🌞🌺🔮August 2022🔮🌺🌞

It is recommended that one read their Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (the big 3) to develop a fuller picture of the energies at hand.

🌞 SUN: Outward being, what is being presented to the world and how the world projects your energy back to you.

↖️ ASCENDANT: The (magnetic) effect of what is rising on the horizon at the time and place of birth, psychological motivation, what one truly wants to DO in life, the you that comes out when friends are around, the physical body, etc.

🌙 MOON: The level and tone of what one has available to give and needs to receive Intuitively, emotionally, instinctually, etc., the “feels” of deeper waters.

🌎 Pentacles: earthly realm, money, health, slow stable building

💧Cups: waters of the soul, love and care, intuition and instinct

🔥 Wands: fire, enthusiasm, upholding and moving the spark of energy

🌬 Swords: air cuts quickly to the heart of the matter, mental activity, communication

* When presenting information in the terms of he or she, it is in regard to someone experiencing and exhibiting the masculine or feminine qualities of that character~it does not have to do with one’s sex organs.

This month I asked for messages to come through one card for each sign from these 4 decks.
⭐️ Star Tarot
💀 Santa Muerte Tarot
🧿 Uncommon Tarot
🐴 John Bauer Tarot

Spirit (God, guides, higher selves, and all that assist in delivering messages such as the divine that abide by the law of one-do no harm) seemed to be delivering stronger wording than usual for August~some of which I replaced with the word bleep. (Please don’t shoot the messenger. 😉)


⭐️ Ace of Cups reversed: If it seems to be that waters are flowing backwards this month, chakra work and chakra music can help align energies to flow properly again. Your heart is in the right place and it wants to shine again; to give and receive in connection to all.

💀 5 of Pentacles with Fool: Though the road underfoot may seem a bit crunchy or uneven, it won’t deter Aries from taking the first step forward toward an enterprising new start.
Even if an Aries would rather not set out alone, they are quite capable of enjoying nature’s beauty and what the world around them has to offer.

🧿 4 of Wands reversed: Those that do not have a mate may be feeling that there is nothing to celebrate on the home front this month. Do not dwell in the notion that there is no one to experience the thrills of life with. It will come again.

🐴 King of Cups: Contact with an older masculine presence perks you up by the end of the month, providing a good example of caring, giving good advice, nourishing the heart,  and a hand to hold along life’s journey. If you are not in contact with this person, perhaps this person is you.


⭐️ 5 of Cups: As this deck was picked up, spirit said “quiet your voice”. August may be a better time to ponder than to speak up for Taurus. There is a high level of concentration or focus on that which has already come to pass in the emotional being. It comes with the knowing or realization that plentiful, upright love will be available when Taurus is ready for the sun to shine on their waters again.

💀 7 of Wands: The next three cards are 7s~August may be somewhat of a spiritual jackpot for Taurus. In the tarot journey, 7s are a moment of pause to ask “am I doing the right thing?” in order to stay the course or make adjustments on or to the path. The energy is strong and Taurus is determined, though it may be difficult this month to see that you will make it through the woods.

🧿 Chariot reversed: This card revealed a moving image: while riding a bike on a dirt path, the tires vier off a bit and need to be adjusted back onto the path. It is not difficult to do but is a necessary rerouting to get back on track. There is no eminent disaster, just a simple course correction.

🐴 7 of Pentacles reversed: Taurus, who normally takes comfort in the nature of their surroundings, and is slower to incorporate change, may feel the time has come to reroute. What can almost be a frightening experience at times does not seems so difficult when you remember those two sturdy cups of caring will still be accessible and attainable come September.


⭐️ 10 of Cups: This is to be taken at face value~two people who have filled their cups of love individually and are in harmonious connection with another who is on the same intuitive heart level.

💀 King of Pentacles: He isn’t just sitting on top of a load of money, he’s making ambitious moves with it in order to become emperor someday. This king knows well how to build a sturdy, solid, healthy, productive kingdom. (This card seemed connected to the 10 of Cups.)

🧿 Knight of Pentacles: A slow, fresh, steady, youthful energy comes in putting a new offer on the table. (Another person card for Gemini this month.)

🐴 2 of Cups reversed with 10 of Cups reversed: (This seems to be yet another situation of people in Gemini’s world, but that’s par for the course for a people person.) Perhaps an old friend or sibling is knocked down a few rungs in your eyes as you watch a long term, heartfelt connection of beauty and grace deteriorate. I heard “ain’t what she used to be.”


⭐️ King of Cups: As the cards were picked up, the taste of satay peanut sauce came to me, as well as the words “coming in hot with that cup of love”. It sounds more like the actions of a knight, but this king has laser focus and is darn sure of their offer. Determination to present a full fledged offer abounds.

💀 6 of Pentacles: The topic of equality is on the table. The situation or person is found to be just and upright~stable in their desire to give and receive. (The first two cards seem connected and the last two seem connected.)

