So the past month or so I’ve gotten so many calls, emails, and text concerning this subject of free floating anxiety. No one can pin point what it is that they are anxious about or why the uneasiness of it all.  So, being a human myself I too was living through it. I found myself meditating, exercising, eating well and praying a lot more than usual.  Then the realization that with the increase of times spent within really wasn’t sustaining me. The only time I am aware of the anxiety being gone, is when I am with other people. As soon as I am left with my own thoughts, in my own world, bingo the anxiety ramps up and I become quiet uncomfortable once again.  So, last night while in deep meditation, i was given the reason for all of this anxiety.

Laura, the time has come that the energy of the earth is going to increase and go faster than ever before.  During this transition you will feel tired, anxious, fearful of something not being right within yourselves. Also an increase in frustration and anger. One must be totally aware at all times to conduct themselves in a manner that will not exasperate the situation, but bring it into a recognizable understanding.  The more that the earth increases its energy the more expansive the humane will become.

Expansive? What in the world is expansive?

It is the light that shines within us all, our vibration, frequency, or our essence.  It’s not seen with the naked eye or even felt with a hand. It is the energy from our heart that people subconsciously see and feel from us. We are expansive beings and can become small as an atom and dark as night or as expansive as we want to outside of ourselves and as large as the universe itself which

we all understand is limitless and full of a beautiful white light.  It’s an increase within that expands and surrounds our human bodies, or can also lay within and hasn’t yet expanded out.  It’s easier to explain on paper to draw this concept than to explain it with words. But, none the less, this is what is causing all of this increased anxiety. People are being forced to deal with the uncomfortable truths about their lives in order for the expansion to happen with ease or more ease. So what isn’t working in our lives will fall away. You will quit the job you hate, or move out of the house and from a marriage that isn’t working. On the other hand you may expand in a job that is your passion and you may find our true love within us and then attracting that perfect mate into our arms. It can go which ever way you need it to go. Karma is being burned off in profound and increasingly faster ways. More and more people have no karma left and are working now on dharma.  Within this transition is a heavy feeling, and a movement within that can’t be contained such as shaking legs, moving our bodies or doing something all the time.  Staying up late, waking earlier than normal and being tired no matter how much sleep you get. It can be aggravating to only be able to sleep in 1/2 hour increments.  I have so much energy that as I sit in my chair my body is moving back and forth due to the increased levels of energy on our planet as a whole.  This energy I would get when meditating with large number of people is now happening when I am alone.  Walks in nature normally a calming practice, this energy only gets increased within my body.  I was told last night that this energy is only going to increase as our consciousness increases and our energy patterns with our bodies also increases. Please meditate on expanding your energy outside your body, and making a huge ball of light surrounding and expanding outside of yourself.  This is what helps to expand and show the body it doesn’t need to be contained within this shell of a body.  Eventually we will all be more expansive and less contained within this shell.

I wish you all peace, love and harmony within your lives. Until we meet again, be well and expand.