🌏 Situations at hand

🧿 Guidance

* Rather lofty energies and entities show up all over the place in February and it seems that the collective is somewhat quietly incorporating major endings and changes.



The Emperor Entertains Options

🌏 Knight of Cups reversed, Ace of Coins, Emperor: It felt as if the Emperor was looking on as as 2 different parties presented him with their plans for his investment. The Emperor has been around and back again, seen many things in his command of all four kingdoms~earth, fire, air & water. Difficult to impress and difficult to fool, he is always gracious. The Knight of Cups reversed can be wishy-washy and not yet ripe for the picking. The Ace of Coins is always a solid offer but there seems to be extra or more difficult work attached to it.


🧿 (on the Knight of Cups reversed) Ace of Cups, Magician reversed, Strength:

“Insincere” not because of lacking heart, but actually lacking the skills, tools, command of what needs to be done and when, etc. Strength is present in this person/company to learn and evolve in order to build… but, is not ripe yet.


(on the Ace of Coins) Alchemist reversed: This person/company/party/etc may have a great plan, but also has the potential to lose their cool or is not able to blend people/projects/etc together in a cohesive way, making the solid offer less attractive…


(on the Emperor) 9 of Wands:

Hold tight, wait and watch, do not offer too much information, time, etc. You are not required to choose anyone or anything that seems convoluted, is not up to your standards or likings, or could potentially be faulty in any way.



Tried & True Is Up For Something New

*Cards took longer than usual to shuffle, it felt like Taurus didn’t want to talk or was holding back something, then they burst out of my hands with the relief which is felt when the beans have finally spilled. Often asked for advice, Taurus is capable of giving it without revealing much of their own personal story.


🌏 Sun reversed, 9 of Wands reversed, Magician reversed, Ace of Cups: Feeling like your light is a bit diminished from the doldrums of routine daily life? Tired of being the stronghold of all things to all people as need be? Wouldn’t it be satisfying to enjoy life by making of it whatever you want? ~to exchange niceties with others at dinner parties, to allow yourself a nice piece of jewelry, to have time to focus on love~ Perhaps you are ready to get out of a rut, switch gears or careers, make or take a love offer, etc.


🧿 Knight of Coins reversed, 10 of Coins & 4 of Coins: Do not allow small offers to be given or taken. Go with the long-standing family company in order to build a legacy of your own.


*Another storyline presents itself. I assume one would know if it pertains to them.

If you feel a bit dampen from letting your guard down to a slick trickster offering romance, know that the offer was small, fleeting and anything but solid. Stick with the stability of the family for long term happiness.



Up For Another Try

🌏 4 of Cups reversed, 7 of Coins reversed & Page of Coins & 4 of Wands: Although there are no swords out, the tone is very airy. Swords tend to indicate troublesome energies, but the air quality here is quite dreamy, even in the depictions on the cards.

Coming up and out of a saddening bump in the road; seeing what was wanted in front of you and not being able to attain it. Not wanting to continue the work/path previously being built upon, someone would rather set out on their own to seek their fortune and happiness.


🧿 Sun reversed, 6 of Coins reversed & 5 of Swords reversed: “Tone it down a little.” The understanding that its a big old world out there and sometimes things aren’t fair or even or solid and anything can happen is at hand again. Being overly optimistic isn’t good either… The advisory energy seems to be asking you to be realistic and not to gossip, get involved, engage or get caught in the crossfire-“zip the lip”, turn the brain off, and chant love to and from the heart.


Can’t Get Comfortable

🌏 4 of Coins, 9 of Coins reversed & 6 of Cups & 5 of Wands: Not feeling very abundant, you cling onto your purse strings or anything that feels secure. Not feeling at home and comfortable in one’s surroundings can be more burdensome for Cancers than most. Adding to the uneasiness, you don’t feel noticed for being the gem that you are and spend your time fondly reminiscing on more glorious times “way back when” or, out of boredom, become entangled in others melodramas.


