🪴🌻🌿🌺JUNE 🌺🌿🌻🪴

It seems that we have all done away with whatever was not aligning with our higher good after the eclipse and are developing a different take on communication after Mercury Retrograde.

🩴 I asked what we are now stepping into~show what’s new.

🔜 Where do we go from here? Directional guidance for the second half of June.



🩴 Queen of Swords~ The moment I saw the card I heard “Discernment”. I asked for 1 card for each sign, but the 10 of  Wands reversed really wanted to show itself as to how you came to this new level up. All that felt burdensome & all that did not mesh well with your mental well being has been cut away. A certain line in the sand has been drawn and only that which you deem to be logically steady may pass. You are standing in truth. ⚔️

🔜 Knight of Swords~Further reiterates that you have something sharp-witted to say. Continue to gather information. Your guides are perfectly fine with you quickly cutting things down to the points that need to be made with others who ramble on with ideas that won’t serve you well.



🩴 Tower~ The reveal. I asked for 1 card for each sign, but the 7 of Swords came with the Tower indicating the nature of this epiphany. The tower can shake something down to the foundation in order to rebuild more solidly. The 7 of Swords is anything but solid and tells of trickster energies that wish to hide lies, mental misconduct, thievery, etc. The card being upright indicates it is going on right in front of you but you do not see it-when its reversed, getting caught or cheating out in the open or revealed. If this is internal, you will have a wake up call to play fairly with yourself from here on out. The Tower is a major card, #16, which also reduces to #7~the number of spiritual victories after confusion. 🌋
Wait for the understanding to come before making any conclusions.

🔜 10 of Wands reversed~The final step. 10 is the end-and when it’s reversed it is so darn close to the fresh start… but there’s that one last little burden that needs addressing. I was called to look at the bottom of the deck to see the Wanderer (Fool), and behind it the Wheel and Ace of Swords: your new beginning is so close you must be able to smell and taste it. Make sure to tie up any loose ends, cross all the T’s, and dot all the I’s before leaping into the new.



🩴 King of Wands reversed~ Too much or not enough? The energy is big, wild & uncontrollable or not happening at all. This could be internal, occurring with others, or being exhibited by someone around you. The King of wands in his upright being is dynamic and attractive, and knows how to conduct business and the energies of others in order to create a fruitful, lively, loving, beautiful kingdom. When he is reversed and out of sorts he can be an angry, frustrated, chaotic tyrant. Or perhaps at times the energy is ineffective~ in the bedroom, for personal growth, etc. (Person’s experiencing these energies can be any gender, but at this time masculine traits are being dealt with.)
💦 Sit by or in the water.

🔜 3 of Swords~Uff, Gemini… rough waters this month. My heart goes out to anyone moving through pain and mental jabs from others and even yourself. If you must be with your thoughts, try to incorporate other elements (besides air): perhaps a campfire on the water with your feet in the dirt. Death/rebirth/transformation is at the bottom of the deck backed by 2 of Wands reversed and Ace of Swords-this too shall pass and you will come to an understanding about not seeing eye to eye as the truth comes into the light. (Leo is also moving through the 3 of Swords energy this month.)



Song: “Ain’t no love, no love… like my baby’s love” I heard a man’s voice from DapTone records, somehow in conjunction with the song I’ve never found a girl (to love me like you do).

🩴 Queen of Cups reversed~ Cancer in their upright being naturally exhibits the qualities of the Queen of Cups upright. Cancer cares. Nurturing and protective Cancer will wipe children’s faces clean, make sure they leave with lunch in one hand and a jacket in the other, and so on. Someone may have been worn thin and is not showing the level of caring they once did. The lack of care may be directed internally or toward others. Lashing out in moodiness when feeling emotionally hurt is par for the course this month. This too shall pass. 💓
Love first.

🔜 Page of Cups~Small offers are meaningful. Whether you are giving, receiving, or both, small acts of kindness will get you where you want to go. At the bottom of the deck there seems to be a back story of a situation you realized was going nowhere. Not everyone and everything in life will suit you or be to your liking-it is all about your reactions. How one deals with others determines what they  call in toward them. Love first.


LEO ♌️

🩴 6 of Swords reversed~ Going back, not moving on to calmer waters, thinking over a decision to leave again and again-Leo is not ready to leave. Though new wonders await on distant shores, you are hesitant to set sail and leave it all behind. Mulling over how past decisions have panned out and second guessing oneself is likely at this time. “No one in front of me and nothin behind “Bob Dylan-Things Have Changed”. The notion of damned if you do and damned if you don’t is present. We are always in the right place at the right time. ⏱
“Se la vie say the old folks-it goes to show you never can tell”. Chuck Berry

🔜 3 of Swords (Gemini is also moving through the 3 of Swords energy this month.) Leo’s came out backed by Justice-karmic balancing seems to be in your favor as you experience the mental jabs of more juvenile energies. (Knight of Wands and Page of Wands are at the bottom of the deck backed by a slew of cards indicating no way forward.) It seems that Leo is watching and experiencing painful mistakes, more so of others, while discerning when to speak up and when not to.



🩴 Star~ Virgo is receiving the healing guidance available to all of us all at any time. This connection with the all mighty bigness is ever-present, yet much of our lives are spent doing the increasingly faster, and further from nature, business of living out human lives. A greater connection with the natural world, free of toxins of all sort helps ease in this energy of abundant healing, a sense of well-being, and of knowing one’s place in the infinite puzzle. The Prince of Swords wanted to come out behind the Star indicating a conversation or meeting of minds or gathering information on the topic may be taking place at this time. Journaling and mandala artwork will prove to have positive effects 🖌📙
Be an open channel of receiving guidance.

