A dear man left this world and behind him he left a trail of wonderment, love and joy.  He was “The Wizard” to me.  The man behind the curtain was far too small for what I saw in him.  His soul and his energy were huge, intense, strong, humble and amazingly beautiful.  He opened up a world to me that had been on all accounts had been destroyed by human kind.  A life long journey of self hatred, addiction, over eating, closed heart, outside myself and illness.  Then, I met him and he took his soul and his beautiful energy and moment by moment, little by little changed my awareness, my perspective and my journey in this life. He opened up doors that had long ago been shut down….thrown away, discarded by the very soul it was trying to save.  He showed me how beautiful life is, how amazingly wonderful it is, he opened my eyes, my heart and my mind.  He took me down rabbit holes, and spun my mind into a new and wonderful position…..He was simply amazing.  He was beautiful. He was brilliant. He was a Wizard, if ever a wizard was.

His life was far too short, his life taken much, much to early.  His death dropped me to my knees in utter disbelief.  He was far too large in life to actually die.  He was far too important to go. I didn’t get to say good bye or tell him how important he was to me or how loved he was.  To never feel him again was far too sad of a thought.  I mourned the loss of the Wizard….as I did, a great thing happened in a moment of utter loss. I felt him and his beautiful energy and heard him say it was my time and I am going to help you now far more than I ever could in life.  I stopped and thought, “This is Love.” Never changing, never dying, only more brilliant, more amazingly beautiful and truly the cosmic energy that fits his soul.  His soul is beautiful, it is here and it lives on forever, in my heart, through my actions, my love, my joy and my experiences of life, he will live on within me and the many others that he helped, saved, changed.

I cannot honor this man more than to love my own life and live my

life to the fullest.  To go about serving others with out EGO, without arrogance, through all of the nay sayers and disbelievers.  They too will someday understand that this life is about Loving one another, trying to figure it out moment by moment.  If you are lucky as I have been a Wizard will be your teacher, your life changer and go deeply within your soul and change your life forever more.

Thank you David Hassert for being my Wizard and forever changing my life. I honor you in this moment and I love you.

Godspeed my friend….

In deepest gratitude and love,

Laura Kuhl