🧿 2 of Wands, 6 of Coins reversed & 5 of Swords reversed & Sun reversed: Look the situation in the the eye, meet yourself half way, go out into the world with enthusiasm and the intent to enjoy life. Know that the world does not owe you anything and do not allow yourself to become caught up in throwing mental daggers at or with others. There is never a need to be over-dramatic.


LEO ♌️

Thou Shall Not Pass

* There are some powerful energies at hand this month, yet a stillness to the air. There are characters present~sets of kings and queens all reversed.

🌏 Wise One reversed clarified by Death, Chariot reversed, King of Wands reversed:

Full stop, remaining quiet, no re-examination, no victory with a king who acts bass-ackwardly and is incapable of maintaining steady energies. ~A large karmic presence is detected, looked squarely in the eyes, and determined to be unworthy of your time.~ You, the Wise One reversed, are having none of the nonsense, keeping quiet, not releasing information, and not entertaining others egos. Whatever has been sacrificed along the way on the human journey is in the past, your perspective has been transformed, and a new path is underfoot. It seems that you’ve unexpectedly ended a long standing karmic cycle. Wow!


Ace of Wands, 4 of Coins & Queen of Coins reversed:

Through it all you stand bright and solid in your new start as you hold tight to any stability you’ve accumulated, knowing that growing your garden takes time.


🧿 4 of Swords, 6 of Cups, 4 of Cups reversed, 7 of Wands: Take time out to relax enough to ponder constructively on old memories and what was truly enjoyable and what was not. In doing this, feelings etc do not become stuck and it becomes easier to roll with the punches. Keeping your guard up to protect that which you value is sometimes a necessity part of being human.


*Bottom of the deck~King & Queen of Cups reversed, Emperor & Ace of Cups, Awakening reversed & Ace of Swords, Queen & King of Swords reversed: What you don’t see coming is that you will be able to see the truth of how others operate and be able to discern what aligns with you and what does not.



Interjection Of Underwhelming Epic Energies

🌏 2 of Coins, Ace of Wands, Tower, 9 of Cups, 8 of Coins (all together, seems chronological):

After deciding which world one wants to live in~choosing to leave any shadiness behind, and making a bold new start (picture opulent, fragrant, colorful flowers arranged artistically) in comes the tower to rattle one’s foundations, shake up the wake up, and throw back into one’s space that which one had dismissed long ago. Virgo is long over entertaining any shadowy, disruptive, judgmental energies and just wants to get back to the lovely things/feelings/etc which abound when one builds their world solidly.


🧿 Knight of Coins reversed clarified by Queen of Cups reversed, 4 of Swords: “Don’t feed it.” Get some rest. Take time off from the world to gather your thoughts and regroup. It doesn’t have to be a big deal if you don’t want it to be. You’ve got this.



Barking Up The Wrong Alley

🌏 King of Wands, Page of Coins reversed, 7 of Wands reversed-clarified by Knight of Swords, Priestess, Chariot reversed & 2 of Cups reversed:

It felt as if you were not the King of Wands, who has stated his stance and is firm on it. Libra seems to be on the dreamier side of the Page of Coins reversed~hoping, wishing, & praying …for the King of Wands to let his guard down? Deep within you understand the energy/will/etc. is not present to maintain forward momentum when two do not see heart to heart.


🧿 Knight of Wands, Ace of Cups reversed: Be your enjoyable, fun, youthful, best self, thereby reminding others of their own fun qualities. Do not make or take any love offers at this time.



Boots Made For Walking

🌏 6 of Cups and Ace of Wands clarified by the Tower, the Sun and 3 of Swords clarified by 10 of Cups reversed: Well… it looks like an old friend/lover tries to initiate a new spark causing a moment of crashing realization~maybe more for them than you. It appears that you are just fine without them and it may even delight you a bit to know that this time its you who is breaking their heart. Perhaps you are occupied with another now and even the idea of being with the past person no longer thrills you. Their idea of ideal was never up to par in your world to begin with and you find walking away from their dramas to be the only path of common sense.


