Reading the information for one’s Sun, Moon & Ascendant will help to develop a more well-rounded understanding of the energies at hand for each person.
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🪬Information God, guides, etc wants each sign to know

🫦 Challenge Mercury Retrograde presents

🗣 Guidance

* One card for each was asked for and any cards that came out were read.

* This month seems to have a few common threads or themes running through for a number of signs. (Shuffling was done very thoroughly.) Many are very close to the ending of a major cycle with stable energy to build upon being or becoming available to solitarily progress forward.
I don’t believe in coincidences, kept missing the last step at the bottom of the stairs and almost falling, and was hearing “missing the last step”. The World card has come out reversed for a few signs and that message is being reiterated with the appearance of that card.

A tyrant who isn’t utilizing creative forces for the good, things deeply felt, factors “beyond our control”, lots of cards indicating people and the caution to be discerning with words are in the mix this month, and likely a bit longer~through Mercury Retrograde (September 9th through October 2nd). For additional information one might read ~Here’s How Mercury Retrograde September 2022 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign~ at Bustle for example.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto will also be Retrograde this month.

* People cards do not indicate one’s gender, but show the masculine and feminine traits being exhibited by a person during the time frame indicated.


🪬 King of Wands reversed with 6 of Pentacles: Someone has the power to be generous but is not using their creative drive properly. Aries will be shown what giving from one’s excess correctly and fairly looks like through the experience of someone doing the exact opposite.

🫦 3 of Pentacles: The challenge is to connect and work well with others in community (and the physical realm), building a solid foundation where all are allowed to flourish. 3 is half way to 6 of pentacles, or being able to share the health and wealth~because solid work was put in together previously.

🗣 Alchemist (Temperance): There is no need to go to any one far extreme in determining where the middle ground is. Temper the energies at hand, see all sides in order to blend worlds well, so that all is equal and even. It can be a slow process requiring grace, but sturdy foundations are not built in haste.


🪬 World reversed: There is one more necessary step to take before the successful completion of a huge cycle which Taurus will never have to go over the lessons of again after its completion in this life.

🫦 High Priestess reversed: The challenge is in dealing with any frustration or confusion that comes when not following one’s intuition or when incoming messages are not clear. For Taurus people who have more fixed or earth placements in their charts it will pertain to allowing the depth of the universe to be seen and felt and for intuition to come through. For Taurus people who have water in their charts, and are already quite in tune with their intuition, it will be about understanding that we are all humans who are susceptible to  the magnetic, watery ways of this creation and to the nuances of the birth charts we accepted to be born with (the map of the placements of planets, etc at the time and place of birth)

🗣 4 of Wands: Now is the time for Taurus to focus on something they are naturally good at~ creating a joyful, comfortable home space. Sturdy, fun, lovely surroundings bring daily vibrance helpful for easing through any difficulties more smoothly this month.


🪬 3 of Cups reversed: This speaks of not going out to have a good time with friends or perhaps not having a good time going out with friends. (Yes, it is unusual for Gemini…)

🫦 Hermit with Page of Cups and 7 of pentacles: The challenge here is less talking and more listening. This refers to the kind of listening one does in silence, while sitting alone, in order to tune into the wisdom that is available. During this time thoughts may turn to the ways in which one fills their own cup of love, and in turn how one offers it. This can lead to thoughts of what it takes to build something capable of flourishing in the future by tending one’s own garden first.

🗣 Queen of Swords: Be discerning with your words. Take time to think before speaking. Choose words wisely, as well as the timing of when to speak up and when not to. Sit with yourself during this Mercury retrograde and wait to speak up until it has passed. It will assist Gemini in acting in the manner of the queen of right thinking and tactful wording.


🪬 Ace of Swords reversed with 3 of Wands: Someone is lying and someone is waiting for the revile, for the truth to come out, or for someone to notice the incorrect words. (The Ace of Swords reversed can indicate different things. This is the message that came in fast and direct.)

🫦 Emperor: If someone is waiting for the emperor to detect a lie, it shouldn’t take long since he has previously acted as every king in the deck (properly utilizing the the qualities of earth, fire, air, and water) and he knows well when information being presented isn’t on the up and up. But why is he in the challenge position? 2 cards of clarification quickly came out of the Ryder Waite deck-5 of Pentacles and 6 of Wands reversed “The emperor stands alone” spirit said. The emperor depicted in the Uncommon deck, being used for this month’s reading, is not a tyrant, but more of a spiritual guru, who’s sure of his words, as they are thought through before being spoken in a calm manner. He does seem more solitarily in control of his world~perhaps previously leaving a situation that was not bound to bring success. (This was the only card this month where I could not figure out why it showed up in the position of challenge. I expect that by the end of the month Cancer will know who it refers to.)

