, one is coming out of situations generally perceived as negative.

🐴 3 of Pentacles reversed: "Don't work with ... " (no more was heard). "Even if someone is kissing your bleep, this is not the person to work with, they don't know what they're doing." said spirit. The three of pentacles reversed generally lacks a solid foundation.

I shuffled quite a bit~the two have similar cards and may be connected this month or some may have a significant placement on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio


* The first two cards seemed connected and there may be 3 separate situations here.

⭐️ 4 of Swords reversed: Scorpio has had enough time resting and sitting quietly in contemplation like buddha. You are guided and watched over by spirit. And now it is time to... (next card)

💀 6 of Swords: ...put all that your mind values into the boat and shove off to calmer waters.

🧿 Knight of Pentacles: A slow coming offer, is perhaps a steady-building job that is going somewhere; though Scorpio may not see that yet. The situation may possibly be building up toward traveling.

🐴  3 of Pentacles reversed: If the project is not steady and sturdy, straight from the start,  this is not someone to bow down to. "You know da## well not to do it", said spirit.


⭐️ Emperor: Somebody knows what they want, having worked their way to the top through the mastery of being the king of each of the four elements (earth stability pentacles, fire enthusiasm wands, air mental movement swords, and water depth of spirit chalice). The Emperor could be choosing between candidates for a job. Either Sagittarius is in full power as the emperor or is experiencing someone around them exhibiting the qualities of an emperor.

💀 7 of Cups: Options and heartfelt offers are being presented to the Emperor, but only one of them will flourish. The emperor is not concerned with that which he knows is not for him. He is capable of feeling and seeing which offer is a wise choice and others know it behooves them to remain steadfast in the Emperor's decisions.

🧿 2 of Pentacles: on shaky waters. When one's eyes are closed while walking the beach, is difficult to know if the next step will result in wet or sandy feet. The emperor is well aware that the 2 of Pentacles person doesn't know where they truly want to plant themselves.

🐴 Queen of Swords: A feminine presence of large impact, such as mother, is projecting the will of her thought pattern in a specific direction. (It is not directed toward the emperor's situations.)

*It may be that those experiencing the masculine qualities of Sagittarius are the emperor and those exhibiting the feminine qualities of Sagittarius are the queen of swords this month.
** The music psychic connection music I was listening to was half way done, but it restarted itself as Sagittarius's reading ended.


⭐️ 10 of Cups: A family home vibe similar to the 10 of Pentacles (the house, wife, kids, pets, garden, whatever floats one's boat) but here the focus is on a congruent family heart space.

💀 Queen of Swords reversed: Hold onto your handles because the queen of swords "ain't playin'" said spirit. This seems to be someone outside the family home, such as a mother in law, with a sharp tongue to say the least...

🧿 Emperor: This gentle Emperor (Likely Capricorn) is "not going to take it" and may have to stand up for himself. He knows how to mediate sassy energies until they are gracefully under his thumb.

🐴 5 of Wands reversed: This spoke of keeping the love bubble up around the self and/or family while keeping quarrels at bay. The emperor isn't entertaining any combative energies this month.


⭐️ 9 of Swords reversed: Aquarius is coming out of the mental anguish and ending the nightmare headspace of rumination. This is one of those cards which is preferred to be seen reversed because any negative connotations associated with the card are being dropped and done away with. 9 is an end to a personal journey and swords are mental.

💀 Knight of Pentacles reversed: This message was from someone who has passed over~they would like someone to know that the offer is not good and that this person is a "shifty bleeper". Whatever offer he's riding in with, "you don't want to take it. Period." This seemed to be a message for a specific person, however when messages this direct come in, it often does strike some sort of chord with others of the same sign as well.

🧿 Ace of Swords sideways: It is to be read sideways, meaning all things related to the Ace of Swords upright and reversed apply here. What is the truth? What is not the truth? What is clear thinking? What is not clear thinking? Aquarius will be discerning these things in a new way in August. Even if one has a good grasp on what that looks like to them already, one never know what kinds of new situations may be presented in order to have a fresh look at an old topic.

🐴 2 of Wands reversed: The energy coming to meet you is "not of equal value". The energy does not stand strong, so you need to be able to discern the truth. Normally this card speaks of 2 energies meeting side by side and eye to eye. Using different decks portraying different depictions of the classic meanings of each card can help in receiving messages slightly different than the standard ones. This was the case here.


* There is something happening around wording for Pisces in August, and when there is a typo, it is to be paid attention to because it is not a coincidence. The word mirror came up in place of the word message and the word spirit came up in place of the word star. For was replaced by the word from, etc. I expected the music to come back on after recording my voice, but it just kept recording silence, which seemed to indicate there is something about hearing the words or not hearing the words this month. Pisces was coming through as spirit itself.

⭐️ Ace of Pentacles: Pisces itself may be the solid off this month~a shining star of stable energy. (Pisces is sometimes perceived by others as a bit wishy washy for having one foot on the ground and one in the heavens. Let us all remember there are equal positive and negative aspects from which to experience each zodiac sign.)

💀 7 of Wands reversed: A loud siren passed by while reading this card. You may present a full force, solid offer this month, then question whether it is scary to follow through with, or if you even have the strength to uphold or fulfill that offer.

🧿  6 of Pentacles: Who is Pisces giving to? Is the energy that of equality and reciprocal solidity? It seems that there are two offers on the table in August and you do find that you are able to input enough into each situation to build successfully.

🐴 Ace of Pentacles: After questioning whether you'll be able to live up to the hype that was presented to sell your offer earlier in the month, you realize that you are more than capable of providing your time and effort to more than one situation, job, person, etc. You can do it, Pisces! is the message of the month.

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Monthly Tarot Reading July 2022

🌞JULY 2022💦

It is recommended that one read their Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (the big 3) to develop a fuller picture of the energies passing through.


🌞 Outward being, how you see the world and how it sees you.


🌙 The level and tone of what one needs and has available to give Intuitively, emotionally, instinctually, the "feels" of deeper waters.


↖️ The (magnetic) effect of what is rising on the horizon at the time and place of one's birth~ Psychological motivation, what one truly wants to DO in life, the you that comes out when friends are around, the physical body


This month I asked for 4 cards to show the chronological sequence of events~to see if a storyline unfolds in July.


Please note that court cards often denote actual people. They do not specify gender, they indicate which aspects of the human are being displayed at the time of the situation being highlighted.



Making way for solid people and truly wanted situations.


Queen of Pentacles reversed: Maybe a little too much money was spent or maybe a little more work could have been done. In any case, Aries isn't feeling solid somewhere in the physical realm~could be health, home, finances, etc. Taurus seems to be having the same start to their month.


Lovers: Attention takes a turn to focus on a choice~likely a lover. What constitutes fair, equal give and take in each moment? Is it different for the long haul?


Knight of Swords reversed: Words said in haste never seem to do anyone any good. In and out energies can scramble one's normally clear, forward thinking, preventing truths from being spoken simply.


Knight of Wands reversed: Hot and cold energies frustrate things to the point of stagnation or explosion. Either way Aries isn't having any more, thank you. Decisiveness without cruelty is the key to gaining what you really want next.



An aire of finality eases it's impact into the new era.


King of Pentacles reversed: The Queen of Pentacles reversed showed herself in the shuffle~ It was Aries' first card out and the same feeling is carrying over to Taurus. Maybe a little too much money was spent or maybe a little more work could have been done. In any case, Aries isn't feeling solid somewhere in the physical realm~could be health, home, finances, etc.


Justice: A truth being laid down. The feeling of long term effects and final decisions is present. A karmic Judgement is being made, wrongs are being righted... and the next card is...


Judgement: Two major arcana cards of final calls between two kings. Reconciliation with one's own actions in order to finalize a major cycle before settling into a new way of being.


King of Cups: If the situation is internal, and both kings are Taurus, a major come up or reset occurs~from poverty consciousness to overflowing care and grace. If the situation involves 2 humans, one is feeling a bit broken and the other's light is shining.



The Rebuilding


Death: Transformation~final and all-consuming. Nothing to fear in throwing out what doesn't work. Bright ideas are plentiful for Geminis.


6 of Pentacles reversed: It becomes established that something or someone isn't fair. Ungrounded, unhealthy, inconsiderate.... something just isn't sitting right and Gemini must have smelled it coming considering you rode in with the Death card.


King of Cups: I feel this is you-staying emotionally grounded as the good king with a fair heart~loved by the people, for calmly handing out decrees as...


The Tower: Crashes.

A restructuring of the kingdom must be coming in August because by the end of July all are able to see any structures of inequities collapse. There is no feeling of danger or calamity. It seems like the king of Cups is happily open to the new space for new ideas and ways in which to create goodness for all.



Not feeling it.


Queen of Cups reversed: not feeling it. (Which is just fine~no need to be cruel about it.)


Ace of Cups: A lovely cup of thirst-quenching water is being presented to the queen of waters. The queen has little patience for such offers, upright may they be, considering she has a much larger and more magnificent chalice of her own.


6 of Swords: Out of sight, out of mind. A parting of ways~perhaps physically and mentally.


The World: For good, the end, that karmic connection won't be coming back around.


*Here's where it gets interesting: behind those four cards were 3 knights-wands, swords, and pentacles. Only the earth sign knight is upright~he is also the only knight guaranteed to become king of his suit one day. Methinks the queen was tired of entertaining ridiculous offers and may have been hasty in sending away a genuine one which could have been successful. (May pertain to affairs of the heart, business, or any situation.)


LEO ♌️

It's a bit messy Leo... like a soap opera with the sound turned down. Wait, what's going on? Ya, I can't figure it out either...


8 of Swords: Cat's got your mind working overtime for now.


4 of Swords reversed with 7 of Swords: (I asked if the 7 was for week 3~no, it belongs with the 4.) The 4 of Swords reversed suggests one is done mentally processing and is ready to take action. In the 7 of Swords upright he is tricking the apposing army by taking their weapons and getting away with it in broad daylight, though he is a bit sloppy and cannot take them all anyways. It seems that Leo is over trying to figure out if someone's being tricky.


Knight of Cups, 9 of Pentacles, Page of Wands: By the third week of July we see where some of the difficulties likely stem from~there are 3 people here. I did ask for 1 card, but was shown this:

In the center is a single well-to-do type who hardly seems to be paying attention to either the knight in shining armor offering a cup of love or to the younger adventurer beside her.


2 of Swords reversed: It feels confusing. At the mental crossroads, a decision must be made~or perhaps already has been. Who will be walking away? The end of the month seems to be a cliffhanger of questions... to be continued.


* Shungite can help assist one in maintaining a more balanced, protected energy field.



Stopped at a green light.


Queen of Wands reversed: Everyone needs a moment of downtime now and then-even the queen. Not feeling like expending much energy, entertaining ideas, or doing anything in the public eye~sometimes rest is needed to build up momentum for a fresh new start. (In this case she doesn't seem stagnant or irritable~as the next two cards further explain.)


Ace of Cups: A cup of genuine caring, in order to built deeper connections, is being offered.


Ace of Swords: The second card of an upright new start in a row. The sword of truth brings breakthroughs and victory to this new mental path.


