Knight of Swords, Hermit reversed: After a period of contemplation, you’ve put it all into words and are now ready to release them.

Advice~Queen of Wands: Act in a regal manner. Be dynamic, charming, warm, colorful, and strong in your message. Do not jump the gun. Be aware of juvenile communications and thoughts. You’ve got this.




Empress reversed, Lovers reversed: You may not be feeling the connection with someone this month. You might be fine with that considering you didn’t feel uplifted by it. Perhaps you were not living your finest hour, even feeling that the connection burst your bubble of abundance. You might even know who you’d rather work with.

Advice: You may already have a better tomorrow in your sights and won’t feel left out for long.




(This might be for a particular person~the message was quite specific. The feeling of knowing one had messed up came over me and I heard lyrics from Bob Dylan’s Walkin’ Down the Line: “My money comes and goes and rolls and flows through the holes in the pockets in my clothes.”)

8 of Coins reversed, Tower reversed: Feeling out of sorts. Not proud of your actions or inactions this month. Perhaps you neglected the details or the work entirely. Disaster nearly avoided. Its not as bad as it seems.

Advice~9 of Coins reversed: If you are not single do not act that way. Move forward.




4 of Swords, 3 of Coins: I heard lyrics from the Cheers theme song: “Takin’ a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.” I also heard the words: the institution vs the people. Taking a moment to contemplate the building of a solid foundation.

Advice~Knight of Swords: If you have an idea you think is solid, after thinking of the community at hand it pertains to, put it out there~say your piece.



LEO ♌️

Wanderer (the fool), World reversed: The fresh feeling~the fun of a new start. You are no longer experiencing the end of a major life cycle and are gathering momentum to get out and live it up again.

Advice~Wise One (hierophant): Now you will have the chance to put to use the knowledge you have gained.




King of Coins, Hermit reversed: I heard Hopeton Lewis lyrics: “take it easy, no need to worry.” Someone is sitting pretty; relaxing into the work of life, getting out there and fully enjoying engaging in the moment at hand.

Advice~Queen of Swords reversed: You understand more flies are caught with honey than vinegar. When something difficult needs to be communicated you are aware there is no need for sharp words or tones.




Death reversed, 10 of Wands reversed: I heard lyrics from the Violent Femmes: “gone, daddy, gone, the love has gone~away.”

You may be asking “Is it over yet?” …because you’re feeling over it and not tied to something or someone anymore. A moment of purgatory.

Advice~Empress reversed: You do not have to be all things to all people. You may need a genuine moment of downtime to breathe new breath before your fully abundant self surfaces again.




10 of Cups reversed, 4 of Cups: Not having the ideal life or partner. Perhaps no offer is given or you may find that you pass up an offer, holding out until what is right for you comes along.

Advice~Ace of Cups reversed: Do not give or accept love offers at this time.




Awakening (judgement), 9 of Cups: What constitutes playing dirty? What constitutes the makeup of a true victory? You are being given what you wanted~all you have to do is enjoy it.

Advice~2 of Swords: Do not flounder back and forth. Choose it and go with it~energies are in your favor.




2 of Wands, 10 of Cups reversed: Meeting the world, seeing eye to eye on common ground, starting a situation in the face with openness. You know you cannot have all the things that you want in life.

Advice~9 of Coins: You find strength in your independence no matter what the world shows you.




Death reversed, 2 of Coins: I heard lyrics from Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream “I decided to flip a coin, Like either heads or tails

Would let me know if I should go, Back to ship or back to jail.”

Ending of harsh situations. Transformation by way of knowledge quietly accumulated. Weighing options by thinking yourself into one situation, then another~feeling into what each would be like.

Advice~Queen of Swords: Watch your wording. There are truly no wrong paths. That which is meant for you will surely never pass you by.




Magician reversed, 4 of Swords: Inactivity. The heart of the matter is getting on with creating a new human experience. Use downtime wisely and pay attention to your thoughts so that genuinely restorative relaxation can happen.

Advice~Emperor reversed: Find the balance of releasing control to the universe and letting God steer you toward that which is good for you to experience, then act upon those things