🧿 10 of Cups reversed: Even after all of the positivity has been presented in the first two cards… Cancer knows it isn’t THEIR 10 of Cups love connection. “How do I let a good man down?” sung by Sharon Jones.

🐴 8 of Swords: In this representation of the 8 of Swords, there is less of the vibe of one’s own mental prison and more of the notion of an end of the day reflection upon the words “I didn’t want to have to do that”. It seems to be an act protected by the universe as  Cancer must simply state one’s own truth. This uncomfortable situation too shall pass.

LEO ♌️

* When recording messages for Leo, I mistakenly said Taurus… however I don’t believe in coincidences and there may be some connection there.
⭐️ High Priestess reversed: Deep information comes to the surface. Something is reviled, or more to the point, the cat is let out of the bag. This information might be regarding the home or mother, or may stir deep emotions.

💀 Queen of Wands reversed with 8 of Swords: This pair comes with a little warning that Information released can lead to Leo saying or doing something a bit catty or sassy. This in turn can lead to time spent in one’s head regretting.

🧿 Death: Its not an ending~its a transformation. It is not a dark night of the soul, it is realization~which perhaps comes easier when alone at night. There is forward movement here and something definitely changes.

🐴 World reversed: Again, its not an ending~its a transformation. Looking into the reflection pool of all one has experienced can sometimes seem daunting. This card is here to reiterate not to worry, its a spiritual movement for the better.


⭐️ Prince of Swords reversed: My voice cut out as I was recording incoming information and I heard “speak up”. Virgo may be feeling cut off or that their opinions, thoughts, or voice is not being allowed to be heard. Around the full moon on the 11th spiritual insights can lead to positive changes in communicative expression.

💀 3 of Cups: Virgo comes into knowing who their genuine friends are through the pure enjoyment of being themselves this month. Those who are chosen to be part of their inner circle have qualified themselves to be there and in like, Virgo proves to be a solid, fun, giving friend for the long haul.

🧿 Hermit reversed: I heard “Hey, don’t hide yourself away” sung to the Beatles tune Don’t hide your love away. When the Hermit is upright a time of deep pondering is at hand. When reversed, time for thinking is over. The knowledge accumulated is ready to be put to use and Virgo is being encouraged to come out of the cave, knowing who they can speak their truth with and who to remain quiet around.

🐴 Ace of Pentacles with 5 of Wands reversed: Whether you are giving or receiving this earthly offer of money, health, long term building, etc, this is an offer so strong and steady you may see it coming. The notion of an incoming love offer was present with this pentacle, and with the 5 of wands reversed backing it, there will be no squabbling, testing, debating, or conflicting, combative energy over anything with this one. Though one coin in the hand may not seem like much at first, this offer is a straightforward, tangible one to build upon.


*Libra being the sign of the scales, the notion of going back and forth to find the middle ground was pointed out as the reading started. The first two cards seemed connected and the last two seemed connected.

⭐️ 4 of Swords reversed: There’s no reason or need to think about it anymore (whatever “it” is to Libra this month). It seems that a decision had already been made within Libra’s spirit and no further contemplation is necessary because they know they have their 10 of Cups.

💀 10 of Cups: A connection flourishing with spiritual love. “Stay with your 10 of Cups” said spirit. 10 of Cups is generally two people who have mastered their own emotions, intuition, and expressions of love to self and others, who have formed a heartfelt, longterm, love connection.

🧿 7 of Pentacles reversed with 5 of Pentacles reversed: “Don’t go back” said spirit. Libra saw something they liked that they built, and Libra saw something they didn’t like about what was building in the other situation. “Do you want to feel abandoned and left with nothing?” “Do you want to feel that again?” Spirit asked.

7 of Pentacles is generally about something that time and effort has been put into and a moment is taken to asses the way forward as the fruits of one’s labors are not visible yet.
5 of Pentacles is generally about feeling left out in the physical realm. It is a card of lack of stability in health, wealth, and feeling worthy. Normal occurrences, like cold weather, are then obstacles. 5 is a turning point, and when its reversed, one is coming out of situations generally perceived as negative.

🐴 3 of Pentacles reversed: “Don’t work with … ” (no more was heard). “Even if someone is kissing your bleep, this is not the person to work with, they don’t know what they’re doing.” said spirit. The three of pentacles reversed generally lacks a solid foundation.

I shuffled quite a bit~the two have similar cards and may be connected this month or some may have a significant placement on the cusp of Libra and Scorpio


* The first two cards seemed connected and there may be 3 separate situations here.

⭐️ 4 of Swords reversed: Scorpio has had enough time resting and sitting quietly in contemplation like buddha. You are guided and watched over by spirit. And now it is time to… (next card)

💀 6 of Swords: …put all that your mind values into the boat and shove off to calmer waters.

🧿 Knight of Pentacles: A slow coming offer, is perhaps a steady-building job that is going somewhere; though Scorpio may not see that yet. The situation may possibly be building up toward traveling.