10 of Pentacles reversed: The home situation and that which is usually perceived as total stability is not quite what Leo pictured. Perhaps the queen is weary of investing in wonderful new starts without having a solid place to land them. Family matters could be a bit uprooted at this time.



Wait, who is this at the last minute?


3 of Wands: Waiting for reciprocation. How long shall Libra wait?


10 of Cups reversed: Looks like Libra has waited a long while and found that whatever this connection is, even after investing all this time, just isn't truly fulfilling.


7 of Pentacles reversed: By the 3rd week of July Libra deems the connection not worth investing in since growth and reciprocation seem nonexistent.


Lovers: Ok, Libra... it looks like you make the choice to let in the unfruitful one for a midnight romp, or you suddenly happen upon a fast felt connection at the end of July.


*Andalusite cross stone can help you assist yourself with decision-making.



Is it the same old something?


Page of Wands with 9 of Wands: It very much feels like Scorpio is the person in the 9 of Wands who has held up the fortress for so long, has heard it all, and is weary of hearing another word from the Page of Wands. The page, in his youth, seems unaware others have grown tired of his enthusiasm.


King of Cups: Everyone plays nice at this time. Situations are dealt with in a loving, fair manner. All is at ease in the kingdom.


2 of Swords: Decision time. What, if any, will be cut away?


Knight of Swords: By the end of July people are speaking up. Perhaps exchanges are a bit hasty, but truth is at hand in any case. It feels like someone is rushing in to plea their case.



The message this month is that the human journey is not really one meant to be walked alone.


5 of Swords reversed with 3 of Cups: Setting aside differences and enjoying the company of others. Nice.


Fool with Queen of Swords: They are laid out back to back and seem to suggest being of two minds in a situation~a whole fresh new start or a bold, decisive, cutting away of all that  does not serve the queen well.


Moon: Some kind of emotional depth lurks, returns in cycles, and is not yet fully seen. Just as moon shadows obscure realities easier seen in the daylight, there are things yet to be brought into the light of knowing. Feel the situation out, but do not dwell too long or take action this week.


Star reversed with 9 of Pentacles: By the end of July, the notion that being solitary shows that you're solid and flourishing on your own may come with the realization that there is a larger picture at work~one in which the healing potential may be greater when experienced with another or others. You've always known money doesn't buy happiness.



Your usual stronghold to victory.


7 of Pentacles reversed: Not seeing the fruits of one's labors can be disappointing. Capricorn's -keep at it- attitude of perseverance must pull through once again.


Devil reversed: Much determination to get things done the right way is at hand and leaving anything that could hinder success behind is the rule of the week.


10 of Pentacles reversed: Perhaps more work needs to be put in before the timing is right for your dreams of stability to come to fruition. It would be difficult for anyone to start a month at 7 and expect to be all the way to 10 a couple weeks later. Allow things to unfold in proper timing. (A typo was removed-interesting that the word unforeseen was written here.)


Ace of Swords: Now there's the winning attitude anyone would love to end the month on. Truth in hand and victory eminent, Capricorn speaks their mind, cutting through any clutter to a clear new path.



The new reality


Fool: Free and lighthearted like a butterfly in the breeze, new horizons appear in the distance. Where are you off to Aquarius?


Queen of Swords: All big energy cards this month~ including The World (culmination of a major cycle) at the bottom of the deck-a position indicating that which is still percolating, yet unseen and heading toward the querent if they remain on the path they are now on. This Queen of Swords could easily be Aquarius taking command of air qualities or even someone around them who exudes the qualities often cherished by Aquas.


Hanged Man: Perhaps the Queen of Swords had some thought provoking things to ponder. The fair-minded Aquarius takes time to reflect on what has been presented, on what others and one's self have said, done, and even pondered previously. What will change after new perspectives are gained?


Hierophant: It seems that, once again, the proper actions of a civil society are forefront in Aquarius' world. How can we incorporate justice for all? What would that even entail or look like? How can it be made reality in one's everyday life? I bet Aquas have a few good ideas which are better put to use. As above so below~the microscopic and the gigantic are not so different in structure.



Back on the horse again.


5 of Swords reversed: "Don't wanna fight no more." ~sung. Whether with oneself or others, mental conflicts are being let go of.


Chariot: Full speed ahead! This is the building of momentum that is ready for anything. The karmic wheel has been adjusted, yin and yang are in balance and spiritual and physical forces are at the helm.


Death reversed with 7 of Swords: Hold your horses! Foul play is afoot. Someone has made no effort to transform their trickery and is still getting away with it. Mental or otherwise, this sticky situation is quite a reversal from last week's forward movement.


Knight of Pentacles: This reading brings the feeling of someone who's intentions are good, goes full throttle, slips back into a situation they know isn't quite right, then is quick to get back on the horse and act as if nothing shady ever happened. It could be a bump in the road for Pisces or you could be witnessing someone close experiencing this.

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Monthly Tarot Reading June 2022

🪴🌻🌿🌺JUNE 🌺🌿🌻🪴

It seems that we have all done away with whatever was not aligning with our higher good after the eclipse and are developing a different take on communication after Mercury Retrograde.

🩴 I asked what we are now stepping into~show what's new.

🔜 Where do we go from here? Directional guidance for the second half of June.



🩴 Queen of Swords~ The moment I saw the card I heard "Discernment". I asked for 1 card for each sign, but the 10 of  Wands reversed really wanted to show itself as to how you came to this new level up. All that felt burdensome & all that did not mesh well with your mental well being has been cut away. A certain line in the sand has been drawn and only that which you deem to be logically steady may pass. You are standing in truth. ⚔️

🔜 Knight of Swords~Further reiterates that you have something sharp-witted to say. Continue to gather information. Your guides are perfectly fine with you quickly cutting things down to the points that need to be made with others who ramble on with ideas that won't serve you well.



🩴 Tower~ The reveal. I asked for 1 card for each sign, but the 7 of Swords came with the Tower indicating the nature of this epiphany. The tower can shake something down to the foundation in order to rebuild more solidly. The 7 of Swords is anything but solid and tells of trickster energies that wish to hide lies, mental misconduct, thievery, etc. The card being upright indicates it is going on right in front of you but you do not see it-when its reversed, getting caught or cheating out in the open or revealed. If this is internal, you will have a wake up call to play fairly with yourself from here on out. The Tower is a major card, #16, which also reduces to #7~the number of spiritual victories after confusion. 🌋
Wait for the understanding to come before making any conclusions.

🔜 10 of Wands reversed~The final step. 10 is the end-and when it's reversed it is so darn close to the fresh start... but there's that one last little burden that needs addressing. I was called to look at the bottom of the deck to see the Wanderer (Fool), and behind it the Wheel and Ace of Swords: your new beginning is so close you must be able to smell and taste it. Make sure to tie up any loose ends, cross all the T's, and dot all the I's before leaping into the new.



🩴 King of Wands reversed~ Too much or not enough? The energy is big, wild & uncontrollable or not happening at all. This could be internal, occurring with others, or being exhibited by someone around you. The King of wands in his upright being is dynamic and attractive, and knows how to conduct business and the energies of others in order to create a fruitful, lively, loving, beautiful kingdom. When he is reversed and out of sorts he can be an angry, frustrated, chaotic tyrant. Or perhaps at times the energy is ineffective~ in the bedroom, for personal growth, etc. (Person's experiencing these energies can be any gender, but at this time masculine traits are being dealt with.)
💦 Sit by or in the water.

🔜 3 of Swords~Uff, Gemini... rough waters this month. My heart goes out to anyone moving through pain and mental jabs from others and even yourself. If you must be with your thoughts, try to incorporate other elements (besides air): perhaps a campfire on the water with your feet in the dirt. Death/rebirth/transformation is at the bottom of the deck backed by 2 of Wands reversed and Ace of Swords-this too shall pass and you will come to an understanding about not seeing eye to eye as the truth comes into the light. (Leo is also moving through the 3 of Swords energy this month.)



Song: "Ain't no love, no love... like my baby's love" I heard a man's voice from DapTone records, somehow in conjunction with the song I've never found a girl (to love me like you do).

🩴 Queen of Cups reversed~ Cancer in their upright being naturally exhibits the qualities of the Queen of Cups upright. Cancer cares. Nurturing and protective Cancer will wipe children's faces clean, make sure they leave with lunch in one hand and a jacket in the other, and so on. Someone may have been worn thin and is not showing the level of caring they once did. The lack of care may be directed internally or toward others. Lashing out in moodiness when feeling emotionally hurt is par for the course this month. This too shall pass. 💓
Love first.

🔜 Page of Cups~Small offers are meaningful. Whether you are giving, receiving, or both, small acts of kindness will get you where you want to go. At the bottom of the deck there seems to be a back story of a situation you realized was going nowhere. Not everyone and everything in life will suit you or be to your liking-it is all about your reactions. How one deals with others determines what they  call in toward them. Love first.


LEO ♌️

🩴 6 of Swords reversed~ Going back, not moving on to calmer waters, thinking over a decision to leave again and again-Leo is not ready to leave. Though new wonders await on distant shores, you are hesitant to set sail and leave it all behind. Mulling over how past decisions have panned out and second guessing oneself is likely at this time. "No one in front of me and nothin behind "Bob Dylan-Things Have Changed". The notion of damned if you do and damned if you don't is present. We are always in the right place at the right time. ⏱
"Se la vie say the old folks-it goes to show you never can tell". Chuck Berry

🔜 3 of Swords (Gemini is also moving through the 3 of Swords energy this month.) Leo's came out backed by Justice-karmic balancing seems to be in your favor as you experience the mental jabs of more juvenile energies. (Knight of Wands and Page of Wands are at the bottom of the deck backed by a slew of cards indicating no way forward.) It seems that Leo is watching and experiencing painful mistakes, more so of others, while discerning when to speak up and when not to.



🩴 Star~ Virgo is receiving the healing guidance available to all of us all at any time. This connection with the all mighty bigness is ever-present, yet much of our lives are spent doing the increasingly faster, and further from nature, business of living out human lives. A greater connection with the natural world, free of toxins of all sort helps ease in this energy of abundant healing, a sense of well-being, and of knowing one's place in the infinite puzzle. The Prince of Swords wanted to come out behind the Star indicating a conversation or meeting of minds or gathering information on the topic may be taking place at this time. Journaling and mandala artwork will prove to have positive effects 🖌📙
Be an open channel of receiving guidance.

🔜 Ace of Coins reversed~Do not make or take offers at this time: they are not grounded and will not produce the results desired-he energies are too shaky at this time. Accept healing from great spirit and ease into the clockwork timing of the universe as you wait for delivery of the full enchilada you've ordered.



🩴 Hanged One reversed~ Getting ready. After taking time to gather information and insights, Libra is finding the balancing point. There is a feeling of coming back around~almost ready to get back into action again, transformation transpiring, the lotus in full bloom at the presuppose of death and rebirth. A new perspective or take on life is emerging at this time. Those deemed most treasured around you will allow you to have your moments of peace. 🌸
A new perspective broadens your horizons.

🔜 3 of Cups~Don't forget to enjoy life-you have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Surrounding yourself with those who mesh well with you and having some down time outside the headspace helps you develop a more lighthearted approach to life in general. Give thanks for all your connections. "Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold."