🗣 Hermit reversed: Cancer needs to come out with it. Perhaps Cancer knows of a lie or knows of the truth. Even if it is simply a bad idea, its time to stop thinking about it and speak up. Bring the wisdom forth. The emperor will do as he pleases and is capable of discerning what is right.

♌️ LEO

🪬 9 of Swords reversed with 9 of Pentacles, 2 of Pentacles, 4 of Pentacles reversed, Knight of Wands: This straightforward storyline speaks of getting out of one’s head and leaving mental agony behind, standing sturdy on one’s own, making a decision on where one stands (or perhaps lives), letting go of something not within one’s control in the earth realm, and going out into the world to make one’s own way in a dynamic, artistic, flourishing manner. Nice.

🫦 Page of Wands reversed: The challenge during Mercury retrograde for Leo is sometimes not feeling the childlike wonder of pure enthusiasm that is helpful when initiating a new desired path.

🗣 9 of Cups: Fill your own cups of love first. Create your own happiness because no one else can bring Leo genuine fulfillment. In doing so, this is how the 9 of cups became known as the wish fulfillment card. Keep in mind that the next step or card in the deck is the 10 of cups which represents two people who have fulfilled their own lives coming together in a long term union of genuine love and caring.


🪬 World reversed: There is one last step to be taken before a successful completion. You are so close to closing out a major cycle for good.

🫦 6 of Pentacles reversed with Page of Pentacles reversed: The challenge is being shown unfairness in the physical realm or no equal give and take in the human world. Seeing no solid offers being presented or feeling that you have nothing solid to offer is also challenging this month. This too shall pass and the World card will come to a successful close sooner than later, but not likely until Mercury retrograde has passed.

🗣 Moon reversed with Knight of Wands: Information that has come to light helps Virgo to choose to make a clean, fresh, bold, fun, creative, golden, almost Leo-like world for themselves down a new path of independent journey. Those who are considered to be acting like less than lovely about things will be left behind mentality.

* I was drawn to the bottom of the deck or what one doesn’t see coming yet, as it is percolating and culminating in the ethers of the universe at this time~6 of wands: “victory is eminent”.


🪬 2 of Cups reversed with King of wands reversed: This immediately felt like it was pertaining to a love connection with the feeling of~ugh, oh no, dang it, so sad, too bad this king is not kind or is “being a dick”.

🫦 Justice: The card flew around before landing on the floor, slightly reversed. I asked which way it was to be read and was told it doesn’t matter in this case because the challenge is in finding the justice or not having the justice. The scales are tipping in a hard situation to find balance and good decision-making in.

🗣 Queen of Swords: Make sure everything said is the absolute truth so that nothing comes back to “bite you in the butt”. Be upright. Stand your ground. The scenario of a lady lawyer speaking in the highest honer of truth, bringing a win, because something is not Libra’s fault was shown.

* The intuition enhancing music I was listening to would not play as Libra’s cards were being laid out. Silence and speaking up in appropriate timing also seems to be a theme this Mercury retrograde for many.
* On the recording made of the messages coming in I said “sorry Cancer”. I don’t believe in coincidences, so there may be some connection there.
* The card at the bottom of the deck, being the 10 of Pentacles reversed, reiterated the feeling of the first card that came out for out for Libra~2 of Cups reversed~the end of a love relationship or family situation.


🪬 Star: Know that you are not alone in this and that the connection to infinite healing energy is always available. Putting one’s best self forward to the world attracts the best in return and assists one in moving forward toward victory in balance with the universe.

🫦 Queen of Cups with 10 of Cups reversed: The challenge is to simply be loving in a situation where loved ones may not reciprocate Scorpio’s nurturing ways. When met with the unkind, unfulfilled, broken ways of others it may be difficult to put love forth toward a downhearted ending, quite likely a marriage or family situation while maintaining your personal love bubble.

🗣 10 of Swords reversed with Knight of Pentacles: When no more time is given to mental anguish, it helps Scorpio to come to the understanding of the Star card energy. Going it alone doesn’t have to be sad or scary. Slowly set out upon a solid new start, leaving all the torment that has been put upon you behind. The willingness to take that step forward also brings the same energy of solid offers in for Scorpio. To every ending there is a new dawn.