🧿 5 of Cups reversed, Empress reversed: Do not be plagued by old discrepancies or wounds, you will not have to live through this turmoil again. Even if it leaves you feeling a bit depleted, you’re not letting others see it-you had passed the point of genuinely being affected by them long ago anyways. Silence can speak volumes.



What Do You Mean-There Are No Wrong Roads?

🌏 7 of Cups, Emperor, Hanged One reversed , Hermit reversed, World: It seems that the Emperor (person of authority: boss, husband, etc) looks on as you ponder which path your heart feels called to walk today. You hope to develop a new perspective from every angle when it comes to your heartstrings being tugged upon. You’re tired of thinking on those matters in life and remember to trust that you are always in the right place at the right time.


🧿 Wheel reversed, 8 of Swords & 3 of Wands, 10 of Cups reversed: Get out of your head and back out into the world~good energy is soon to be reciprocated. One does not need to seek out a 10 of Cups relationship of fulfillment~it comes to you-in the timing orchestrated by God’s universe and at a time when you no longer care because life is simply wonderful after discarding the baggage.


* The first card in the reading was 7 of Cups. On the bottom of the deck 7 of Swords, 7 of Wands, 7 of Coins reversed, 10 of Swords reversed: What is underlying or not yet seen is a bit of shadiness, defensiveness, unwillingness to work at something. Be honest with yourself about cutting out what needs to be done away with.



A Positive Path “To Everything There Is A Season And A Purpose To Every Reason Under Heaven.”

🌏 Knight of Wands, Magician, Death, 6 of Cups (seems to be chronological): Something sparked quickly and turned into something of much more consequence, setting up an opportunity to practice balancing energies (health, finances, enthusiasm, initiative, cognitive function, communication, intuition, feelings, etc) With all of that  underway, the time is at hand to do away with ideas/people/ways/etc that aren’t in line with maintaining the balance. What happens today creates tomorrow’s memories, and you look forward to creating lovely times to look back upon. You realize all things happen in karmic timing.


🧿 5 of Coins reversed & 8 of Wands: Isn’t it better to speak up, present your ideas, and participate, rather than to feel left out in the cold?



In Correlation With The Cosmos (and “Your Bad Self” said comically)

🌏 Star, 9 of Wands, 6 of Swords, World: In full on Aqua mode, in rhythm with all that is, you seem fed up with the same old same old and quietly push your boat off the shore in search of new harmonious waters, knowing in every moment that you are in the right place at the right time. “Never going back again…” 🎶 Fleetwood Mac. “Know when to walk away, know when to run” The Gambler, Kenny Rogers. I get the feeling you don’t want to hear about or deal with love relationships at this time. And there you have it-another chapter closed as things come full circle with a new day on the horizon and Aquarius standing solidly single ready to meet the world.


🧿 5 of Wands, 9 of Cups: Notice the stark differences between energies clashing in willful struggle and those who stay on the “sunny side of life” 🎶 Carter family. Being submersed in nature can also bring warm, fuzzy love for the human experience whether solo or with another.



Are We There Yet?

🌏 World reversed clarified by Tower & Page of Wands reversed, Death clarified by 3 of Coins reversed, Queen of Coins & Ace of Wands: Some sort of upset has your world in a tail spin.  Remember that which seems negative at first, often turns out to be better than one could have expected. Pisces, you have the ability to assert yourself this month and it looks like you put your foot down-no in and out, back and forth energies and no outside interferences. You know your worth and what your creative spark brings to the table. You feel its time to get things settled so you can get on with the fun of life.


🧿 King of Cups reversed, Sun:  “Don’t give away your love for free.” Place yourself in situations of reciprocity. “Say it like you mean it.” Do not come to the table looking meek and mild~smile in your full vibrance when you speak your authentic truths.


* 2 of Cups (heart to heart) reversed was at the bottom of the deck. I asked what happens after the Death card, shuffled, and the 2 of Cups flipped out of the deck, landing upright. This deep transformation seems to be the necessary factor for bringing love into balance.