🩴 Queen of Wands~ (It came out backed by Lovers reversed and King of Pentacles reversed-there are two people in this situation.) A feminine presence of strength, flourishing, creative fun and magnetic beauty standing in her power is met with a choice to give and receive love energy with a masculine presence who seems a little down on his luck, unstable, or unwilling to put in the solid effort of follow through in order to build. The Lovers card was once called The Choice, as we choose who we allow into our inner sanctums. In reverse it seems this person does not bring anything more to the table than the queen is capable of bringing on her own~she will be upright and forthcoming on the matter. 🌄
It seems that the investment is not grounded.

🔜 Page of Swords~I heard "spit it" in a poetry slam voice. Someone has something to say-likely both parties. The Lovers are at the bottom of the deck followed by a storyline of going between feeling 2 of Cups love and feeling left out in the cold. Fast and to the point communication, within and with others, may be necessary. Use care to think through something before saying it.


Sagittarius ♐️

🩴 8 of Pentacles~ The wheel of human work life is turning. Just as a huge stone grinding wheel turns, slowly but surely, grains become a substance suitable for food making. You may feel you've had your nose to the grindstone for a long time, but now Sagittarius is seeing that all things in their timing, built on solid groundwork, will produce tangible results. There may even be a giggle of joy seeing just how far you've come. The helping hands of the universe and the truths of society are visible to you and you find it easier to see where the spirit of stability is genuine and where it's not. Well done 💰👏
Quality work is work investing in.

🔜 Wheel reversed~"Not just yet." The feeling of being dealt an unfair twist of fate is present. The Ace of Cups reversed and 4 of Wands made themselves seen. There could be some push and pull regarding fun and stability in Sag's heartspace that doesn't want to spin the big wheel just yet. That's ok. It is better to take the time needed to process things well, rather than gloss over them before the next chapter starts. (Capricorn is also headed towards a new chapter soon with the Wheel reversed.)



🩴 9 of Pentacles~ Flourishing. Super stable in your own right, you are a money magnet at this time. Your ducks are in a row and everyone knows it. The happiness of abundance is  sustained when a job is well done and Capricorn is doing it right. You have secured a place in this world where you are capable of giving to others, where all feel safe, and where you are ready to sit side by side with another who has similarly built their world. 🪴💝
The Empress card also flashed itself at me as I was shuffling. The 9 of Pentacles is the pre-Empress card and you are well on your way into attracting abundance.

🔜 Wheel reversed~ (Sagittarius is also headed towards a new chapter soon with the Wheel reversed. Yes I shuffled. Capricorn's Wheel came out backed by 8 of Cups and the Devil.) The last piece of the puzzle is walking away from that which you know does not serve your best look, highest path of good, or where you truly want to go in life. Seductive as that midnight brownie is... Seductive as that naked person is... Seductive as that foaming, glistening beer is... -its not going to take you where you want to go~the bright new start that's waiting for you. All things in due time.



🩴 Princess of Cups~ A little lighthearted fun is on order in Aquarius' world this month. A fresh feel is in the air around you as you drop moon beams of love as sweet as honey on all around you. The Byrds lyrics "Ah but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now" sung by Bob Dylan and his song Forever Young came through at the same time. What some may see as childish love might actually be just what the world needs now~like a daisy in the barrel of a gun. 💟
Do not allow others to divert you away from sprinkling your magic love dust.

🔜 Tower~ I was shown a 90 degree turn ⤴️ A reroute on life's path-not a remaking of one's being, but turning towards a new direction. The Alchemist (Temperance) reversed at the bottom of the deck gently warns not to lose your cool. The tower can be anything that shakes things up~from an epiphany to a total tear down in order to rebuild on a more solid foundation. This tower seems to be a redirection placing focus elsewhere on something new. If anyone is well-equipped to deal with sudden change, it's Aquarius. Let your Princess of Cups within spread a little honey along the way.



🩴 The moon~ Feeling Deep. 6 of Swords came out behind the Moon, which can be helpful in reading the Moon's energy since it comes with things "yet unknown". Your being is feeling out if and when to leave something behind, whether mentally or physically. Pisces is feeling a profound sense longing at this time~ perhaps generational energies are culminating within. Knowing that no one tells every last secret to another, Pisces may wonder what is being hidden from them. In this great experience of mirroring, the depth of our waters and the desire to mentally move on, we are not so different from each other as we come from the same source. Come to terms with the notion that there will always be unknown factors in the human journey. 🌜
Do not shy away from deep feelings, experience them before making any decisions.

🔜 Wanderer (the Fool)~ Heed the call of the universe-it beckons you to take the step. New adventures on the horizon call you out of meditation to interact with the world at large; to experience more of the human experience. Why not? Pisces certainly knows how to go with the flow. Enjoy your journey with childlike wonder that is as contagious as laughter. Set out to design your world as you want it to be.

Generic Image of Tarot Cards

Monthly Tarot Reading April 2022


🪴 Herbiary Oracle card

🍦What's the scoop? 2 main energies flavoring your world

⚙️ The nuts, bolts, gears & brakes. Behind the scenes realities and inner workings

🎯 Spirit shows where to point your arrow for assured success

* Side notes: There are rather large energies all around this month~big endings, lots of people and major arcana cards


♈️ ARIES ♈️

What is injustice?
🪴 Apple: Forbidden Fruit

🍦 1) Justice reversed, 2 of Cups: The 2 of Cups is upright indicating the relationship between the two is an upright one of heartfelt reciprocity. The injustice is coming from outside that connection.

2) 3 of Wands reversed, 9 of Wands: "Whelp, I'm done waiting. I'm cutting this bleep down." "You have done your due diligence." Aries has had enough.

⚙️ Queen of Cups, King of Swords with 6 of Pentacles & 2 of Pentacles: The Queen of Cups displays a lovely, nurturing energy. This King of Swords comes with a little baggage. He may preach about fairness and stability from the understanding of what instability is like and how he has come to be fair as he defends what is just.

10 of Swords reversed with Page of Cups, Wheel reversed, 4 of Wands with Ace of Cups: One good thing about the 10 of Swords is that no matter how painful the ending was, it's over. The "Super juvenile" energies of the Page of Cups being careless with hearts and intuition may linger, but they are not being tolerated. What comes off as a negative twist of fate does not seem to have any hold on your progress. After the dust settles, you are solid and bright, enthusiastically displaying a cup of love. (If lemons were thrown at you the next day you would hold a lemon festival.) Remarkable recovery Aries!

🎯 Hermit reversed, 5 of Swords reversed, Sun reversed, 5 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords: It is not time to sit and think, that has been done. It is time to face the world, turning knowledge into wisdom by putting it into action in the physical world. Stay away from arguments, conflict, and drama.
There is no need to put on a happy face for the world when you're not feeling it. "Walk away~even if the road seems a bit crunchy~it will smooth out soon enough." There is no need to be part of it or to feel left out. Mind the health of your body temple. The first card out was Justice reversed & the last card out was the 7 of Swords~ someone continues to be a dirty dealer.
Cards at the bottom and top of the deck indicate too many cooks in the kitchen.


♉️ TAURUS ♉️

"False start!"
(In the voice of a video game announcer.)
🪴Reishi: Defying Gravity

🍦 1) Magician reversed and Fool reversed: Tricky. "No action taken." Not being in full understanding of the actuality of the situation, some backtracking may have to be done to get out of doing something that isn't on the up and up. The hand on the Magician's desk said "Stop. I see you."

2) 10 of Wands reversed with Empress reversed, Hanged Man with King of Wands: In a momentary pause The King is seeing the Empress in a whole new light and is not standing for any ungrounded actions. As the cards are laid out, he points to the 10 of Wands reversed, seemingly saying get out, knowing he is the only person of upright actions here.

⚙️ 2 of Pentacles reversed with Knight of Wands reversed and Knight of Pentacles reversed: Well, the elephant in the room is the not so upright Empress juggling the 2 not so upright, younger Knights. "Let me tell you a little somethin' somethin' about a Taurus: they're not going to handle any flip flopping with their stability~I don't care if it's their money or their home...They are not having it."
Though this one is a no go, Taurus shows Strength or grace under pressure where others show bad judgment.

🎯 2 of Pentacles, King of Swords: "Try before you buy." For example, when deciding between career paths, try doing the actual daily work that career will have to offer. Find where stability meets you eye to eye. Channel the King of Swords energy of one who knows when to cut something off and communicates in an honest, decisive, and forthright manner about different ways of building solid foundations.

The feeling of ~Uh oh, what did I almost just step in?~ was present through Taurus' reading.


♊️ GEMINI ♊️

Self Love
🪴 Hawthorn: Heart's Home

🍦1) 8 of Wands, 9 of Swords reversed: "Runnin your mouth."
Communication going off like streamers of lights from stadium fireworks~most likely about getting out of the mental vice grip of sleepless ruminating.

2) Queen of Pentacles reversed (likely this person's Sun, Moon or Ascendant is Earth), Queen of Swords (Air~Gemini): The Queen of Swords qis the only upright person here. All the others are functioning from the shadows. (Earth signs not showing stability for example.) The queen of Swords, in the end must speak the truth, possibly cutting people or ways of thinking or communicating etc off.

* Strong, marriage ending 3rd party energies are present for someone who is seeing this~I assume it will resonate deeply and you will know if it pertains to you.*
3 cards of clarification were drawn for both queens:
Queen of Pentacles reversed- The World with 10 of Cups and Hanged Man: An unstable feminine is developing a new perspective on the experience of ending a permanent fulfilling relationship.
Queen of Swords- 2 of Pentacles reversed with Knight of Pentacles reversed and 10 of Wands reversed: A logical, truth dropping feminine not seeing eye to eye with a masculine of no action trying to balance out their instabilities and endings.

⚙️ 6 of Cups reversed, Empress reversed: Getting up out and over old memories that seemed enjoyable at the time, but in hindsight were actually not on anyone's highest path. Shedding feelings of inadequacy and/or others who've caused you to feel less than the Empress you are. Ending a long standing friendship with someone who acted less than gracefully is possible.

Ace of Wands with 8 of Swords reversed, Judgement, 3 of Swords reversed, Page of Swords reversed, Hierophant reversed (fell out together):
On the Ace I heard "cock rocket". Leaving behind mental jabs of others and overthinking what good judgment is, who shows it and who does not,  helps loosen Swords out of a wounded heart so that one is able to see clearly again. No longer speaking with one who wasn't able to conduct an upright marriage within the norms of society may also help that Ace of wands energy be all yours~initiating a vibrant new start without the memory of the naughty words I first heard on the Ace of Wands being attached to it. The Judgement card is #20 (ending the entire journey of the fool through the deck is The World #21) indicating the recognition of the end of large karmic cycles. It can also point out possible reconciliation~in this case it seems to be related to releasing pain within. There are at least 5 cards of endings on the table.

🎯 10 of Swords reversed: It is perfectly fine to have one long last look at a situation in order to move through any pain rather than holding it. Then, move on to the next logical step with a freed mind. Be truly done: release the mental chaos out of your being and bury it in the earth to be transmuted. Put your feet in the dirt and grass as often as you can.

