King of Pentacles reversed, Ace of Cups, Queen of Cups reversed (Wow, quite a layout.)
💗 What is between them? Love. What separates them and what holds them together?
(If you are single it may pertain to feminine and masculine aspects within, though it felt as if there were 2 people.)
The feminine energy may come off as cold, while the masculine energy may not seem stable. Perhaps both feel they have nothing to offer and also see the other as having nothing to offer… but there it is… a glorious cup of love. Perhaps an honest conversation will help turn these strong energies upright~the potential is there.


5 of Swords, 2 of Pentacles, King of Swords, 8 of Wands, 3 of Swords reversed (all fell out together seeming to tell a straight forward story line)
💓 ~A skirmish of energies like too many cooks in the kitchen
~Juggling between worlds, ideas, people, situations
~Someone speaks up, cuts to the core of the matter in a well-spoken manner, mediates
~A significant conversation with lots of back and forth action
~Results in lessening anguish


Knight of Pentacles (gently flipped up onto my hand, did not exude the usual slow stability, but rather the in and out nature of youthful adventures), 3 of Wands reversed & 9 of Wands reversed (fell out together, felt like hidden aspects)
💚 Someone who is, by their true nature, a careful, long term builder may be finishing a slightly reckless early life cycle of dispersing one’s energies as their true, stable self takes hold Not sure what to think? Take it slow, things will build.


2 of Cups, 3 of Cups, Judgement (when shuffling, too many cards kept falling out until I felt tired from so many mixed up energies and wished to calm or pair things down)
❤️ Feeling the love? Seeing eye to eye and heart to heart with another soul may have you celebrating a bit too much.
Single & ready to mingle? Not for long. It is quite favorable to attend any functions you’re invited to at this time, providing you don’t loose yourself in the libations. By month’s end realizations abound as a heightened sense of awareness steers you on your path.


4 of Swords reversed, (last 3 fell out together, clarifying what was being meditated on) Queen of Swords reversed, 4 of Cups, Chariot reversed
🤎 Ok, I’m done sleeping on this & I’m ready now. Ruminating on sorrows, stagnation, and sharp words that can’t be undone has run its course and is no longer productive. It is time to get up and live it as you envision it~a benevolent outcome for all.


Judgement (heard “come to god moment”), 7 of Pentacles (6 stars stood out like a fall yellow/orange smile on the card), 9 of Wands reversed (heard “give in”)
💛 Self-Realizations. -Meeting one’s self in the vastness of this multifaceted existence. -Seeing how one interacts with others, with self, in matters of business, etc, -How one moves forward, decides what to stick with or not and why -What is truly wanted and how to make it so. So shall it be. Actions and reactions. An opening for a great progression is at hand. You’ve been diligent at the wheel a long time and its safe to let go and let god steer. The universe smiles upon you, providing for your journey.


King of Swords, Hanged One reversed, Magician reversed
🖤 After the end and before the beginning. Someone speaks their mind, cutting to the core of a situation. Perhaps someone has pondered a while without developing a fresh perspective, resulting in all talk and no action. Stand in your power and speak your truth with carful intent for the future no matter how confusing things seem. The truth shall prevail.


Chariot reversed, 2 of Cups reversed, 9 of Swords reversed
❣️”Hold the boat, we’re getting off.” Not seeing or feeling connected to or successful with another person or with conflicting aspects within the self. The desire to move forward from overthinking is present, though no movement seems to be taking place. Work with others or yourself to build a solid, cohesive foundation for future victories.


7 of Swords reversed, (last 4 fell out together) Emperor, 7 of Wands reversed, Princess of Cups, 2 of Pentacles
💞 “Tragedy narrowly averted.”
No longer beating yourself up over something. Instability or a rocky road with an authoritative figure. If two people are involved the more masculine energy may be angry feeling they have nothing to fight for with the more feminine energy sprinkling a little sugar on the situation while entertaining two worlds. Any harm done will be out in the open~though I heard someone “didn’t do it” though it may seem like they did.


Knight of Cups reversed, Star, 10 of Pentacles with 7 of Swords reversed clarifying it
💖 Not a child anymore. Living the experience of no more silly games and realizing that in itself is tremendous healing that dissolves the sense of illusive separateness. Time to oneself, time to sit alone in the quiet of the night air to feel the connection with all makes union sweeter. Relish the heartfelt moments of having it all.


World, Moon, Ace of Cups
💝 Well then, your time has come. A whole new beginning with a deep offer of love is at hand. There will always be the unknown, but this time it comes with a grand sense of the big picture of love and emotion in the human experience and beyond. It may feel as though an unseen force  envelopes you in loving bliss or you might be struck with a genuine love offer when you least expect it. Do not fear the deep places, the hand of nature/god is at play, gifting you a sweet new start.


Star, Judgement (heard “massive download”), Devil and Ace of Wands (fell out together and felt like a separate situation in the physical)
💜 …wow! Connection to the vastness of all spirit, science, wisdom, etc is wide open with you in the spotlight and the energy is upright. Fantastical congratulations to the depth of your soul! Full power! There is also a hot and naughty energy happening at the same time-don’t lose yourself or your path of riotousness while enjoying every drop of the naughty passion that comes with the human experience.