♈️ ARIES ~2 of Swords reversed~          

Someone’s mind is made up and they’re sticking to it for better or worse.

Advice~Strength reversed~

You don’t always have to be tough.

♉️ TAURUS ~King of Cups~

“Are you going to take my hand?” someone asks in a heartfelt manner. Love is available.

Advice~4 of Cups reversed~

Do not stay sullen; it doesn’t behove you.

♊️ GEMINI~Page of Cups~

A little something is offered in the way of kindness.

Advice~10 of Pentacles~

Do not be dismayed with small offers, think bigger. Act from the sense of having it all and you will surely have it.  

♋️ CANCER~3 of pentacles sideways~

Are we working together? We could build something solid, but  I’m not going to beg

Advice~Queen of Cups~

Act with love no matter what others do. Use your big heart.

♌️ LEO~ 7 of Wands reversed~

You have no need to keep your guard up and feel the freedom from having to defend anything.


The energy is better spent in believing in the lover you choose. Enjoy.

♍️ VIRGO ~Moon~

There is more to see and feel and be reviled this month as you move through the depth of this journey.

Advice~Justice reversed~

In the midst of injustice… how will you act?  

♎️ LIBRA~World~

Recognition of all that has come before this complete ending. Hindsight is 20/20

Advice~2 of pentacles~

You are setting a standard of balance within in order to ensure fairness in all endeavors to come.

♐️ SAGITTARIUS ~Priestess sideways ~

Am I solid on my own? How do others see me? I know I am strong and loved so why do I question it?

Advice~7 of Cups~

Walk away from muddled thinking. Make solid choices and run with them.

♑️  CAPRICORN ~1 of Swords sideways~

Is it truth or not? Is it of the light or of the dark? Is it Yin or yang? Trying to see both sides of the coin.

Advice~2 of Pentacles~

Take another look at who and what you invest in. What deserves your time?

♒️  AQUARIUS ~Fool reversed~

Not taking the step. Whatever the world has on offer, you’re not buying. 

Advice~6 of Swords~

Walk away, just put it down and walk away. (The Fool being reversed seems to indicate you’re a step ahead and on the right track.)

♓️ PISCES~1 of Wands reversed~

“Not gonna do it.” Shying away from action. No passion to initiate.


You knew. …didn’t you? Resolve to follow that knowing. Feel the connectivity of all that is. It is at your command as you are at its command. Walk with grace.