*Before cards flew out of the deck, whirling in the air, the feeling was light~like singing a song along the way. This is releasable, the time is at hand, and you are able. * 💗


♋️ CANCER ♋️

Let it ride.
(Words heard sung when the Wheel card appeared)
🪴 Lady's Mantle: Fortitude

* A workplace or generational family matter storyline is presented here. Many people and major arcana cards~big energy at hand.*

🍦 1 & 2) 6 of Swords, 9 of Swords. Clarifying them~Knight of Pentacles and King of Wands: As the cards are laid out it appears the Knight of Pentacles (younger/earth sign/employee) is looking back at the King of Wands (older/fire sign/boss/dad) who seems to be saying you'd better leave as he points to the 6 of Swords (a boat setting off for calmer waters). Above the boss' head is the 9 of Swords (serious mental distress) and over the youth/employee's mind is the 6 of Swords (moving away to seek less stress).

⚙️ Chariot reversed with 9 of Pentacles, Emperor, Justice reversed, Page of Pentacles, Knight of Swords. Something came to a stop or was going nowhere to begin with. Someone single and thriving (a manager/relative) seeking brownie points, with the Emperor (owner/grandfather/absolute head) causes an injustice. The people are upright beings. The injustice is that someone has to walk away and may regret what they said.

🎯 The Wheel clarified by Knight of Cups reversed, Tower, Priestess, 8 of Pentacles, Hanged Man, 3 of Cups reversed: Take a deep breath and let the karmic wheel spin. As you leave behind those who are insincere while the maze of the structure crumbles, use intuition to keep your cards and money close to your chest. Perhaps you now think differently about who and how you share fun times and stories from the heart with.


♌️ LEO ♌️

"Should I stay or should I go?"
(Please have a look at the Lyrics of the Clash song of that title-the entire song was playing in my head.)
🪴 California Poppy: Resurrection

🍦1) Sun reversed: Not feeling like their usual bright, sunny self in public, Leo has "turned their lamp down low".

2) Hanged Man: A pause is taken to access things from all angles and develop a wider range of perspectives.

⚙️ Moon, 9 of Wands reversed with Queen of Wands and 4 of Cups reversed: The moon is out, emotions run deep and things are a bit obscured in the moonlight. Hiding in the recesses of Leo (Queen of Wands) is a person who is darn tired of keeping up appearances and radiating their full force, colorful, glorious self while coming away from bearing their sorrows quietly to themselves.

*Up to this point the reading has been very internal. I asked about outside influences.*

Knight of Pentacles, 10 of Swords reversed, 6 of Swords, 9 of Pentacles, 3 of Cups reversed, The Fool reversed: The Knight rode in looking for stability but is now over all of it and is mentally moving on to making that money, forgetting about social events, and not participating in new journeys.

🎯 King of Pentacles with 9 of Cups reversed: The Knight of Pentacles is the only Knight guaranteed to become King. And here he is-an upright man with a box of treasures in hand- yet will not bring wish fulfillment.

King of Cups with Hierophant reversed and Page of Cups: A fun, loving, spiritual match is out there~possibly out of the conventional norms of society. (An age difference is possible.) Be in control of your emotions, intuition, and loving nature, and be honest in your care of others. Do not forget the wonder and childlike fascination for this existence.

*Bottom of the deck (What you don't see coming) Empress with Emperor: A true pair. A Grand true match.


♍️ VIRGO ♍️

Full Stop/Full Start
(A miraculous recovery)
🪴 Lavender: Tough Love

🍦1 & 2) Chariot reversed, Ace of Cups clarified by King of Swords, Emperor with 9 of Wands: There is a full start/full stop between the King and Emperor. Both look ready to cut the other off~one has a shaper tongue and the other looks crazed. As the Chariot came out I heard "off the rails". (I'll come back around to the Ace of Cups at the end.)

⚙️ 10 of Wands reversed, Star with 8 of Wands and Page of Swords reversed: "Is it over?" ~because I'm laying this burden down. A pure straight connection to the goodness of all is made and a reset happens. Healing comes in the form of solid back and forth communication. One may have to hear things they don't want to hear... but, have a look at this outcome.

10 of Pentacles with 2 of Cups: ...that is a Beautiful way to end a read! The full meal deal of love. But wait, there's more-The Ace of Cups-A fresh fulfilling start. Virgo moves from Chariot reversed (No) into the Ace of Cups (Oh yes) this month. The connection is great in every way. Congratulations!

🎯Temperance reversed, Priestess: Do not attempt to blend things that naturally don't mix well. Don't stir the pot. Know when to hold back and when to remain silent. Use intuition as to when ~just don't go there~ applies.


♎️ LIBRA ♎️

"Well, that took a turn."
🪴Quaking Aspen: We Are One

🍦1) 2 of Cups: There is a very real upright, heartfelt connection.

2) Wheel: "Your time is gonna come..." Led Zeppelin. The end of the Fool's journey has come and it's time for karma to give the big Wheel of Fortune a spin. Libra may not be seeing movement or may feel that the fickle finger of fate is a bit twisted. In any case, change is inevitable.

⚙️ Page of Swords with 2 of Swords: Someone communicates about a mental crossroads and a possible decision being made. It may be in writing and it may be pointful.

9 of Cups reversed with Tower and 8 of Pentacles reversed: Perhaps the decision communicates "this is not my wish fulfillment", there may be chaos to deal with, but I cannot go on this way. Rearrangements may have to be made, someone may be left holding a bag of bills, etc,

*The final cards in this reading were so striking I asked for clarification of the situation.*

8 of Swords reversed with 3 of Wands reversed, 6 of Wands: Out of an exhausted head space with no time to waste, you ride towards victory.

10 of Swords reversed with 7 of Swords: Completely over with hiding things. A fresh start, out in the open is wanted.

🎯 Emperor with Moon reversed and Empress: Whoa... that's powerful -not something you see every day. This is a match of the highest order. They have each been kings and queens of all four elements (earth, fire, air, and water) previous to being the Emperor and Empress. What struck me is that he is no longer hiding her-the moon shadows are reversed and light is being shone upon the couple. This is why I asked for clarification- the 10 of Swords reversed with 7 of Swords certainly reiterates they are no longer sneaking. That is one heck of a power couple!



Toward a new direction
🪴Apple: Forbidden Fruit

🍦1) 10 of Pentacles: What a fantastic start-at the pinnacle-the house, wife, kids, pets, picket fence... whatever floats Scorpio's boat~all stable things one desires and has manifested laid at their feet. You have earned it.

2) 8 of Wands reversed: A very different energy than the 10 of Pentacles~here is isolation, no communication, no forward movement.

⚙️ 10 of Swords reversed, Temperance reversed, King of Swords reversed, 2 of Cups reversed: Wow, deep breath~ that is heavy. The end-no more pain. Things not blending smoothly, not being patient enough to feel the connection with the natural flow of the universe, unease is in the air, harsh words are said, and the heartfelt connection is no longer felt.

Tower reversed with Fool clarified by 6 of Wands: It's not so bad~this new start. The tower moment, when it all came crashing down, was actually a blessing in disguise. Scorpio is ready for all things new and feels the call to take the first step towards future victories.

🎯 Knight of Cups, Page of Swords, 7 of Swords reversed: Enter with kindness and a fresh heart for new things to come, offer apologies where needed, be plain and simple with words. It is of Scorpio's benefit to be open rather than to hide thoughts and emotions. Enjoy.



Bonding with those who
reciprocate your love.
🪴Lavender: Tough Love

🍦1) Hanged Man: Every little occurrence seems to have you thinking~seeing things differently. This reexamination of incoming information allows for more sensible and logical connections.

2) Page of wands reversed with World and 4 of Pentacles reversed, the Page is clarified by 3 of Cups reversed: Leaving behind needy, fair weather friends who don't necessarily return favors also helps you leave in and out energies of your own behind. The Page of Wands can be a bit juvenile and reckless with energies and offers-in reverse he can be sassy. The good news is that energy is being done away with permanently. The World is the final card of the entire deck~a major ending of karmic cycles, and it's backed by the 4 of Pentacles, reiterating the same. "Déjalo" Spanish-Let go, drop it, set it down and walk away-from anything that really doesn't bring stability and genuine caring.

⚙️ Lovers, 6 of Pentacles: Well... that is gorgeous! Full reciprocity, a balanced love life and wallet, fairness from the foundation on up through the chakras. Sagittarius is making solid choices and experiencing "good lovin". Now that's the sparkling energy of the "lucky Sagittarius".

🎯 Queen of Cups: Lead with love. She holds her heart out in front of her for all to see and experience, thereby showing others the right way by simply being Sagittarius' life-loving self.

* The Devil was at the bottom of the deck, indicating what you don't see coming. The Devil is always right around the corner for everyone. The Devil can be anything that draws us to that which we know is not for our highest good. Your ability to ignore the Devil is strong this month and you come out winning.*



Weighing it up
🪴Valerian: Release Rigidity

🍦1) 7 of Pentacles: "Weighing things up." A slight pause is taken to calculate your next best moves. You've come far building certain stabilities you can fall back on. Will the path you've been walking pay off? Your coins are upright and it does seem so, because the next card shows you getting up and doing something about it.

2) 4 of Swords reversed: After taking some time for a good rest and a long think, it is time to get up and take action. You realize it's not time to be lackadaisical now.

⚙️ Queen of Wands reversed, Death reversed, 2 of Wands, Justice: Though this could signify there isn't much energy available to put oneself forth, a certain ending is avoided. It seems the Queen of Wands reversed is a person Capricorn does not want to see an ending with even after harsh energy was thrown. In this deck the 2 of Wands are energies ready to shoot off in different directions. Meeting another on common ground brings Justice, fairness, and a further assessment of the entire spin of the karmic wheel. (Justice, master #11, cannot be knocked off its path easily. It comes after the Wheel, #10, an ending only meant for a new beginning.)

* What happens then?*
Knight of Wands with the Devil: Well then... I have to mention that a one night stand is possible because that combination can be downright super hot sex-and that vibe present here. The Knight of Wands rushes in, ready. The Devil can represent anything at all that attracts one to that which they know is a bit on the naughty side of the tracks.

* Clarification of this particular Devil*
King of Swords and 5 of Wands reversed: If this does indicate a sexual encounter for the Knight of Wands, the other party is the King of Swords. Thank goodness both are upright in their actions, also indicating the naughtiness of the Devil isn't harmful to the structure of their beings. The King of Swords is always ready to cut off any nonsense, but here he softens a bit, saying "don't wanna fight no more" (Alabama Shakes voice?).

🎯 Star: A magnificent energy to be sitting in. Feel the connection to all, absorb the healing God's universe is always wishing to bestow upon humans. See the truth of your devine sovereign being and accept help from your guides.
Chakra meditations and music may be rather enjoyable.

*Guidance on the connection presented here*
2 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords reversed, 9 of Cups reversed: Look the instability in the eye and find the middle ground. Do not hide thoughts-the Star is also a card of revealing your real self. Do not lie to yourself or others-let there be no trickiness to revealing that which does not fulfill you. Sometimes it isn't enough to say what you want. What you don't want also needs to be addressed.



Prize straight forward thinking
🪴Star Flower: Finding Grace

🍦1) Queen of Swords reversed: Someone is mad, and not just a little bit. She has likely cut people and things away in a willful, hasty manner without control of a sharp tongue. Thinking may not be clear. The energy is not enjoyable.

