🟢🟤 JANUARY 2022 🟤🟢

🔸Situation at hand


The message seemed clear and simple. Stone beneficial for you to work with at this time: lepidolite

🔸3 of Cups:
Making good times and great oldies with fun friends.
🔹Devil reversed with 6 of Wands reversed:
There is no victory in doing that thing you know you shouldn’t do. Do not allow playful, lighthearted times get out of hand, taking a turn toward darker energies. Enjoy to the fullest leaving what no longer serves your highest good behind you.

♉️ Taurus

Lost in thought at the end of the road. Stone beneficial for you to work with at this time: amazonite

🔸Death with 4 of Cups:
Uneasy  feelings develop from a serious ending.
🔹8 of Swords clarified by Queen of Cups with King of Wands, Knight of Cups reversed with Ace of Cups reversed:
Do not disallow yourself to feel what you know you are feeling. All things change. There is a natural cycle of grieving in the human experience. Thought on the roles of mother and father or solid masculine and feminine energies and the different experiences that occur when the energy is unstable and unable to genuinely show love. Making or taking a love offer is not advised at this time.


🔸Tower reversed, Ace of Cups reversed:
“Shot through the heart” Things could seem a little upside down…
🔹9 of Wands reversed:
Do not allow yourself to become jaded because of past interactions perceived as negative. It is not beneficial to put up barriers to those wishing to get to know you. Do not let an unfortunate turn of emotion crack your foundation.


This is quite a layout~the Emperor and Empress are at each end-both have a pentacle and a sword card. The Emperor and Empress are upright along with a reversed card. Although this spread is of situations and the subsequential advice, this appears as the feminine and masculine of a long term relationship. (The Emperor has been all four kings and the Empress exhibits the mastery of all four queens-earth, fire, air, and water)

🔸Emperor with 4 of Pentacles reversed, 7 of Swords:
Perhaps the Emperor has given up any shady dealings that may have heightened his position in the past, knowing all things remain in the Akashic records. There was also the warning to “Beware of false prophets.” The 7 of Swords indicates some deception yet the Emperor and Empress are upright in their actions, etc
🔹5 of Pentacles, 2 of Swords reversed with Empress:
On the surface it seems that a hasty decision leaves someone out in the cold with any sneakiness being gotten away with. It looks like 2 long term partners questioning each other’s judgment. The card of advice is that of being isolated or “left out in the cold”.

* I later asked for clarification on this reading. 2 of Pentacles reversed with the Priestess reversed:
Its not a good decision to go against one’s better judgment and often puts people on shaky ground. Slow down and take a deep breath to better sort out your reality.

♌️ LEO

Your cards seemed to speak of two different situations occurring simultaneously.

🔸Knight of Pentacles:
This card says go for it Leo! A small stable offer is made. The cards that clarify this -go forth- energy are Chariot reversed, World, and Devil: Cards of a full stop, an ending, and treachery… quite a contradiction or separate situation.
🔹 Ace of Wands:
Pick up the pace and add your fun-loving Leo creativity wherever you go. This was clarified by Page of Pentacles, Queen of Pentacles, and the sun:
A lovely spark of stable energy within and between two people~perhaps of an age difference, but of a similar solid constitution for a fun relationship.


🔸 Page of Wands:
The first step of a fun journey is at hand.
🔹 Knight of Pentacles:
Slow and steady wins the race so slow down and keep it cool and calm.
* This reading was later clarified with Queen of Wands, Alchemist (Temperance card in this deck) and Queen of Pentacles:
All lovely ladies who know how to temper a variety of energies in order to build wonderful worlds around them. The smaller energies of pages and knights have great potential to build goodness on a larger scale.


🔸 Sun, Ace of Wands reversed fell out on top of it and the World face down beside it:
Just happy to be. No need to initiate or coordinate anything. An ending is occurring somewhere in Libra’s world, perhaps not directly happening within the self.
🔹 Moon reversed:
Do not keep secrets or bottled up emotions. Shed light on things, but do not make any new starts.


🔸 7 of Cups clarified by 9 of Wands and Ace of Pentacles reversed:
What to pick, who to trust? So many options it can be difficult to know how to move forward. “Doesn’t want to pick one.” Your guard is up in order to keep out any unstable energies.
🔹 Moon reversed clarified by  Alchemist (the Temperance card in this deck) and the Magician:
Be honest about your feelings, do not lead anyone on in any way, be clear and decisive. You have all you need to create the world around you to your desired preferences ~remember this when feeling confused about taking the next step.

♐️ Sagittarius

🔸 Page of Wands clarified by 5 of Pentacles reversed and the World with 4 of Pentacles:
Setting out fresh on a new journey for the soul, yet hanging onto an ending. “Conflict resolution”
🔹Wheel clarified by Hermit reversed:
There is a natural timing or progression to all we experience in human life. Close out that which has ended, but do not retreat away from others, bottling up feelings and hiding your experience. Sharing your realizations helps to see the big picture with fresh eyes.


🔸 2 of Cups clarified by 3 of Wands:
“awwwww” (in a sweet and lovely tone) a like-hearted connection. A delightful energy falls upon you as you anticipate travel and new adventures with like minded people.
🔹 3 of Pentacles clarified by Ace of Cups, Devil, Queen of Swords, and 7 of cups: Work with them, lay a solid foundation, participate in the community with a loved one. The clarifying cards seem to represent a person who is normally decisive being a little confused by options. The notion of hotly desired sexual activity was present.


🔸Tower, 3 of Pentacles reversed clarified by Wheel reversed:
Another striking epiphany for Aquarius to change its course. There seems to be an ongoing theme of going it alone or working with individuals rather than groups. There is a tendency towards difficulties setting a solid foundation and work with groups or organizations is not cohesive this month.
🔹 Ace of Pentacles clarified by 6 of Swords, Knight of Pentacles reversed and 5 of Cups reversed:
Again the advice is that an offer is solid to work on your own or with individuals as others. Move on to calmer waters, away from those who do not come through for you-and do not spend time feeling down about it.


🔸 Page if Wands (flipped face up onto my hand) Ace of Pentacles:
Setting out~perhaps on a quest. A fresh, solid journey is at hand and you have all it takes to do it right. An offer made or taken is a good one.
🔹 3 of Pentacles reversed (flipped face up into the mix of the deck): 3rd party situations are a no go. Working with others does not bring the forward momentum you are already starting to achieve on your own this month.