🐴  3 of Pentacles reversed: If the project is not steady and sturdy, straight from the start,  this is not someone to bow down to. “You know da## well not to do it”, said spirit.


⭐️ Emperor: Somebody knows what they want, having worked their way to the top through the mastery of being the king of each of the four elements (earth stability pentacles, fire enthusiasm wands, air mental movement swords, and water depth of spirit chalice). The Emperor could be choosing between candidates for a job. Either Sagittarius is in full power as the emperor or is experiencing someone around them exhibiting the qualities of an emperor.

💀 7 of Cups: Options and heartfelt offers are being presented to the Emperor, but only one of them will flourish. The emperor is not concerned with that which he knows is not for him. He is capable of feeling and seeing which offer is a wise choice and others know it behooves them to remain steadfast in the Emperor’s decisions.

🧿 2 of Pentacles: on shaky waters. When one’s eyes are closed while walking the beach, is difficult to know if the next step will result in wet or sandy feet. The emperor is well aware that the 2 of Pentacles person doesn’t know where they truly want to plant themselves.

🐴 Queen of Swords: A feminine presence of large impact, such as mother, is projecting the will of her thought pattern in a specific direction. (It is not directed toward the emperor’s situations.)

*It may be that those experiencing the masculine qualities of Sagittarius are the emperor and those exhibiting the feminine qualities of Sagittarius are the queen of swords this month.
** The music psychic connection music I was listening to was half way done, but it restarted itself as Sagittarius’s reading ended.


⭐️ 10 of Cups: A family home vibe similar to the 10 of Pentacles (the house, wife, kids, pets, garden, whatever floats one’s boat) but here the focus is on a congruent family heart space.

💀 Queen of Swords reversed: Hold onto your handles because the queen of swords “ain’t playin'” said spirit. This seems to be someone outside the family home, such as a mother in law, with a sharp tongue to say the least…

🧿 Emperor: This gentle Emperor (Likely Capricorn) is “not going to take it” and may have to stand up for himself. He knows how to mediate sassy energies until they are gracefully under his thumb.

🐴 5 of Wands reversed: This spoke of keeping the love bubble up around the self and/or family while keeping quarrels at bay. The emperor isn’t entertaining any combative energies this month.


⭐️ 9 of Swords reversed: Aquarius is coming out of the mental anguish and ending the nightmare headspace of rumination. This is one of those cards which is preferred to be seen reversed because any negative connotations associated with the card are being dropped and done away with. 9 is an end to a personal journey and swords are mental.

💀 Knight of Pentacles reversed: This message was from someone who has passed over~they would like someone to know that the offer is not good and that this person is a “shifty bleeper”. Whatever offer he’s riding in with, “you don’t want to take it. Period.” This seemed to be a message for a specific person, however when messages this direct come in, it often does strike some sort of chord with others of the same sign as well.

🧿 Ace of Swords sideways: It is to be read sideways, meaning all things related to the Ace of Swords upright and reversed apply here. What is the truth? What is not the truth? What is clear thinking? What is not clear thinking? Aquarius will be discerning these things in a new way in August. Even if one has a good grasp on what that looks like to them already, one never know what kinds of new situations may be presented in order to have a fresh look at an old topic.

🐴 2 of Wands reversed: The energy coming to meet you is “not of equal value”. The energy does not stand strong, so you need to be able to discern the truth. Normally this card speaks of 2 energies meeting side by side and eye to eye. Using different decks portraying different depictions of the classic meanings of each card can help in receiving messages slightly different than the standard ones. This was the case here.


* There is something happening around wording for Pisces in August, and when there is a typo, it is to be paid attention to because it is not a coincidence. The word mirror came up in place of the word message and the word spirit came up in place of the word star. For was replaced by the word from, etc. I expected the music to come back on after recording my voice, but it just kept recording silence, which seemed to indicate there is something about hearing the words or not hearing the words this month. Pisces was coming through as spirit itself.

⭐️ Ace of Pentacles: Pisces itself may be the solid off this month~a shining star of stable energy. (Pisces is sometimes perceived by others as a bit wishy washy for having one foot on the ground and one in the heavens. Let us all remember there are equal positive and negative aspects from which to experience each zodiac sign.)

💀 7 of Wands reversed: A loud siren passed by while reading this card. You may present a full force, solid offer this month, then question whether it is scary to follow through with, or if you even have the strength to uphold or fulfill that offer.

🧿  6 of Pentacles: Who is Pisces giving to? Is the energy that of equality and reciprocal solidity? It seems that there are two offers on the table in August and you do find that you are able to input enough into each situation to build successfully.

🐴 Ace of Pentacles: After questioning whether you’ll be able to live up to the hype that was presented to sell your offer earlier in the month, you realize that you are more than capable of providing your time and effort to more than one situation, job, person, etc. You can do it, Pisces! is the message of the month.