2) 10 of Swords sideways: Here we see the intended final throwing away of all things painful. There may be difficulty with an inconclusive conclusion or with ending a cycle that is not quite over yet. After that,  the new beginning for Aquarius starts with the Sword of truth.

⚙️ Ace of Wands reversed, 2 of Cups reversed, 10 of Cups:
That energy must really be tugging on your heart strings. With no energy for new initiatives, and no longer feeling like the two of you are a good match, the feeling is low and slow. But what's this? You are  holding the 10 of Cups, total emotional fulfillment-its sitting right in front of you! It's upright.

*Who is the other party?*
Knight of Pentacles reversed: someone who is at a full stop because they don't think they have anything solid to offer.

*What step does Aquarius take next?*
6 of Swords: Mentally and physically moving on in search of calmer waters. Quietly slipping away in the night.

🎯 Ace of Swords reversed: Mental confusion is present. Do not lie or stretch the truth. You could be witnessing a confused person lie. It can be difficult knowing what to offer when and to whom, how to build solidly, or when to remain quiet. It may not yet be time for the new beginning-the 10 of Swords sideways lets us know its coming, but the new start comes when the Ace, or Sword of truth, is upright.

Star with 2 of Pentacles: Please have a look at the guidance for Capricorn. The Star is a full connection with the universe, bearing one's soul to be guided and healed. How? By way of the 2 of Pentacles-looking the situation in the eye to find balance. Too much juggling brings instability. Pick a path for your healing.


♓️ PISCES ♓️

Is there a way to move forward?
🪴Trillium: Spirit Into Matter

🍦1) 2 of Swords reversed: There is confusion at a mental crossroads and a "bass-ackwards" decision may be made. Distorted thinking, in ways opposite of what works in reality, likely led to the next card.

2) Page of Pentacles reversed: Pisces may not be seeing the way forward, feeling one has nothing for oneself let alone anything to offer others.

*It could be that Pisces is watching this happen around them, rather than experiencing it directly.*

⚙️ Empress with 5 of Swords, 7 of Pentacles, 8 of Wands, Queen of Swords reversed, Sun reversed: Pisces was sitting pretty-flourishing. Perhaps others saw this and had to put their two cents in. The Empress is quite capable of fending off the mental Swords of others and protecting herself in the crossfire. While counting stacks of coins and assessing whether the security is worth sticking around for, it seems Pisces bombarded the Queen of Swords with information, overwhelming and distressing her ears and causing the Queen to lash out unfavorably, cutting you off. "Ain't no sunshine when she's gone" sings the Sun reversed.

🎯 5 of Wands reversed: Do not seek revenge. I heard "Don't burn the house down." Find other ways to blow off steam. Stay out of arguments and don't act rashly.  Allow others to do as they please without becoming entangled.

6 of Cups with Death reversed: The memories made with this person bring warmth to your heart. It isn't over till it's over-further reiterating not to burn any bridges. A full transition has not been made yet~there is some inner karmic work left. Remember you can make happy memories anywhere you go.

*On the bottom of the deck or what you don't see coming*
Ace of Cups: A genuine offer of love. Even if it's offered in the pouring rain, the cup is full of good lovin' emotion.

Generic Image of Tarot Cards

Monthly Tarot Reading March 2022


~For the Collective~
• This month is a great time to connect with the higher Spirit of yourself, guides, & all that is vibrating with the law of one: do no harm.

• As I shuffled the Ryder/Wyade deck the King of Cups flew out, spun around & stopped upright: If there is any topsy turvy questioning of heartfelt notions of an important masculine energy, know that their heart is in the right place and they are capable of genuine caring.

• As I shuffled the Past Life Oracle the Trust and Faith card flipped out of the deck indicating the common thread for those who happen upon this reading.

🎆 The Spirit of each sign this month (Star deck)

👁 What the Spirit of each sign needs to see or know (Uncommon tarot)

♥️ As I shuffled the decks John Bauer Tarot formed the shape of a heart and let me know it wanted to be utilized for the ~heart of each sign~ portion of the reading.

🧶 The classic Ryder/Wayde deck sums it up~unraveling the whole ball of yarn

🌀 The Past Life Oracle shows the common karmic thread for each sign (for those who happen upon this reading.)



🎆 8 of Swords sideways (flipped out of the deck, landed perfectly sideways under my thumb~Your actions are noticeable and your spirit is questioning): Turning the mental wheel to get out of the mind trap. Is this thinking in line with all that is good in nature (with all that is)? What upholds a sharper mind without allowing it to stab itself? Indications of a little lingering sideways or stagnant thinking show up this month.

👁 Star: Healing is present. The universe is always behind the scenes working its magic, often unnoticed by humans living out their daily lives. Aries' perception of what actual healing is surfaces. The example I was shown was of the formation of a pearl. The grain of sand pains the soft tissue of the mollusk inside the shell. It secretes a bit of goo incapsulating the grain of sand so that its flesh is no longer being cut. Then it feels the bump and keeps secreting more "spit" which becomes a beautiful iridescent pearl. One entities pain can easily be another's delight when there is a blindness to taking the entirety of the process into account. Take a moment to connect with the light, to feel the healing.

♥️ Judgement: Do not judge your heart too harshly. You have been through much~2 turns of the karmic wheel are being highlighted here. The big picture is really being taken into consideration this month. You now look at where your heart is and how you've come to be there~ actions, thoughts, all that has come to pass up until this point. There's a certain ending here, nothing final, yet it is deep.

🧶 2 of Swords sideways reversed: Its decision time. Perhaps a decision was already made or Aries is reluctant to pull the trigger. There is a lot of sky/air/Swords energy depicted on the cards and a desire to leave overthinking behind is sensed. Mental activity is laid on its side, while the connection to the mirror of healing is upright and in front of you. There is nothing here to fear. "Don't take too long now."

🌀 Farm reversed: I had to smile when I saw this because it would be in classic Aries fashion to leave the family farm and seek one's own adventure.



🎆 King of Swords reversed:
Now, here is an energy not often exhibited by Taurus. Some situation has moved your spirit to find sharp words to be a necessary thing in putting your foot down. "I don't want to have to do this." Do not go so far as to create shoulda, coulda, wouldas to mull over in the future. Many cards attempted to leave the deck and went back in, impressing upon me the sense of almost or partially doing one thing or another many times, then not going through with it. Every card here has big energy and you are more than ready to cut something or someone off~ perhaps you have already cut off communication with others or yourself.

👁 Awakening (typically known as Judgement) reversed: A closer look at how we each contribute to situations may help a new perspective to develop, which helps get things moving in the right direction again~moving on. It can be difficult for Taurus to pull its hooves out of the mud once they have become stuck in a rut. In reality we all may be a bit more similar than we'd like to believe.

♥️ Strength: Do not fear dear heart, you have the strength to get out of the rut. You have the drive and ability to turn the King of Swords upright and stand forthright in truth and wisdom, returning to your usual, well-spoken self. The heart will go on. Do not take pain with you.

🧶 King of Wands: Utilize your strengths, focus there~on the energies and ideas you know are helpful and bright. You are "better at conducting business than ..." (the cold communication of the King of Swords reversed). You are great at finishing projects to their satisfaction. Projecting your warmth creates a magnetic attraction to your abilities to conduct energies around you so solidly that your kingdom runs smoothly. Leave behind that which does not serve your greatness.

🌀 Health: Let thy food be thy health. It is easy to see how health would be a focus for Taurus. It is upright and you've had a good understanding of the joy and good functioning of the body your favorite garden delights bring at their peak of juiciness. No doubt you mixed it up with spices and herbs. May good health stay with you Taurus.



🎆 The Devil: Attraction to that which is known not serve your highest good. Well... its what life's all about, isn't it? We change, progress, see what doesn't work for us... and Gemini is face to face with what's not working this month. The Devil can be anything~ laziness, an idea that holds you back, a person, etc etc.

👁 8 of Cups: Walk away. Put it down, turn around, walk away. "Short and sweet, cut and dry."

♥️ 4 of Coins: (dramatically flew out of the deck) Hold onto what makes your heart feel secure and provides something solid. There is a feeling of protecting or guarding one's heart.

🧶 2 of Pentacles: A good path with a solid offer awaits. Will you choose it? "on shaky ground" (Pat McDonald singing~of Future's so bright ya gotta wear shades fame) Perhaps there is a job offer where people flourish, but Gemini wavers in taking the step for some reason. Remember, the Devil can be anything that holds you back. Andalusite can be helpful in decision making for all air signs.

🌀 Angels: Lovely~protection and assistance from the realms of unseen vibrations of goodness and light. Call upon your guides.



🎆 7 of Wands reversed: It is commendable for your spirit to want to be more open and let your guard down in a pleasant manner ~no matter what happens thereafter. You may later feel you have nothing left to protect and withdraw your energy.

👁 Moon: (flew out landing upright) Cancer's engine runs on feeling and intuition, but some things are simply not meant to be known. Any time the Moon is upright things are obscured in the shadows, there are unknowns that have not come into the light of knowing yet. There is no doubt deep feelings are involved here.

♥️ Hermit: The heart is in full contemplation mode. Cancer is not feeling the call to open its shell very quickly. Many things can happen in such a vulnerable state~ One might throw in a grain of sand that will plague your soft insides the rest of your days. The shell snaps closed, the heart is clammed up. Cancer is not ready for conversation. More thought is being put into what it feels like to join forces with others vs feeling left out in the cold.

🧶 The Fool reversed: Cancer knows now is not the time to take any steps or make any moves. Your heart is in the thinking cave with too many factors still unknown. Fear not, you will always be able to hold your own for yourself and your loved ones. You don't have to do anything that doesn't feel right. Victory is eminent, though the heart has a hard time believing it is so.

🌀 Spirituality and Religion: There seems to be a vibration Gemini's have already set in for connecting with spirit. Tap into that and see what you get for yourself.


LEO ♌️

🎆 3 of Wands: Leo does not enjoy waiting for energy to be reciprocated. Life is meant to be colorfully fun-so where's the fun in this? Transformation was occurring, but something made the spirit of Leo turn its light down.

👁 Ace of Wands reversed: The only constant is change, forward movement is coming. Leo probably doesn't see it, is feeling depleted, doesn't have the energy to be their usual bold and beautiful magnanimous being~for their own self or the public. Leo just isn't having any this month.

♥️ King of Cups reversed: The king of hearts himself, Leo, is shut down for repairs. Your love button may be a little worn out this month. Ending the reading, I noticed I had not lit any sage or copal, had not felt called to put any lovely scent into the air, etc. Unusual. Leo knows well how to enjoy the finer things in life, yet the energy felt lethargic. Heart chakra music can be helpful when not feeling the love.

🧶 Knight of Pentacles: "Take it easy." Slower is steadier. Watching the garden grow develops one's appreciation and wonder of the experience. Each step taken in its proper timing creates the correct forward movement or the blossoming of people, things, ideas, etc. Stopping to smell the roses attracts those same lovely energies into one's material world. The energy may be slower going than Leo's typical spark would like, but when celebration time comes around fresh flowers on every table will be guaranteed.

🌀 Finances reversed: "Money leaves your hands easily."



