🪴 Herbiary Oracle card

🍦What’s the scoop? 2 main energies flavoring your world

⚙️ The nuts, bolts, gears & brakes. Behind the scenes realities and inner workings

🎯 Spirit shows where to point your arrow for assured success

* Side notes: There are rather large energies all around this month~big endings, lots of people and major arcana cards


♈️ ARIES ♈️

What is injustice?
🪴 Apple: Forbidden Fruit

🍦 1) Justice reversed, 2 of Cups: The 2 of Cups is upright indicating the relationship between the two is an upright one of heartfelt reciprocity. The injustice is coming from outside that connection.

2) 3 of Wands reversed, 9 of Wands: “Whelp, I’m done waiting. I’m cutting this bleep down.” “You have done your due diligence.” Aries has had enough.

⚙️ Queen of Cups, King of Swords with 6 of Pentacles & 2 of Pentacles: The Queen of Cups displays a lovely, nurturing energy. This King of Swords comes with a little baggage. He may preach about fairness and stability from the understanding of what instability is like and how he has come to be fair as he defends what is just.

10 of Swords reversed with Page of Cups, Wheel reversed, 4 of Wands with Ace of Cups: One good thing about the 10 of Swords is that no matter how painful the ending was, it’s over. The “Super juvenile” energies of the Page of Cups being careless with hearts and intuition may linger, but they are not being tolerated. What comes off as a negative twist of fate does not seem to have any hold on your progress. After the dust settles, you are solid and bright, enthusiastically displaying a cup of love. (If lemons were thrown at you the next day you would hold a lemon festival.) Remarkable recovery Aries!

🎯 Hermit reversed, 5 of Swords reversed, Sun reversed, 5 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords: It is not time to sit and think, that has been done. It is time to face the world, turning knowledge into wisdom by putting it into action in the physical world. Stay away from arguments, conflict, and drama.
There is no need to put on a happy face for the world when you’re not feeling it. “Walk away~even if the road seems a bit crunchy~it will smooth out soon enough.” There is no need to be part of it or to feel left out. Mind the health of your body temple. The first card out was Justice reversed & the last card out was the 7 of Swords~ someone continues to be a dirty dealer.
Cards at the bottom and top of the deck indicate too many cooks in the kitchen.


♉️ TAURUS ♉️

“False start!”
(In the voice of a video game announcer.)
🪴Reishi: Defying Gravity

🍦 1) Magician reversed and Fool reversed: Tricky. “No action taken.” Not being in full understanding of the actuality of the situation, some backtracking may have to be done to get out of doing something that isn’t on the up and up. The hand on the Magician’s desk said “Stop. I see you.”

2) 10 of Wands reversed with Empress reversed, Hanged Man with King of Wands: In a momentary pause The King is seeing the Empress in a whole new light and is not standing for any ungrounded actions. As the cards are laid out, he points to the 10 of Wands reversed, seemingly saying get out, knowing he is the only person of upright actions here.

⚙️ 2 of Pentacles reversed with Knight of Wands reversed and Knight of Pentacles reversed: Well, the elephant in the room is the not so upright Empress juggling the 2 not so upright, younger Knights. “Let me tell you a little somethin’ somethin’ about a Taurus: they’re not going to handle any flip flopping with their stability~I don’t care if it’s their money or their home…They are not having it.”
Though this one is a no go, Taurus shows Strength or grace under pressure where others show bad judgment.

🎯 2 of Pentacles, King of Swords: “Try before you buy.” For example, when deciding between career paths, try doing the actual daily work that career will have to offer. Find where stability meets you eye to eye. Channel the King of Swords energy of one who knows when to cut something off and communicates in an honest, decisive, and forthright manner about different ways of building solid foundations.

The feeling of ~Uh oh, what did I almost just step in?~ was present through Taurus’ reading.


♊️ GEMINI ♊️

Self Love
🪴 Hawthorn: Heart’s Home

🍦1) 8 of Wands, 9 of Swords reversed: “Runnin your mouth.”
Communication going off like streamers of lights from stadium fireworks~most likely about getting out of the mental vice grip of sleepless ruminating.

