🌞JULY 2022💦

It is recommended that one read their Sun, Moon, and Ascendant (the big 3) to develop a fuller picture of the energies passing through.


🌞 Outward being, how you see the world and how it sees you.


🌙 The level and tone of what one needs and has available to give Intuitively, emotionally, instinctually, the “feels” of deeper waters.


↖️ The (magnetic) effect of what is rising on the horizon at the time and place of one’s birth~ Psychological motivation, what one truly wants to DO in life, the you that comes out when friends are around, the physical body


This month I asked for 4 cards to show the chronological sequence of events~to see if a storyline unfolds in July.


Please note that court cards often denote actual people. They do not specify gender, they indicate which aspects of the human are being displayed at the time of the situation being highlighted.



Making way for solid people and truly wanted situations.


Queen of Pentacles reversed: Maybe a little too much money was spent or maybe a little more work could have been done. In any case, Aries isn’t feeling solid somewhere in the physical realm~could be health, home, finances, etc. Taurus seems to be having the same start to their month.


Lovers: Attention takes a turn to focus on a choice~likely a lover. What constitutes fair, equal give and take in each moment? Is it different for the long haul?


Knight of Swords reversed: Words said in haste never seem to do anyone any good. In and out energies can scramble one’s normally clear, forward thinking, preventing truths from being spoken simply.


Knight of Wands reversed: Hot and cold energies frustrate things to the point of stagnation or explosion. Either way Aries isn’t having any more, thank you. Decisiveness without cruelty is the key to gaining what you really want next.



An aire of finality eases it’s impact into the new era.


King of Pentacles reversed: The Queen of Pentacles reversed showed herself in the shuffle~ It was Aries’ first card out and the same feeling is carrying over to Taurus. Maybe a little too much money was spent or maybe a little more work could have been done. In any case, Aries isn’t feeling solid somewhere in the physical realm~could be health, home, finances, etc.


Justice: A truth being laid down. The feeling of long term effects and final decisions is present. A karmic Judgement is being made, wrongs are being righted… and the next card is…


Judgement: Two major arcana cards of final calls between two kings. Reconciliation with one’s own actions in order to finalize a major cycle before settling into a new way of being.


King of Cups: If the situation is internal, and both kings are Taurus, a major come up or reset occurs~from poverty consciousness to overflowing care and grace. If the situation involves 2 humans, one is feeling a bit broken and the other’s light is shining.



The Rebuilding


Death: Transformation~final and all-consuming. Nothing to fear in throwing out what doesn’t work. Bright ideas are plentiful for Geminis.


6 of Pentacles reversed: It becomes established that something or someone isn’t fair. Ungrounded, unhealthy, inconsiderate…. something just isn’t sitting right and Gemini must have smelled it coming considering you rode in with the Death card.


King of Cups: I feel this is you-staying emotionally grounded as the good king with a fair heart~loved by the people, for calmly handing out decrees as…


The Tower: Crashes.

A restructuring of the kingdom must be coming in August because by the end of July all are able to see any structures of inequities collapse. There is no feeling of danger or calamity. It seems like the king of Cups is happily open to the new space for new ideas and ways in which to create goodness for all.



Not feeling it.


Queen of Cups reversed: …is not feeling it. (Which is just fine~no need to be cruel about it.)


Ace of Cups: A lovely cup of thirst-quenching water is being presented to the queen of waters. The queen has little patience for such offers, upright may they be, considering she has a much larger and more magnificent chalice of her own.


6 of Swords: Out of sight, out of mind. A parting of ways~perhaps physically and mentally.


The World: For good, the end, that karmic connection won’t be coming back around.


*Here’s where it gets interesting: behind those four cards were 3 knights-wands, swords, and pentacles. Only the earth sign knight is upright~he is also the only knight guaranteed to become king of his suit one day. Methinks the queen was tired of entertaining ridiculous offers and may have been hasty in sending away a genuine one which could have been successful. (May pertain to affairs of the heart, business, or any situation.)


LEO ♌️

It’s a bit messy Leo… like a soap opera with the sound turned down. Wait, what’s going on? Ya, I can’t figure it out either…


8 of Swords: Cat’s got your mind working overtime for now.


4 of Swords reversed with 7 of Swords: (I asked if the 7 was for week 3~no, it belongs with the 4.) The 4 of Swords reversed suggests one is done mentally processing and is ready to take action. In the 7 of Swords upright he is tricking the apposing army by taking their weapons and getting away with it in broad daylight, though he is a bit sloppy and cannot take them all anyways. It seems that Leo is over trying to figure out if someone’s being tricky.


Knight of Cups, 9 of Pentacles, Page of Wands: By the third week of July we see where some of the difficulties likely stem from~there are 3 people here. I did ask for 1 card, but was shown this:

In the center is a single well-to-do type who hardly seems to be paying attention to either the knight in shining armor offering a cup of love or to the younger adventurer beside her.


2 of Swords reversed: It feels confusing. At the mental crossroads, a decision must be made~or perhaps already has been. Who will be walking away? The end of the month seems to be a cliffhanger of questions… to be continued.


* Shungite can help assist one in maintaining a more balanced, protected energy field.



Stopped at a green light.