🎆 Knight of Swords: The spirit of Virgo rushes in with ideas and words, sword of truth in hand, mental compass pointing out the way to eventual victory. Spirits are high. Carrying an earthy, grounding stone, like jasper, soothes this month.

👁 2 of Wands: Pausing to look at the energies at hand, you examine what is worthy of moving forward with you. While one energy may be right in front of you another is behind you or out of sight.

♥️ Hermit: Here is a heart in thinking mode. (The bottom of the deck showed too many reversed cards in a row to count~A lot is going on behind the scenes in Virgo's unseen world.) While rumination is par for the course in Virgo's brain... Ahhhh but this card signifies the heart... perhaps more thinking with the brain and feeling with the heart would do Virgo good. When in your thinking cave, images in candle light can inspire wisdom: knowledge in action.

🧶 3 of Wands reversed: Reflecting on journeys once taken. "Not going there again." Where the spirit wants to rush in the actual circumstances are at a stop. Do not be disheartened if you don't see your ship coming in yet. It ain't over till its over.

🌀 Phobias reversed: Good job, its reversed.

• As I prepared for the second half of the reading, Libra-Pisces, the signs that deal with the outside world, I heard "bound to cover just a little more ground" and felt compelled to listen to the profound words in the song The Wheel by The Grateful Dead.



• All air signs can benefit from connecting with andalusite when decision making.

🎆 2 of Swords sideways reversed: Always at a mental crossroads, knowing there will be unseen factors at play and that every decision is a gamble, Libra finds it difficult to choose. After all, the same thing that can heal you can harm you~depending upon how its used.

👁 Knight if Wands: Do you see the Knight of Wands, coming and going, eyes on the prize? They might be so fixated on winning that they forgot why they wanted the trophy in the first place. "Smooth operator." If you don't see this character around, you may be looking from a vantage point too close to home~ it would be more difficult to see if that character is you.

♥️ 3 of Cups reversed: Three heart spaces did not mesh well. One felt they had less or more to offer. A diminished heart space does not shine with attraction. "Hearts apart" or "hearts part."

🧶 8 of Swords reversed: "Let us not get into this mess again." Ask for assistance from your guides to help you help yourself to get out of mental prison. "Free your mind and the rest will follow." Leaving a good amount of sadness behind will move things forward.

🌀 Monk or Nun: How noble of you, Libra...



🎆 8 of Pentacles reversed: As I was trying to do the work of Scorpio's reading many sorts of distractions came my way. There may be distracting forces  at play. Whatever the case, the spirit of Scorpio doesn't want to work at something anymore.
When the 8 of Pentacles is upright we love what we're building so we naturally do it well, as if guided by the hands of God, spirit, ancestors, etc. When the 8 of Pentacles is reversed we don't feel like putting in the work, we don't see the benefits, and we don't feel this world has our back for the efforts we've put in. (I saw a  branch in the spokes of a bike.)

👁 Emperor: See or know the Emperor, the one who takes the time for each step to be executed properly, has dealt with people of all sorts, is calm in demeanor as others defend their positions around him, and has learned not to flaunt his wealth.
• So many cards wanted to come out behind the main cards for each deck~too many people, characters of influence great and small~all masculine in their energies. Offers from the Emperor and masculine type fire signs (has at least one of the big 3 in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius) are on the up and up. There may be some less desirable actions from a water sign masculine (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) Those who are too young will not bring you "watcha neeeed." (Stones)

♥️ 5 of Wands: Conflicted within, too many cooks in the heart's kitchen. Internal battle resembles Scorpio's external circumstances. It is time to think, not spar. "Entanglement." Try breathing slower and see how it feels.

🧶 The Devil: Ahhh yes, and here is the Devil to sum it up. You may want nothing to do with being pulled in many directions, but you haven't blocked my interferences of gossip and opinions that make you not want to deal with any of  it, and also hampers your work productively. The Devils is right in front of Scorpio, waving. (Remember, The Devil can be anything~ laziness, an idea that holds you back, a person, etc.) Grow in the dirt you know has nutrients in it.

🌀 Leaving or Travel reversed: Staying put~perhaps other lives as a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn) or some sort of complications leaving or associated with travel. I felt called to look at the bottom of the deck: Galactic


Sagittarius ♐️

• All cards are reversed: it is possible the entire reading speaks of Sagittarius' internal energies.
• You may find a "midnight voyage" (Mama Cass) to moonlit waters soothing.

🎆 King of Wands reversed: Sagittarius' spirit may be feeling somewhat depleted this month, leading to irritability and indecision in a normally decisive person. The energy of playing good cop/bad cop was present. You are apparently "Not very enthused right now."

👁 8 of Cups reversed: The notion of leaving kept creeping in as I looked at a card indicating not leaving. Perhaps Sagittarius needs to see, or envision, yourself not giving up in the heart space. Picture emotional fulfillment, you're almost there. "You can take the long way home or you can take the short cut." You will get what you think you will get from either experience.

♥️ 7 of Swords reversed: Don't give up Sag, look how far your heart has come~no longer hiding thoughts, feelings, ideas... no longer being illusive with one's self.  "I thought I was on a different path, it was an illusion." You have come to terms with any feelings of being undeserving. Well done clearing the heart space Sag.

🧶 Judgement reversed: Well, we all know what bad judgement brings us~others judging us badly. One does not have to divulge all of their secrets. Do not judge yourself so harshly Sagittarius. By this point you are wise enough to know how things work in this world. Ending whatever needs ending brings new growth.

🌀 Galactic reversed: (I realized that for some reason I kept on shuffling, nothing more came out, I was drawn to the bottom of the deck: Native American)



🎆 Judgement: Capricorn is in a position of examining this human experience, its karmic cycles, the workings of the universe, time and timing, connectivity, etc on a larger scale. Listen to the calls of nature. Watch for signs.

👁 Knight of Coins: Someone is showing up with, and expecting to see, small, steady improvements. Making an offer implies more than one person is involved. Make sure you're seeing eye to eye on what's being exchanged. "Slow and steady wins the race."

♥️ Fool: "Ground Zero" The heart stands still at a new point of being. Apparently Capricorn's heart space is out to lunch. You are at a point where you can be neither positive or negative about it. Take care out there dear heart, your time is soon to come and the universe beckons you to take the first step.

🧶 Ace of Pentacles: "An offer  not taken is an offer not given." This could be within the self and/or with others. It somehow ties into Capricorn's karmic past life energies which are now being looked at. What stops offers from coming in? Do not wait around for anything for too long.

🌀 Native American: (Bottom of the deck: Leaving or Travel) May peace be upon native peoples everywhere.



🎆 10 of Wands reversed: The spirit of Aquarius isn't feeling backed by the universe enough to close a long term cycle. Its unusual isn't it? ~Not to be your colorful self. You just don't have the energy to deal with "more" this month. Take it easy. Get some sleep. "Gripping the wheel tight", you are ready to end the race.

👁 9 of Cups: Wish fulfillment is at hand for Aquas this month. Identify times when one is looking to another to indicate the direction to move in for further fulfillment. The learned attract those who have learned. Your wish fulfillment may be sort of classic, perhaps a straight forward victory with a solid partner who knows how to conduct themselves. Its ok to enjoy the romance of rose colored glasses once in a blue moon...

♥️ 3 of Cups: The heart of Capricorn joins with the like hearted~friends you feel you can be honest with, who help each other see the way and have similar interests in making good times and great oldies together. Friends are made in spaces that are giving and receiving, such as volunteering for charities. Enjoy your inner circle crowd.

🧶 6 of Wands reversed: Perhaps you don't feel upheld by the community. What energies are being put forth to the world by Capricorn this month? Maybe the path to victory seems a little treacherous to be riding high these days. Do not be offended if your ideas are not upheld by society, you do not receive your kudos with them in the end anyways.

🌀 Baby: A baby or issues surrounding a baby are of significance



🎆 6 of Swords: The spirit of Pisces has set assail in a sea of stars, feeling the deep, quiet movement of the cosmos. On your midnight voyage to calmer waters and forward progression you may find this life is but a dream.

👁 3 of Swords sideways: Acknowledging heartaches and the ability to heal are part and parcel of the human experience. What constitutes getting out of heartache and what does not is up for debate within Pisces this month. Mixed feelings abound and you may find it difficult to leave it all behind.

♥️ Ace of Wands: Pisces heart is "ready, willing, and able to take action and the desire to make an offer could prove to be  too tempting. "Come get me. Here I come." Focusing on the good memories and leaving the bad ones behind can be a double edged sword. Do not be surprised if the recipient of your heart's spark may also carry mixed feelings.

🧶 The Fool reversed: Should I stay or should I go? seems to be the vibe in the air around Pisces this month. That being said, taking no step forward is better than making a careless misstep. At the end of the day, you don't feel called to such new adventures and you don't have the energy to deal with them anyways.

🌀 Farm: Enjoying quiet times with animal friends. Without thinking I looked at the bottom of the deck: Mother, then for some reason felt called to look at the top: Father reversed.

Generic Image of Tarot Cards

Monthly Tarot Reading February 2022

🌏 Situations at hand

🧿 Guidance

* Rather lofty energies and entities show up all over the place in February and it seems that the collective is somewhat quietly incorporating major endings and changes.



The Emperor Entertains Options

🌏 Knight of Cups reversed, Ace of Coins, Emperor: It felt as if the Emperor was looking on as as 2 different parties presented him with their plans for his investment. The Emperor has been around and back again, seen many things in his command of all four kingdoms~earth, fire, air & water. Difficult to impress and difficult to fool, he is always gracious. The Knight of Cups reversed can be wishy-washy and not yet ripe for the picking. The Ace of Coins is always a solid offer but there seems to be extra or more difficult work attached to it.


🧿 (on the Knight of Cups reversed) Ace of Cups, Magician reversed, Strength:

"Insincere" not because of lacking heart, but actually lacking the skills, tools, command of what needs to be done and when, etc. Strength is present in this person/company to learn and evolve in order to build... but, is not ripe yet.


(on the Ace of Coins) Alchemist reversed: This person/company/party/etc may have a great plan, but also has the potential to lose their cool or is not able to blend people/projects/etc together in a cohesive way, making the solid offer less attractive...


(on the Emperor) 9 of Wands:

Hold tight, wait and watch, do not offer too much information, time, etc. You are not required to choose anyone or anything that seems convoluted, is not up to your standards or likings, or could potentially be faulty in any way.



Tried & True Is Up For Something New

*Cards took longer than usual to shuffle, it felt like Taurus didn't want to talk or was holding back something, then they burst out of my hands with the relief which is felt when the beans have finally spilled. Often asked for advice, Taurus is capable of giving it without revealing much of their own personal story.


🌏 Sun reversed, 9 of Wands reversed, Magician reversed, Ace of Cups: Feeling like your light is a bit diminished from the doldrums of routine daily life? Tired of being the stronghold of all things to all people as need be? Wouldn't it be satisfying to enjoy life by making of it whatever you want? ~to exchange niceties with others at dinner parties, to allow yourself a nice piece of jewelry, to have time to focus on love~ Perhaps you are ready to get out of a rut, switch gears or careers, make or take a love offer, etc.


🧿 Knight of Coins reversed, 10 of Coins & 4 of Coins: Do not allow small offers to be given or taken. Go with the long-standing family company in order to build a legacy of your own.