2) Queen of Pentacles reversed (likely this person’s Sun, Moon or Ascendant is Earth), Queen of Swords (Air~Gemini): The Queen of Swords qis the only upright person here. All the others are functioning from the shadows. (Earth signs not showing stability for example.) The queen of Swords, in the end must speak the truth, possibly cutting people or ways of thinking or communicating etc off.

* Strong, marriage ending 3rd party energies are present for someone who is seeing this~I assume it will resonate deeply and you will know if it pertains to you.*
3 cards of clarification were drawn for both queens:
Queen of Pentacles reversed- The World with 10 of Cups and Hanged Man: An unstable feminine is developing a new perspective on the experience of ending a permanent fulfilling relationship.
Queen of Swords- 2 of Pentacles reversed with Knight of Pentacles reversed and 10 of Wands reversed: A logical, truth dropping feminine not seeing eye to eye with a masculine of no action trying to balance out their instabilities and endings.

⚙️ 6 of Cups reversed, Empress reversed: Getting up out and over old memories that seemed enjoyable at the time, but in hindsight were actually not on anyone’s highest path. Shedding feelings of inadequacy and/or others who’ve caused you to feel less than the Empress you are. Ending a long standing friendship with someone who acted less than gracefully is possible.

Ace of Wands with 8 of Swords reversed, Judgement, 3 of Swords reversed, Page of Swords reversed, Hierophant reversed (fell out together):
On the Ace I heard “cock rocket”. Leaving behind mental jabs of others and overthinking what good judgment is, who shows it and who does not,  helps loosen Swords out of a wounded heart so that one is able to see clearly again. No longer speaking with one who wasn’t able to conduct an upright marriage within the norms of society may also help that Ace of wands energy be all yours~initiating a vibrant new start without the memory of the naughty words I first heard on the Ace of Wands being attached to it. The Judgement card is #20 (ending the entire journey of the fool through the deck is The World #21) indicating the recognition of the end of large karmic cycles. It can also point out possible reconciliation~in this case it seems to be related to releasing pain within. There are at least 5 cards of endings on the table.

🎯 10 of Swords reversed: It is perfectly fine to have one long last look at a situation in order to move through any pain rather than holding it. Then, move on to the next logical step with a freed mind. Be truly done: release the mental chaos out of your being and bury it in the earth to be transmuted. Put your feet in the dirt and grass as often as you can.

*Before cards flew out of the deck, whirling in the air, the feeling was light~like singing a song along the way. This is releasable, the time is at hand, and you are able. * 💗


♋️ CANCER ♋️

Let it ride.
(Words heard sung when the Wheel card appeared)
🪴 Lady’s Mantle: Fortitude

* A workplace or generational family matter storyline is presented here. Many people and major arcana cards~big energy at hand.*

🍦 1 & 2) 6 of Swords, 9 of Swords. Clarifying them~Knight of Pentacles and King of Wands: As the cards are laid out it appears the Knight of Pentacles (younger/earth sign/employee) is looking back at the King of Wands (older/fire sign/boss/dad) who seems to be saying you’d better leave as he points to the 6 of Swords (a boat setting off for calmer waters). Above the boss’ head is the 9 of Swords (serious mental distress) and over the youth/employee’s mind is the 6 of Swords (moving away to seek less stress).

⚙️ Chariot reversed with 9 of Pentacles, Emperor, Justice reversed, Page of Pentacles, Knight of Swords. Something came to a stop or was going nowhere to begin with. Someone single and thriving (a manager/relative) seeking brownie points, with the Emperor (owner/grandfather/absolute head) causes an injustice. The people are upright beings. The injustice is that someone has to walk away and may regret what they said.

🎯 The Wheel clarified by Knight of Cups reversed, Tower, Priestess, 8 of Pentacles, Hanged Man, 3 of Cups reversed: Take a deep breath and let the karmic wheel spin. As you leave behind those who are insincere while the maze of the structure crumbles, use intuition to keep your cards and money close to your chest. Perhaps you now think differently about who and how you share fun times and stories from the heart with.


♌️ LEO ♌️

“Should I stay or should I go?”
(Please have a look at the Lyrics of the Clash song of that title-the entire song was playing in my head.)
🪴 California Poppy: Resurrection

🍦1) Sun reversed: Not feeling like their usual bright, sunny self in public, Leo has “turned their lamp down low”.

2) Hanged Man: A pause is taken to access things from all angles and develop a wider range of perspectives.

