So life is a series of changes. As I had this past week, a day where I cried all morning feeling helpless and hopeless. Life was piling up all around me. I tried to contain myself during some major life decisions.  Sometimes the answers lay in the letting go of what we think is right, and what we feel we can achieve. Life isn’t always this controlled, this is how it will go… and that is how I am going to achieve that.  Sometimes we need to reach out and ask for prayers, so that we may see a different way.

I believe now, that when we take a moment to self reflect on our life and ask for help when we truly are in need, real changes happen, real healing and amazing things start to happen. Opening up and being vulnerable and asking for help isn’t always easy, but I found out that when I do amazingly beautiful things happen. Things that can’t without the help of our friends and family and God.

This past week I had an overwhelming response to a day when I felt lost, out of control and helpless. Indeed when I look back, it had been building for weeks. I wasn’t sleeping but maybe a couple of hours at a time, my stress levels was at an all time high, and God was literally piling major life decisions on my plate, in huge piles, one after another after another after another.  I had a lot to decide in a short period of time. Major life decisions. Things that affect other peoples lives and I was praying that I was making the right decisions for all involved for the highest good and the highest vibrations for all involved. It’s a lot of pressure to put on one person, all at once. One of these was enough to make some people crumble. I had piles of them.

I reached out and asked for real help, which to me is prayers for clarity.  All of those responses helped me in ways that were beyond measure.  I thank the Universe, all of those beautiful people. I truly am blessed, and grateful for the healing that has taken place. My truck is fixed, my house issues are resolved, and decisions have been made, and my family and friends responses were so helpful and integral in my ability to respond and react in a positive healthy manner, that is moving me in a direction that I feel safe and secure in. Prayers and self reflection brings on healing and love and an ability to then make appropriate decisions.

Being vulnerable and reaching out to others for help isn’t always easy, its humbling and one looks at oneself in a way that I can not do this on my own, I needed help.  I reached out, I let go of the thought , “Oh I can handle this on my own!” and I received such healing prayers. It was amazing. Also. from people I never thought would care. The ones you think will respond are not the ones that do. It was really a check in who has your back. Most of my family didn’t respond, not saying that they didn’t pray for me, or do other things, it was just a surprise. of course they wouldn’t reach out either, so that makes since. Where was I taught not to ask for help, but to do it on your own, take care of your own stuff? This makes sense. It wasn’t easy becoming vulnerable, but it truly takes strength to go down on your knees, and humbly, fearfully ask for help.

I will share, that through my vulnerability and my letting go, I received more in one day, than I have given in a year. It makes me step back and analyze where and what I am doing with my own life.  Giving of ones self isn’t always the way we think it is, or how I was seeing it. Its more. I have so much to give.  Compassion and love. I will start with that.  This is something that shifted in me during this past week. I am stronger than I thought, and I have a whole lot more to give of myself. Selflessly and with lots of love.  Thank you for this beautiful lesson, I am humbly grateful and thankful beyond measure.  This was truly life changing.

Blessing to all who’s eyes have read these words.

-Laura Kuhl

Madison-based psychic and medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic as well as a Level 1, 2 and 3 Reconnective Practitioner

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