Queen of Wands reversed: Everyone needs a moment of downtime now and then-even the queen. Not feeling like expending much energy, entertaining ideas, or doing anything in the public eye~sometimes rest is needed to build up momentum for a fresh new start. (In this case she doesn’t seem stagnant or irritable~as the next two cards further explain.)


Ace of Cups: A cup of genuine caring, in order to built deeper connections, is being offered.


Ace of Swords: The second card of an upright new start in a row. The sword of truth brings breakthroughs and victory to this new mental path.


10 of Pentacles reversed: The home situation and that which is usually perceived as total stability is not quite what Leo pictured. Perhaps the queen is weary of investing in wonderful new starts without having a solid place to land them. Family matters could be a bit uprooted at this time.



Wait, who is this at the last minute?


3 of Wands: Waiting for reciprocation. How long shall Libra wait?


10 of Cups reversed: Looks like Libra has waited a long while and found that whatever this connection is, even after investing all this time, just isn’t truly fulfilling.


7 of Pentacles reversed: By the 3rd week of July Libra deems the connection not worth investing in since growth and reciprocation seem nonexistent.


Lovers: Ok, Libra… it looks like you make the choice to let in the unfruitful one for a midnight romp, or you suddenly happen upon a fast felt connection at the end of July.


*Andalusite cross stone can help you assist yourself with decision-making.



Is it the same old something?


Page of Wands with 9 of Wands: It very much feels like Scorpio is the person in the 9 of Wands who has held up the fortress for so long, has heard it all, and is weary of hearing another word from the Page of Wands. The page, in his youth, seems unaware others have grown tired of his enthusiasm.


King of Cups: Everyone plays nice at this time. Situations are dealt with in a loving, fair manner. All is at ease in the kingdom.


2 of Swords: Decision time. What, if any, will be cut away?


Knight of Swords: By the end of July people are speaking up. Perhaps exchanges are a bit hasty, but truth is at hand in any case. It feels like someone is rushing in to plea their case.



The message this month is that the human journey is not really one meant to be walked alone.


5 of Swords reversed with 3 of Cups: Setting aside differences and enjoying the company of others. Nice.


Fool with Queen of Swords: They are laid out back to back and seem to suggest being of two minds in a situation~a whole fresh new start or a bold, decisive, cutting away of all that  does not serve the queen well.


Moon: Some kind of emotional depth lurks, returns in cycles, and is not yet fully seen. Just as moon shadows obscure realities easier seen in the daylight, there are things yet to be brought into the light of knowing. Feel the situation out, but do not dwell too long or take action this week.


Star reversed with 9 of Pentacles: By the end of July, the notion that being solitary shows that you’re solid and flourishing on your own may come with the realization that there is a larger picture at work~one in which the healing potential may be greater when experienced with another or others. You’ve always known money doesn’t buy happiness.



Your usual stronghold to victory.


7 of Pentacles reversed: Not seeing the fruits of one’s labors can be disappointing. Capricorn’s -keep at it- attitude of perseverance must pull through once again.


Devil reversed: Much determination to get things done the right way is at hand and leaving anything that could hinder success behind is the rule of the week.


10 of Pentacles reversed: Perhaps more work needs to be put in before the timing is right for your dreams of stability to come to fruition. It would be difficult for anyone to start a month at 7 and expect to be all the way to 10 a couple weeks later. Allow things to unfold in proper timing. (A typo was removed-interesting that the word unforeseen was written here.)


Ace of Swords: Now there’s the winning attitude anyone would love to end the month on. Truth in hand and victory eminent, Capricorn speaks their mind, cutting through any clutter to a clear new path.



The new reality


Fool: Free and lighthearted like a butterfly in the breeze, new horizons appear in the distance. Where are you off to Aquarius?


Queen of Swords: All big energy cards this month~ including The World (culmination of a major cycle) at the bottom of the deck-a position indicating that which is still percolating, yet unseen and heading toward the querent if they remain on the path they are now on. This Queen of Swords could easily be Aquarius taking command of air qualities or even someone around them who exudes the qualities often cherished by Aquas.


Hanged Man: Perhaps the Queen of Swords had some thought provoking things to ponder. The fair-minded Aquarius takes time to reflect on what has been presented, on what others and one’s self have said, done, and even pondered previously. What will change after new perspectives are gained?


Hierophant: It seems that, once again, the proper actions of a civil society are forefront in Aquarius’ world. How can we incorporate justice for all? What would that even entail or look like? How can it be made reality in one’s everyday life? I bet Aquas have a few good ideas which are better put to use. As above so below~the microscopic and the gigantic are not so different in structure.



Back on the horse again.


5 of Swords reversed: “Don’t wanna fight no more.” ~sung. Whether with oneself or others, mental conflicts are being let go of.


Chariot: Full speed ahead! This is the building of momentum that is ready for anything. The karmic wheel has been adjusted, yin and yang are in balance and spiritual and physical forces are at the helm.


Death reversed with 7 of Swords: Hold your horses! Foul play is afoot. Someone has made no effort to transform their trickery and is still getting away with it. Mental or otherwise, this sticky situation is quite a reversal from last week’s forward movement.


Knight of Pentacles: This reading brings the feeling of someone who’s intentions are good, goes full throttle, slips back into a situation they know isn’t quite right, then is quick to get back on the horse and act as if nothing shady ever happened. It could be a bump in the road for Pisces or you could be witnessing someone close experiencing this.