⚙️ Moon, 9 of Wands reversed with Queen of Wands and 4 of Cups reversed: The moon is out, emotions run deep and things are a bit obscured in the moonlight. Hiding in the recesses of Leo (Queen of Wands) is a person who is darn tired of keeping up appearances and radiating their full force, colorful, glorious self while coming away from bearing their sorrows quietly to themselves.

*Up to this point the reading has been very internal. I asked about outside influences.*

Knight of Pentacles, 10 of Swords reversed, 6 of Swords, 9 of Pentacles, 3 of Cups reversed, The Fool reversed: The Knight rode in looking for stability but is now over all of it and is mentally moving on to making that money, forgetting about social events, and not participating in new journeys.

🎯 King of Pentacles with 9 of Cups reversed: The Knight of Pentacles is the only Knight guaranteed to become King. And here he is-an upright man with a box of treasures in hand- yet will not bring wish fulfillment.

King of Cups with Hierophant reversed and Page of Cups: A fun, loving, spiritual match is out there~possibly out of the conventional norms of society. (An age difference is possible.) Be in control of your emotions, intuition, and loving nature, and be honest in your care of others. Do not forget the wonder and childlike fascination for this existence.

*Bottom of the deck (What you don’t see coming) Empress with Emperor: A true pair. A Grand true match.


♍️ VIRGO ♍️

Full Stop/Full Start
(A miraculous recovery)
🪴 Lavender: Tough Love

🍦1 & 2) Chariot reversed, Ace of Cups clarified by King of Swords, Emperor with 9 of Wands: There is a full start/full stop between the King and Emperor. Both look ready to cut the other off~one has a shaper tongue and the other looks crazed. As the Chariot came out I heard “off the rails”. (I’ll come back around to the Ace of Cups at the end.)

⚙️ 10 of Wands reversed, Star with 8 of Wands and Page of Swords reversed: “Is it over?” ~because I’m laying this burden down. A pure straight connection to the goodness of all is made and a reset happens. Healing comes in the form of solid back and forth communication. One may have to hear things they don’t want to hear… but, have a look at this outcome.

10 of Pentacles with 2 of Cups: …that is a Beautiful way to end a read! The full meal deal of love. But wait, there’s more-The Ace of Cups-A fresh fulfilling start. Virgo moves from Chariot reversed (No) into the Ace of Cups (Oh yes) this month. The connection is great in every way. Congratulations!

🎯Temperance reversed, Priestess: Do not attempt to blend things that naturally don’t mix well. Don’t stir the pot. Know when to hold back and when to remain silent. Use intuition as to when ~just don’t go there~ applies.


♎️ LIBRA ♎️

“Well, that took a turn.”
🪴Quaking Aspen: We Are One

🍦1) 2 of Cups: There is a very real upright, heartfelt connection.

2) Wheel: “Your time is gonna come…” Led Zeppelin. The end of the Fool’s journey has come and it’s time for karma to give the big Wheel of Fortune a spin. Libra may not be seeing movement or may feel that the fickle finger of fate is a bit twisted. In any case, change is inevitable.

⚙️ Page of Swords with 2 of Swords: Someone communicates about a mental crossroads and a possible decision being made. It may be in writing and it may be pointful.

9 of Cups reversed with Tower and 8 of Pentacles reversed: Perhaps the decision communicates “this is not my wish fulfillment”, there may be chaos to deal with, but I cannot go on this way. Rearrangements may have to be made, someone may be left holding a bag of bills, etc,

*The final cards in this reading were so striking I asked for clarification of the situation.*

8 of Swords reversed with 3 of Wands reversed, 6 of Wands: Out of an exhausted head space with no time to waste, you ride towards victory.

10 of Swords reversed with 7 of Swords: Completely over with hiding things. A fresh start, out in the open is wanted.

🎯 Emperor with Moon reversed and Empress: Whoa… that’s powerful -not something you see every day. This is a match of the highest order. They have each been kings and queens of all four elements (earth, fire, air, and water) previous to being the Emperor and Empress. What struck me is that he is no longer hiding her-the moon shadows are reversed and light is being shone upon the couple. This is why I asked for clarification- the 10 of Swords reversed with 7 of Swords certainly reiterates they are no longer sneaking. That is one heck of a power couple!



