*The first card out this month reviled itself as a past energy and as the readings went on it became clear the cards for December were showing the year in review for each sign. Rather than ruminating on past energies it seemed to show how the concepts are still at play and the ways in which each sign has been working with them for positive forward growth. The only constant is change. May your days be merry and bright! 🌟


2 of Swords, 9 of Swords, Devil & 3 of Swords reversed together

You may have come eye to eye with a situation you’ve felt caught in for some time. If a decision has not yet been made, the time is at hand to do so. Relaxation techniques to reduce any tightness compressing your mental state will allow for a closer look in a more objective way, making right and wrong more obvious and easier to untangle. Choose the path of least pain for all concerned. We are all here making mistakes and improvements~all’s well that ends well. ❤️


5 of Cups & 7 of Cups reversed together, Hierophant, King of Pentacles reversed , Strength

Taurus is more prone to giving advice than reveling their own quandaries, yet it seems you’ve confided in another some of the emotional unrest you’ve been feeling around your desire for stability. You are not confused and do not want any confusion coming your way. You understand the norms of cultural society and the personal power that develops from solid connections where each is uplifted. The universe/God/guides/etc acknowledge your steadfast ways, hear your request, and ask that you to hold tight~especially if this pertains to a masculine partner who isn’t exhibiting stability. You could be feeling lack yourself, however, the King of Pentacles reversed is coming through as a specific person-one who does not seem to have it together and makes no action, while Taurus feels more solid and capable of flourishing. Keep on doing you~justice is at your side. 🔰


8 of Swords reversed, 1 of Wands & 6 of Swords reversed together

8 of Swords reversed told of the past; showed the cage door being opened and the (overactive monkey) mind being freed which has brought you to an active state of initiating with energy so solid it sticks this time. I heard the words “You don’t have to go back” and “No more midnight voyage”. Your radiance shines out in all directions so grip the wheel tight and go full throttle-flightiness has flown the coop and the energy feels quick and accurate. 🌏🔥🌬💧


The Tower reversed, The Hierophant & King of Pentacles together

Tragedy narrowly averted. Standing on solid ground.
Helpful advice given/taken.
Some rather big energies have come to pass and a new path has opened. (Glittering yellow brick road) The Hierophant pointed out karmic confusion around family issues of societally accepted norms and cultural expectations, calling attention to what information is to be kept safe guarded and what is meant to be shared. If family is not involved, all of this may have developed as an internal struggle. The King of Pentacles is coming across as a particular person and it could be that you are exhibiting those steadfast qualities yourself. Cancer and Earth sign masculines are super solid at this time~hands on the wheel or in the dirt. 🏠🌲

LEO ♌️

The Hanged One, The Sun, 3 of Pentacles

On the bright side. After contemplation on the roots of issues, (as humans experience them) a sort of gentle, lovely sacrifice, or surrender of the grip one may have on their own spirit, was made. All that abides by the law of one (do no harm) was allowed to assist and take the wheel. A brilliant new day dawns where cooperation and team spirt are fun and life is colorful, creative, and built on solid foundations. Now is a great time for Leo to set an example on this planet by simply being their good ‘ol sunny self. 🌈🌤🌿🌺


Queen of Swords, then 1 of Cups reversed, 1 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords & 9 of Cups together

Ahh the good old Queen of Swords~discerning, forthright, steadfast in truth and quick to cut to the heart of the matter. It may be in her nature to see through the lense of stability before love, but an essential new perspective presented itself and an internal decision was made to Be the love. A hard look in the mirror, whether through an actual mirror or through the actions of another, leads to creating that ~warm, fuzzy, all is blissfully well in the world~ feeling for yourself. Incoming energies are met with loveliness and the same kindness is returned. A new and softer day is dawning⚔️🌅💗 LIBRA ♎️
The World & 10 of Cups reversed, 1 of Pentacles

While a sweeping ending of a major life cycle was underway, momentum was building for your come back. Perhaps all that glittered was not gold in a heartfelt connection that spanned some time. Though a disappointment, it doesn’t seem catastrophic and you come out solid, shining like a star; living your intention of constructing your new path properly. Stay the course, you’re in for a win. 🏵


5 of Swords, 7 of Cups & 5 of Cups reversed together

A more positive internal and emotional path is being developed after coming out of conflict and confusion. I heard “shot through the heart.” Situations of mirroring darkness and light allow for a greater understanding of the human experience and can be helpful in dismissing that which is not desirable for your life’s path. These energies seemed to be culminating now rather than throughout the year. You have serious strength of character and staying on the sunny side of life makes a difference as the Scorpion transitions to the Eagle, accurately developing long range sight.☀️🦅

Sagittarius ♐️

The Hermit, 3 of Cups reversed, then 5 of Wands reversed, 4 of Wands reversed & 6 of Swords reversed together

This year has been an internal journey of seeking the light away from the external world. You weren’t putting out feelers to attract others to you.  Perhaps being out in public wasn’t as enjoyable as it once was or you were feeling the lack of a core group of besties at your sides. Allowing yourself quiet contemplation continues to assist you in seeing what is to be celebrated in life and what is disruptive and should be dismissed. I heard “Never going back again” and “free your mind and the rest will follow”. ✨


1 of Wands & Princess of Pentacles together sideways, The Star & 10 of Cups reversed together

At the brink of stability, it can be a daunting challenge to dip your toes into new human experiences. (I saw a bottle rocket fly off sideway.) Know that God’s universe is all a flutter, quietly cheering you on. The 10 of Cups reversed seems sequential~that the healing of the Star must run its course before the deep, long heartfelt connection becomes an upright, abundant, actualized energy. You are at the presuppose of greatness and Capricorn understands the benefits of following through. 🌿🌈🌺


1 of Pentacles & Temperance together, Princess of Pentacles

A new grounding for a new kind of grounded~ Perhaps you’ve seen firsthand that oil and water do not mix. You have the ability to blend that which does not do so easily. The Princess of Pentacles knows the easing of energies is a patient endeavor that helps secure a sturdy start on the new path forward. Upright and stable, you progress solidly. I heard the song “solid as a rock”. They have seen your shining star and know of your soothing ways. I heard the song “shining star for for you to see”. Temperance asks you to use your abilities to assist others in softening, blending with each other, and playing nice. Let them see you flourishing in the abundance surrounding you. 🪴🤗🍊🎵


4 of Pentacles, 6 of Pentacles & King of Cups together (all 3 cards have the cosmos in the background)

As the 4 of Pentacles was laid down I heard “lets hang on to what we’ve got, it doesn’t make a difference if we’ve got a lot”. Broadening your horizons leads to doing what is right with nature, building with conscious equity, and finding a steady ebb and flow with your cosmic waters. The King of Cups is most likely you, in any case  anyone involved is even keel in  emotions, giving and receiving, putting forth and attracting solid, loving, fair goodness. I heard “the offer is genuine”.🎆