*Another storyline presents itself. I assume one would know if it pertains to them.

If you feel a bit dampen from letting your guard down to a slick trickster offering romance, know that the offer was small, fleeting and anything but solid. Stick with the stability of the family for long term happiness.



Up For Another Try

🌏 4 of Cups reversed, 7 of Coins reversed & Page of Coins & 4 of Wands: Although there are no swords out, the tone is very airy. Swords tend to indicate troublesome energies, but the air quality here is quite dreamy, even in the depictions on the cards.

Coming up and out of a saddening bump in the road; seeing what was wanted in front of you and not being able to attain it. Not wanting to continue the work/path previously being built upon, someone would rather set out on their own to seek their fortune and happiness.


🧿 Sun reversed, 6 of Coins reversed & 5 of Swords reversed: "Tone it down a little." The understanding that its a big old world out there and sometimes things aren't fair or even or solid and anything can happen is at hand again. Being overly optimistic isn't good either... The advisory energy seems to be asking you to be realistic and not to gossip, get involved, engage or get caught in the crossfire-"zip the lip", turn the brain off, and chant love to and from the heart.


Can't Get Comfortable

🌏 4 of Coins, 9 of Coins reversed & 6 of Cups & 5 of Wands: Not feeling very abundant, you cling onto your purse strings or anything that feels secure. Not feeling at home and comfortable in one's surroundings can be more burdensome for Cancers than most. Adding to the uneasiness, you don't feel noticed for being the gem that you are and spend your time fondly reminiscing on more glorious times "way back when" or, out of boredom, become entangled in others melodramas.


🧿 2 of Wands, 6 of Coins reversed & 5 of Swords reversed & Sun reversed: Look the situation in the the eye, meet yourself half way, go out into the world with enthusiasm and the intent to enjoy life. Know that the world does not owe you anything and do not allow yourself to become caught up in throwing mental daggers at or with others. There is never a need to be over-dramatic.


LEO ♌️

Thou Shall Not Pass

* There are some powerful energies at hand this month, yet a stillness to the air. There are characters present~sets of kings and queens all reversed.

🌏 Wise One reversed clarified by Death, Chariot reversed, King of Wands reversed:

Full stop, remaining quiet, no re-examination, no victory with a king who acts bass-ackwardly and is incapable of maintaining steady energies. ~A large karmic presence is detected, looked squarely in the eyes, and determined to be unworthy of your time.~ You, the Wise One reversed, are having none of the nonsense, keeping quiet, not releasing information, and not entertaining others egos. Whatever has been sacrificed along the way on the human journey is in the past, your perspective has been transformed, and a new path is underfoot. It seems that you've unexpectedly ended a long standing karmic cycle. Wow!


Ace of Wands, 4 of Coins & Queen of Coins reversed:

Through it all you stand bright and solid in your new start as you hold tight to any stability you've accumulated, knowing that growing your garden takes time.


🧿 4 of Swords, 6 of Cups, 4 of Cups reversed, 7 of Wands: Take time out to relax enough to ponder constructively on old memories and what was truly enjoyable and what was not. In doing this, feelings etc do not become stuck and it becomes easier to roll with the punches. Keeping your guard up to protect that which you value is sometimes a necessity part of being human.


*Bottom of the deck~King & Queen of Cups reversed, Emperor & Ace of Cups, Awakening reversed & Ace of Swords, Queen & King of Swords reversed: What you don't see coming is that you will be able to see the truth of how others operate and be able to discern what aligns with you and what does not.



Interjection Of Underwhelming Epic Energies

🌏 2 of Coins, Ace of Wands, Tower, 9 of Cups, 8 of Coins (all together, seems chronological):

After deciding which world one wants to live in~choosing to leave any shadiness behind, and making a bold new start (picture opulent, fragrant, colorful flowers arranged artistically) in comes the tower to rattle one's foundations, shake up the wake up, and throw back into one's space that which one had dismissed long ago. Virgo is long over entertaining any shadowy, disruptive, judgmental energies and just wants to get back to the lovely things/feelings/etc which abound when one builds their world solidly.


🧿 Knight of Coins reversed clarified by Queen of Cups reversed, 4 of Swords: "Don't feed it." Get some rest. Take time off from the world to gather your thoughts and regroup. It doesn't have to be a big deal if you don't want it to be. You've got this.



Barking Up The Wrong Alley

🌏 King of Wands, Page of Coins reversed, 7 of Wands reversed-clarified by Knight of Swords, Priestess, Chariot reversed & 2 of Cups reversed:

It felt as if you were not the King of Wands, who has stated his stance and is firm on it. Libra seems to be on the dreamier side of the Page of Coins reversed~hoping, wishing, & praying ...for the King of Wands to let his guard down? Deep within you understand the energy/will/etc. is not present to maintain forward momentum when two do not see heart to heart.


🧿 Knight of Wands, Ace of Cups reversed: Be your enjoyable, fun, youthful, best self, thereby reminding others of their own fun qualities. Do not make or take any love offers at this time.



Boots Made For Walking

🌏 6 of Cups and Ace of Wands clarified by the Tower, the Sun and 3 of Swords clarified by 10 of Cups reversed: Well... it looks like an old friend/lover tries to initiate a new spark causing a moment of crashing realization~maybe more for them than you. It appears that you are just fine without them and it may even delight you a bit to know that this time its you who is breaking their heart. Perhaps you are occupied with another now and even the idea of being with the past person no longer thrills you. Their idea of ideal was never up to par in your world to begin with and you find walking away from their dramas to be the only path of common sense.


🧿 5 of Cups reversed, Empress reversed: Do not be plagued by old discrepancies or wounds, you will not have to live through this turmoil again. Even if it leaves you feeling a bit depleted, you're not letting others see it-you had passed the point of genuinely being affected by them long ago anyways. Silence can speak volumes.



What Do You Mean-There Are No Wrong Roads?

🌏 7 of Cups, Emperor, Hanged One reversed , Hermit reversed, World: It seems that the Emperor (person of authority: boss, husband, etc) looks on as you ponder which path your heart feels called to walk today. You hope to develop a new perspective from every angle when it comes to your heartstrings being tugged upon. You're tired of thinking on those matters in life and remember to trust that you are always in the right place at the right time.


🧿 Wheel reversed, 8 of Swords & 3 of Wands, 10 of Cups reversed: Get out of your head and back out into the world~good energy is soon to be reciprocated. One does not need to seek out a 10 of Cups relationship of fulfillment~it comes to you-in the timing orchestrated by God's universe and at a time when you no longer care because life is simply wonderful after discarding the baggage.


* The first card in the reading was 7 of Cups. On the bottom of the deck 7 of Swords, 7 of Wands, 7 of Coins reversed, 10 of Swords reversed: What is underlying or not yet seen is a bit of shadiness, defensiveness, unwillingness to work at something. Be honest with yourself about cutting out what needs to be done away with.



A Positive Path "To Everything There Is A Season And A Purpose To Every Reason Under Heaven."

🌏 Knight of Wands, Magician, Death, 6 of Cups (seems to be chronological): Something sparked quickly and turned into something of much more consequence, setting up an opportunity to practice balancing energies (health, finances, enthusiasm, initiative, cognitive function, communication, intuition, feelings, etc) With all of that  underway, the time is at hand to do away with ideas/people/ways/etc that aren't in line with maintaining the balance. What happens today creates tomorrow's memories, and you look forward to creating lovely times to look back upon. You realize all things happen in karmic timing.


🧿 5 of Coins reversed & 8 of Wands: Isn't it better to speak up, present your ideas, and participate, rather than to feel left out in the cold?



In Correlation With The Cosmos (and "Your Bad Self" said comically)

🌏 Star, 9 of Wands, 6 of Swords, World: In full on Aqua mode, in rhythm with all that is, you seem fed up with the same old same old and quietly push your boat off the shore in search of new harmonious waters, knowing in every moment that you are in the right place at the right time. "Never going back again..." 🎶 Fleetwood Mac. "Know when to walk away, know when to run" The Gambler, Kenny Rogers. I get the feeling you don't want to hear about or deal with love relationships at this time. And there you have it-another chapter closed as things come full circle with a new day on the horizon and Aquarius standing solidly single ready to meet the world.


🧿 5 of Wands, 9 of Cups: Notice the stark differences between energies clashing in willful struggle and those who stay on the "sunny side of life" 🎶 Carter family. Being submersed in nature can also bring warm, fuzzy love for the human experience whether solo or with another.



Are We There Yet?

🌏 World reversed clarified by Tower & Page of Wands reversed, Death clarified by 3 of Coins reversed, Queen of Coins & Ace of Wands: Some sort of upset has your world in a tail spin.  Remember that which seems negative at first, often turns out to be better than one could have expected. Pisces, you have the ability to assert yourself this month and it looks like you put your foot down-no in and out, back and forth energies and no outside interferences. You know your worth and what your creative spark brings to the table. You feel its time to get things settled so you can get on with the fun of life.


🧿 King of Cups reversed, Sun:  "Don't give away your love for free." Place yourself in situations of reciprocity. "Say it like you mean it." Do not come to the table looking meek and mild~smile in your full vibrance when you speak your authentic truths.


* 2 of Cups (heart to heart) reversed was at the bottom of the deck. I asked what happens after the Death card, shuffled, and the 2 of Cups flipped out of the deck, landing upright. This deep transformation seems to be the necessary factor for bringing love into balance.

Generic Image of Tarot Cards

Monthly Tarot Reading January 2022

🟢🟤 JANUARY 2022 🟤🟢

🔸Situation at hand


The message seemed clear and simple. Stone beneficial for you to work with at this time: lepidolite

🔸3 of Cups:
Making good times and great oldies with fun friends.
🔹Devil reversed with 6 of Wands reversed:
There is no victory in doing that thing you know you shouldn't do. Do not allow playful, lighthearted times get out of hand, taking a turn toward darker energies. Enjoy to the fullest leaving what no longer serves your highest good behind you.

♉️ Taurus

Lost in thought at the end of the road. Stone beneficial for you to work with at this time: amazonite

🔸Death with 4 of Cups:
Uneasy  feelings develop from a serious ending.
🔹8 of Swords clarified by Queen of Cups with King of Wands, Knight of Cups reversed with Ace of Cups reversed:
Do not disallow yourself to feel what you know you are feeling. All things change. There is a natural cycle of grieving in the human experience. Thought on the roles of mother and father or solid masculine and feminine energies and the different experiences that occur when the energy is unstable and unable to genuinely show love. Making or taking a love offer is not advised at this time.


🔸Tower reversed, Ace of Cups reversed:
"Shot through the heart" Things could seem a little upside down...
🔹9 of Wands reversed:
Do not allow yourself to become jaded because of past interactions perceived as negative. It is not beneficial to put up barriers to those wishing to get to know you. Do not let an unfortunate turn of emotion crack your foundation.