Toward a new direction
🪴Apple: Forbidden Fruit

🍦1) 10 of Pentacles: What a fantastic start-at the pinnacle-the house, wife, kids, pets, picket fence… whatever floats Scorpio’s boat~all stable things one desires and has manifested laid at their feet. You have earned it.

2) 8 of Wands reversed: A very different energy than the 10 of Pentacles~here is isolation, no communication, no forward movement.

⚙️ 10 of Swords reversed, Temperance reversed, King of Swords reversed, 2 of Cups reversed: Wow, deep breath~ that is heavy. The end-no more pain. Things not blending smoothly, not being patient enough to feel the connection with the natural flow of the universe, unease is in the air, harsh words are said, and the heartfelt connection is no longer felt.

Tower reversed with Fool clarified by 6 of Wands: It’s not so bad~this new start. The tower moment, when it all came crashing down, was actually a blessing in disguise. Scorpio is ready for all things new and feels the call to take the first step towards future victories.

🎯 Knight of Cups, Page of Swords, 7 of Swords reversed: Enter with kindness and a fresh heart for new things to come, offer apologies where needed, be plain and simple with words. It is of Scorpio’s benefit to be open rather than to hide thoughts and emotions. Enjoy.



Bonding with those who
reciprocate your love.
🪴Lavender: Tough Love

🍦1) Hanged Man: Every little occurrence seems to have you thinking~seeing things differently. This reexamination of incoming information allows for more sensible and logical connections.

2) Page of wands reversed with World and 4 of Pentacles reversed, the Page is clarified by 3 of Cups reversed: Leaving behind needy, fair weather friends who don’t necessarily return favors also helps you leave in and out energies of your own behind. The Page of Wands can be a bit juvenile and reckless with energies and offers-in reverse he can be sassy. The good news is that energy is being done away with permanently. The World is the final card of the entire deck~a major ending of karmic cycles, and it’s backed by the 4 of Pentacles, reiterating the same. “Déjalo” Spanish-Let go, drop it, set it down and walk away-from anything that really doesn’t bring stability and genuine caring.

⚙️ Lovers, 6 of Pentacles: Well… that is gorgeous! Full reciprocity, a balanced love life and wallet, fairness from the foundation on up through the chakras. Sagittarius is making solid choices and experiencing “good lovin”. Now that’s the sparkling energy of the “lucky Sagittarius”.

🎯 Queen of Cups: Lead with love. She holds her heart out in front of her for all to see and experience, thereby showing others the right way by simply being Sagittarius’ life-loving self.

* The Devil was at the bottom of the deck, indicating what you don’t see coming. The Devil is always right around the corner for everyone. The Devil can be anything that draws us to that which we know is not for our highest good. Your ability to ignore the Devil is strong this month and you come out winning.*



Weighing it up
🪴Valerian: Release Rigidity

🍦1) 7 of Pentacles: “Weighing things up.” A slight pause is taken to calculate your next best moves. You’ve come far building certain stabilities you can fall back on. Will the path you’ve been walking pay off? Your coins are upright and it does seem so, because the next card shows you getting up and doing something about it.

2) 4 of Swords reversed: After taking some time for a good rest and a long think, it is time to get up and take action. You realize it’s not time to be lackadaisical now.

⚙️ Queen of Wands reversed, Death reversed, 2 of Wands, Justice: Though this could signify there isn’t much energy available to put oneself forth, a certain ending is avoided. It seems the Queen of Wands reversed is a person Capricorn does not want to see an ending with even after harsh energy was thrown. In this deck the 2 of Wands are energies ready to shoot off in different directions. Meeting another on common ground brings Justice, fairness, and a further assessment of the entire spin of the karmic wheel. (Justice, master #11, cannot be knocked off its path easily. It comes after the Wheel, #10, an ending only meant for a new beginning.)

* What happens then?*
Knight of Wands with the Devil: Well then… I have to mention that a one night stand is possible because that combination can be downright super hot sex-and that vibe present here. The Knight of Wands rushes in, ready. The Devil can represent anything at all that attracts one to that which they know is a bit on the naughty side of the tracks.

* Clarification of this particular Devil*
King of Swords and 5 of Wands reversed: If this does indicate a sexual encounter for the Knight of Wands, the other party is the King of Swords. Thank goodness both are upright in their actions, also indicating the naughtiness of the Devil isn’t harmful to the structure of their beings. The King of Swords is always ready to cut off any nonsense, but here he softens a bit, saying “don’t wanna fight no more” (Alabama Shakes voice?).