🔜 Ace of Coins reversed~Do not make or take offers at this time: they are not grounded and will not produce the results desired-he energies are too shaky at this time. Accept healing from great spirit and ease into the clockwork timing of the universe as you wait for delivery of the full enchilada you’ve ordered.



🩴 Hanged One reversed~ Getting ready. After taking time to gather information and insights, Libra is finding the balancing point. There is a feeling of coming back around~almost ready to get back into action again, transformation transpiring, the lotus in full bloom at the presuppose of death and rebirth. A new perspective or take on life is emerging at this time. Those deemed most treasured around you will allow you to have your moments of peace. 🌸
A new perspective broadens your horizons.

🔜 3 of Cups~Don’t forget to enjoy life-you have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Surrounding yourself with those who mesh well with you and having some down time outside the headspace helps you develop a more lighthearted approach to life in general. Give thanks for all your connections. “Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”



🩴 Queen of Wands~ (It came out backed by Lovers reversed and King of Pentacles reversed-there are two people in this situation.) A feminine presence of strength, flourishing, creative fun and magnetic beauty standing in her power is met with a choice to give and receive love energy with a masculine presence who seems a little down on his luck, unstable, or unwilling to put in the solid effort of follow through in order to build. The Lovers card was once called The Choice, as we choose who we allow into our inner sanctums. In reverse it seems this person does not bring anything more to the table than the queen is capable of bringing on her own~she will be upright and forthcoming on the matter. 🌄
It seems that the investment is not grounded.

🔜 Page of Swords~I heard “spit it” in a poetry slam voice. Someone has something to say-likely both parties. The Lovers are at the bottom of the deck followed by a storyline of going between feeling 2 of Cups love and feeling left out in the cold. Fast and to the point communication, within and with others, may be necessary. Use care to think through something before saying it.


Sagittarius ♐️

🩴 8 of Pentacles~ The wheel of human work life is turning. Just as a huge stone grinding wheel turns, slowly but surely, grains become a substance suitable for food making. You may feel you’ve had your nose to the grindstone for a long time, but now Sagittarius is seeing that all things in their timing, built on solid groundwork, will produce tangible results. There may even be a giggle of joy seeing just how far you’ve come. The helping hands of the universe and the truths of society are visible to you and you find it easier to see where the spirit of stability is genuine and where it’s not. Well done 💰👏
Quality work is work investing in.

🔜 Wheel reversed~”Not just yet.” The feeling of being dealt an unfair twist of fate is present. The Ace of Cups reversed and 4 of Wands made themselves seen. There could be some push and pull regarding fun and stability in Sag’s heartspace that doesn’t want to spin the big wheel just yet. That’s ok. It is better to take the time needed to process things well, rather than gloss over them before the next chapter starts. (Capricorn is also headed towards a new chapter soon with the Wheel reversed.)



🩴 9 of Pentacles~ Flourishing. Super stable in your own right, you are a money magnet at this time. Your ducks are in a row and everyone knows it. The happiness of abundance is  sustained when a job is well done and Capricorn is doing it right. You have secured a place in this world where you are capable of giving to others, where all feel safe, and where you are ready to sit side by side with another who has similarly built their world. 🪴💝
The Empress card also flashed itself at me as I was shuffling. The 9 of Pentacles is the pre-Empress card and you are well on your way into attracting abundance.

🔜 Wheel reversed~ (Sagittarius is also headed towards a new chapter soon with the Wheel reversed. Yes I shuffled. Capricorn’s Wheel came out backed by 8 of Cups and the Devil.) The last piece of the puzzle is walking away from that which you know does not serve your best look, highest path of good, or where you truly want to go in life. Seductive as that midnight brownie is… Seductive as that naked person is… Seductive as that foaming, glistening beer is… -its not going to take you where you want to go~the bright new start that’s waiting for you. All things in due time.



🩴 Princess of Cups~ A little lighthearted fun is on order in Aquarius’ world this month. A fresh feel is in the air around you as you drop moon beams of love as sweet as honey on all around you. The Byrds lyrics “Ah but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now” sung by Bob Dylan and his song Forever Young came through at the same time. What some may see as childish love might actually be just what the world needs now~like a daisy in the barrel of a gun. 💟
Do not allow others to divert you away from sprinkling your magic love dust.

🔜 Tower~ I was shown a 90 degree turn ⤴️ A reroute on life’s path-not a remaking of one’s being, but turning towards a new direction. The Alchemist (Temperance) reversed at the bottom of the deck gently warns not to lose your cool. The tower can be anything that shakes things up~from an epiphany to a total tear down in order to rebuild on a more solid foundation. This tower seems to be a redirection placing focus elsewhere on something new. If anyone is well-equipped to deal with sudden change, it’s Aquarius. Let your Princess of Cups within spread a little honey along the way.



🩴 The moon~ Feeling Deep. 6 of Swords came out behind the Moon, which can be helpful in reading the Moon’s energy since it comes with things “yet unknown”. Your being is feeling out if and when to leave something behind, whether mentally or physically. Pisces is feeling a profound sense longing at this time~ perhaps generational energies are culminating within. Knowing that no one tells every last secret to another, Pisces may wonder what is being hidden from them. In this great experience of mirroring, the depth of our waters and the desire to mentally move on, we are not so different from each other as we come from the same source. Come to terms with the notion that there will always be unknown factors in the human journey. 🌜
Do not shy away from deep feelings, experience them before making any decisions.

🔜 Wanderer (the Fool)~ Heed the call of the universe-it beckons you to take the step. New adventures on the horizon call you out of meditation to interact with the world at large; to experience more of the human experience. Why not? Pisces certainly knows how to go with the flow. Enjoy your journey with childlike wonder that is as contagious as laughter. Set out to design your world as you want it to be.