This is quite a layout~the Emperor and Empress are at each end-both have a pentacle and a sword card. The Emperor and Empress are upright along with a reversed card. Although this spread is of situations and the subsequential advice, this appears as the feminine and masculine of a long term relationship. (The Emperor has been all four kings and the Empress exhibits the mastery of all four queens-earth, fire, air, and water)

🔸Emperor with 4 of Pentacles reversed, 7 of Swords:
Perhaps the Emperor has given up any shady dealings that may have heightened his position in the past, knowing all things remain in the Akashic records. There was also the warning to "Beware of false prophets." The 7 of Swords indicates some deception yet the Emperor and Empress are upright in their actions, etc
🔹5 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords reversed with Empress:
On the surface it seems that a hasty decision leaves someone out in the cold with any sneakiness being gotten away with. It looks like 2 long term partners questioning each other's judgment. The card of advice is that of being isolated or "left out in the cold".

* I later asked for clarification on this reading. 2 of Pentacles reversed with the Priestess reversed:
Its not a good decision to go against one's better judgment and often puts people on shaky ground. Slow down and take a deep breath to better sort out your reality.

♌️ LEO

Your cards seemed to speak of two different situations occurring simultaneously.

🔸Knight of Pentacles:
This card says go for it Leo! A small stable offer is made. The cards that clarify this -go forth- energy are Chariot reversed, World, and Devil: Cards of a full stop, an ending, and treachery... quite a contradiction or separate situation.
🔹 Ace of Wands:
Pick up the pace and add your fun-loving Leo creativity wherever you go. This was clarified by Page of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, and the sun:
A lovely spark of stable energy within and between two people~perhaps of an age difference, but of a similar solid constitution for a fun relationship.


🔸 Page of Wands:
The first step of a fun journey is at hand.
🔹 Knight of Pentacles:
Slow and steady wins the race so slow down and keep it cool and calm.
* This reading was later clarified with Queen of Wands, Alchemist (Temperance card in this deck) and Queen of Pentacles:
All lovely ladies who know how to temper a variety of energies in order to build wonderful worlds around them. The smaller energies of pages and knights have great potential to build goodness on a larger scale.


🔸 Sun, Ace of Wands reversed fell out on top of it and the World face down beside it:
Just happy to be. No need to initiate or coordinate anything. An ending is occurring somewhere in Libra's world, perhaps not directly happening within the self.
🔹 Moon reversed:
Do not keep secrets or bottled up emotions. Shed light on things, but do not make any new starts.


🔸 7 of Cups clarified by 9 of Wands and Ace of Pentacles reversed:
What to pick, who to trust? So many options it can be difficult to know how to move forward. "Doesn't want to pick one." Your guard is up in order to keep out any unstable energies.
🔹 Moon reversed clarified by  Alchemist (the Temperance card in this deck) and the Magician:
Be honest about your feelings, do not lead anyone on in any way, be clear and decisive. You have all you need to create the world around you to your desired preferences ~remember this when feeling confused about taking the next step.

♐️ Sagittarius

🔸 Page of Wands clarified by 5 of Pentacles reversed and the World with 4 of Pentacles:
Setting out fresh on a new journey for the soul, yet hanging onto an ending. "Conflict resolution"
🔹Wheel clarified by Hermit reversed:
There is a natural timing or progression to all we experience in human life. Close out that which has ended, but do not retreat away from others, bottling up feelings and hiding your experience. Sharing your realizations helps to see the big picture with fresh eyes.


🔸 2 of Cups clarified by 3 of Wands:
"awwwww" (in a sweet and lovely tone) a like-hearted connection. A delightful energy falls upon you as you anticipate travel and new adventures with like minded people.
🔹 3 of Pentacles clarified by Ace of Cups, Devil, Queen of Swords, and 7 of cups: Work with them, lay a solid foundation, participate in the community with a loved one. The clarifying cards seem to represent a person who is normally decisive being a little confused by options. The notion of hotly desired sexual activity was present.


🔸Tower, 3 of Pentacles reversed clarified by Wheel reversed:
Another striking epiphany for Aquarius to change its course. There seems to be an ongoing theme of going it alone or working with individuals rather than groups. There is a tendency towards difficulties setting a solid foundation and work with groups or organizations is not cohesive this month.
🔹 Ace of Pentacles clarified by 6 of Swords, Knight of Pentacles reversed and 5 of Cups reversed:
Again the advice is that an offer is solid to work on your own or with individuals as others. Move on to calmer waters, away from those who do not come through for you-and do not spend time feeling down about it.


🔸 Page if Wands (flipped face up onto my hand) Ace of Pentacles:
Setting out~perhaps on a quest. A fresh, solid journey is at hand and you have all it takes to do it right. An offer made or taken is a good one.
🔹 3 of Pentacles reversed (flipped face up into the mix of the deck): 3rd party situations are a no go. Working with others does not bring the forward momentum you are already starting to achieve on your own this month.

Generic Image of Tarot Cards

Monthly Tarot Reading December 2021

*The first card out this month reviled itself as a past energy and as the readings went on it became clear the cards for December were showing the year in review for each sign. Rather than ruminating on past energies it seemed to show how the concepts are still at play and the ways in which each sign has been working with them for positive forward growth. The only constant is change. May your days be merry and bright! 🌟


2 of Swords, 9 of Swords, Devil & 3 of Swords reversed together

You may have come eye to eye with a situation you've felt caught in for some time. If a decision has not yet been made, the time is at hand to do so. Relaxation techniques to reduce any tightness compressing your mental state will allow for a closer look in a more objective way, making right and wrong more obvious and easier to untangle. Choose the path of least pain for all concerned. We are all here making mistakes and improvements~all's well that ends well. ❤️


5 of Cups & 7 of Cups reversed together, Hierophant, King of Pentacles reversed , Strength

Taurus is more prone to giving advice than reveling their own quandaries, yet it seems you've confided in another some of the emotional unrest you've been feeling around your desire for stability. You are not confused and do not want any confusion coming your way. You understand the norms of cultural society and the personal power that develops from solid connections where each is uplifted. The universe/God/guides/etc acknowledge your steadfast ways, hear your request, and ask that you to hold tight~especially if this pertains to a masculine partner who isn't exhibiting stability. You could be feeling lack yourself, however, the King of Pentacles reversed is coming through as a specific person-one who does not seem to have it together and makes no action, while Taurus feels more solid and capable of flourishing. Keep on doing you~justice is at your side. 🔰


8 of Swords reversed, 1 of Wands & 6 of Swords reversed together

8 of Swords reversed told of the past; showed the cage door being opened and the (overactive monkey) mind being freed which has brought you to an active state of initiating with energy so solid it sticks this time. I heard the words "You don't have to go back" and "No more midnight voyage". Your radiance shines out in all directions so grip the wheel tight and go full throttle-flightiness has flown the coop and the energy feels quick and accurate. 🌏🔥🌬💧


The Tower reversed, The Hierophant & King of Pentacles together

Tragedy narrowly averted. Standing on solid ground.
Helpful advice given/taken.
Some rather big energies have come to pass and a new path has opened. (Glittering yellow brick road) The Hierophant pointed out karmic confusion around family issues of societally accepted norms and cultural expectations, calling attention to what information is to be kept safe guarded and what is meant to be shared. If family is not involved, all of this may have developed as an internal struggle. The King of Pentacles is coming across as a particular person and it could be that you are exhibiting those steadfast qualities yourself. Cancer and Earth sign masculines are super solid at this time~hands on the wheel or in the dirt. 🏠🌲

LEO ♌️

The Hanged One, The Sun, 3 of Pentacles

On the bright side. After contemplation on the roots of issues, (as humans experience them) a sort of gentle, lovely sacrifice, or surrender of the grip one may have on their own spirit, was made. All that abides by the law of one (do no harm) was allowed to assist and take the wheel. A brilliant new day dawns where cooperation and team spirt are fun and life is colorful, creative, and built on solid foundations. Now is a great time for Leo to set an example on this planet by simply being their good 'ol sunny self. 🌈🌤🌿🌺


Queen of Swords, then 1 of Cups reversed, 1 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords & 9 of Cups together

Ahh the good old Queen of Swords~discerning, forthright, steadfast in truth and quick to cut to the heart of the matter. It may be in her nature to see through the lense of stability before love, but an essential new perspective presented itself and an internal decision was made to Be the love. A hard look in the mirror, whether through an actual mirror or through the actions of another, leads to creating that ~warm, fuzzy, all is blissfully well in the world~ feeling for yourself. Incoming energies are met with loveliness and the same kindness is returned. A new and softer day is dawning⚔️🌅💗 LIBRA ♎️
The World & 10 of Cups reversed, 1 of Pentacles

While a sweeping ending of a major life cycle was underway, momentum was building for your come back. Perhaps all that glittered was not gold in a heartfelt connection that spanned some time. Though a disappointment, it doesn't seem catastrophic and you come out solid, shining like a star; living your intention of constructing your new path properly. Stay the course, you're in for a win. 🏵


5 of Swords, 7 of Cups & 5 of Cups reversed together

A more positive internal and emotional path is being developed after coming out of conflict and confusion. I heard "shot through the heart." Situations of mirroring darkness and light allow for a greater understanding of the human experience and can be helpful in dismissing that which is not desirable for your life's path. These energies seemed to be culminating now rather than throughout the year. You have serious strength of character and staying on the sunny side of life makes a difference as the Scorpion transitions to the Eagle, accurately developing long range sight.☀️🦅

Sagittarius ♐️

The Hermit, 3 of Cups reversed, then 5 of Wands reversed, 4 of Wands reversed & 6 of Swords reversed together

This year has been an internal journey of seeking the light away from the external world. You weren't putting out feelers to attract others to you.  Perhaps being out in public wasn't as enjoyable as it once was or you were feeling the lack of a core group of besties at your sides. Allowing yourself quiet contemplation continues to assist you in seeing what is to be celebrated in life and what is disruptive and should be dismissed. I heard "Never going back again" and "free your mind and the rest will follow". ✨


1 of Wands & Princess of Pentacles together sideways, The Star & 10 of Cups reversed together

At the brink of stability, it can be a daunting challenge to dip your toes into new human experiences. (I saw a bottle rocket fly off sideway.) Know that God's universe is all a flutter, quietly cheering you on. The 10 of Cups reversed seems sequential~that the healing of the Star must run its course before the deep, long heartfelt connection becomes an upright, abundant, actualized energy. You are at the presuppose of greatness and Capricorn understands the benefits of following through. 🌿🌈🌺


1 of Pentacles & Temperance together, Princess of Pentacles

A new grounding for a new kind of grounded~ Perhaps you've seen firsthand that oil and water do not mix. You have the ability to blend that which does not do so easily. The Princess of Pentacles knows the easing of energies is a patient endeavor that helps secure a sturdy start on the new path forward. Upright and stable, you progress solidly. I heard the song "solid as a rock". They have seen your shining star and know of your soothing ways. I heard the song "shining star for for you to see". Temperance asks you to use your abilities to assist others in softening, blending with each other, and playing nice. Let them see you flourishing in the abundance surrounding you. 🪴🤗🍊🎵


4 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles & King of Cups together (all 3 cards have the cosmos in the background)

As the 4 of Pentacles was laid down I heard "lets hang on to what we've got, it doesn't make a difference if we've got a lot". Broadening your horizons leads to doing what is right with nature, building with conscious equity, and finding a steady ebb and flow with your cosmic waters. The King of Cups is most likely you, in any case  anyone involved is even keel in  emotions, giving and receiving, putting forth and attracting solid, loving, fair goodness. I heard "the offer is genuine".🎆