🎯 Star: A magnificent energy to be sitting in. Feel the connection to all, absorb the healing God’s universe is always wishing to bestow upon humans. See the truth of your devine sovereign being and accept help from your guides.
Chakra meditations and music may be rather enjoyable.

*Guidance on the connection presented here*
2 of Pentacles, 7 of Swords reversed, 9 of Cups reversed: Look the instability in the eye and find the middle ground. Do not hide thoughts-the Star is also a card of revealing your real self. Do not lie to yourself or others-let there be no trickiness to revealing that which does not fulfill you. Sometimes it isn’t enough to say what you want. What you don’t want also needs to be addressed.



Prize straight forward thinking
🪴Star Flower: Finding Grace

🍦1) Queen of Swords reversed: Someone is mad, and not just a little bit. She has likely cut people and things away in a willful, hasty manner without control of a sharp tongue. Thinking may not be clear. The energy is not enjoyable.

2) 10 of Swords sideways: Here we see the intended final throwing away of all things painful. There may be difficulty with an inconclusive conclusion or with ending a cycle that is not quite over yet. After that,  the new beginning for Aquarius starts with the Sword of truth.

⚙️ Ace of Wands reversed, 2 of Cups reversed, 10 of Cups:
That energy must really be tugging on your heart strings. With no energy for new initiatives, and no longer feeling like the two of you are a good match, the feeling is low and slow. But what’s this? You are  holding the 10 of Cups, total emotional fulfillment-its sitting right in front of you! It’s upright.

*Who is the other party?*
Knight of Pentacles reversed: someone who is at a full stop because they don’t think they have anything solid to offer.

*What step does Aquarius take next?*
6 of Swords: Mentally and physically moving on in search of calmer waters. Quietly slipping away in the night.

🎯 Ace of Swords reversed: Mental confusion is present. Do not lie or stretch the truth. You could be witnessing a confused person lie. It can be difficult knowing what to offer when and to whom, how to build solidly, or when to remain quiet. It may not yet be time for the new beginning-the 10 of Swords sideways lets us know its coming, but the new start comes when the Ace, or Sword of truth, is upright.

Star with 2 of Pentacles: Please have a look at the guidance for Capricorn. The Star is a full connection with the universe, bearing one’s soul to be guided and healed. How? By way of the 2 of Pentacles-looking the situation in the eye to find balance. Too much juggling brings instability. Pick a path for your healing.


♓️ PISCES ♓️

Is there a way to move forward?
🪴Trillium: Spirit Into Matter

🍦1) 2 of Swords reversed: There is confusion at a mental crossroads and a “bass-ackwards” decision may be made. Distorted thinking, in ways opposite of what works in reality, likely led to the next card.

2) Page of Pentacles reversed: Pisces may not be seeing the way forward, feeling one has nothing for oneself let alone anything to offer others.

*It could be that Pisces is watching this happen around them, rather than experiencing it directly.*

⚙️ Empress with 5 of Swords, 7 of Pentacles, 8 of Wands, Queen of Swords reversed, Sun reversed: Pisces was sitting pretty-flourishing. Perhaps others saw this and had to put their two cents in. The Empress is quite capable of fending off the mental Swords of others and protecting herself in the crossfire. While counting stacks of coins and assessing whether the security is worth sticking around for, it seems Pisces bombarded the Queen of Swords with information, overwhelming and distressing her ears and causing the Queen to lash out unfavorably, cutting you off. “Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” sings the Sun reversed.

🎯 5 of Wands reversed: Do not seek revenge. I heard “Don’t burn the house down.” Find other ways to blow off steam. Stay out of arguments and don’t act rashly.  Allow others to do as they please without becoming entangled.

6 of Cups with Death reversed: The memories made with this person bring warmth to your heart. It isn’t over till it’s over-further reiterating not to burn any bridges. A full transition has not been made yet~there is some inner karmic work left. Remember you can make happy memories anywhere you go.

*On the bottom of the deck or what you don’t see coming*
Ace of Cups: A genuine offer of love. Even if it’s offered in the pouring rain, the cup is full of good lovin’ emotion.