🪬 7 of Cups with King of Wands reversed: Life is filled with many choices, as typically seen in any depiction of the 7 of Cups. Some cups are filled with love and victory, some with treachery and deceit. It is up to Sagittarius this month to take a pause and allow intuition to guide the heart through any confusion when making choices. Doing this allows Sag to recognize that one of the cups contains a tyrant who is not using their creative fire respectability, is not in control of their kingdom or of their own actions, and is not a wise choice to connect with. (Swearwords came through on the King of Wands reversed further reiterating Sag’s sentiments on having that person out of the picture.)

🫦 5 of Pentacles: The challenge is in overcoming the feeling that there is nowhere to land on solid ground, that you’ll be left out in the cold without the worldly comforts of health and wealth.

🗣 Moon with 2 of Pentacles, 3 of Cups reversed, Wanderer (Fool), Ace of Pentacles: There are unseen factors which are not possible to know of yet. When deciding where to solidly place your next footsteps, do not listen to the chatter of others, make your own decisions for yourself. Setting out on your new path without the baggage of other’s advice, which is only being given through their own experiences, is what bings this wonderful ace of pentacles energy rolling in. The energy of being able to put forth and to accept solid offers to build upon comes from one’s own self during this time frame.


🪬 Alchemist (Temperance) reversed: In the ebb and flow of all there is, in the time and space of the human experience, this is a month in which things do not naturally have an easy time blending well. Capricorn may be experiencing this or observing it, or both. A normally sturdy being may experience a bout of depression, likely stemming from perceived earthly difficulties such as feeling left out in the cold due to health or monetary concerns. If a smooth balance of physical and spiritual energies does not come easily, do not be tempted to push the river. This too shall pass. Take it easier on yourself.

🫦 4 of Cups reversed: The challenge is not to feel down about something if it doesn’t go the way you would have preferred it to. Do not allow the  faux pas of others to linger in your heart-space as this energy cycles through this month.

🗣 5 of Cups reversed: This further reiterates not to cry over spilled milk, what’s done is done, and do not linger in downheartedness. Capricorn has an inherent strength to bounce back well. Your ability to know what to invest yourself in and what not to is robust.
* Lapis is the stone for Capricorns to work with during this time frame and anytime a bit of strength is needed


🪬 King of Swords: Know when to cut ‘m off. The Kenny Rogers song, The Gambler, says to know when to hold ‘m, know when to fold ‘m, know when to walk away and know when to run. It seems that Aquarius is being presented with a situation in which you are up to the challenge of standing strong, speaking up, and cutting to the core of the truth during this time frame. The classic interpretation of the King of Wands card is at hand~quick mindedness paired with a decisive turn of words.

🫦 Devil with Page of Wands reversed and 3 of Wands reversed: The challenge explains why the King of Swords energy is necessary this month. The devil represents all we are drawn to which we know doesn’t serve our higher purpose. It can be anything from a cupcake, to laziness, to hard drugs, and so on. The challenge is in facing the devil and cutting it off. There is an element of timing that seems to be associated with not going there or inactivity vs jumping the gun. Do not wait and want for something you darn well know isn’t good for you or isn’t rightfully yours~especially fiery  in and out energies.

🗣 Moon: Accept that there are things that you cannot or should not know. In your infinite connection to wisdom, intuition, etc. there will always be unseen and unknown deep external factors. This is the way the human experience is set up for good reason. God knows best. There are times yet to come when surprises are meant to be surprises, lived out in their own timing, without looking into their depths before their intended time comes to pass.


🪬 Queen of Pentacles reversed with Tower reversed: Its not as bad as Pisces thinks. Even if you feel down and out monetarily, do not despair, you avoided total “disastrophe”. Even if one is not feeling on top of things in the physical realm, not feeling healthy or not flourishing in business, hold on~all is not lost.

🫦 8 of Wands: The challenge for Pisces this Mercury retrograde is literally communication. There may be bombardment of energy, messages to respond to, others watching your social media, etc. Watch your back and be careful with the energy and information you put forth.

🗣 Two sets of information flew out onto the floor. At my left foot was the Knight of coins: Go forth slow enough to make solid offers that can be built upon~take your time and do it right.
At my right foot was the 2 of Pentacles with 5 of Wands and Ace of Wands reversed: Make sure your next step is on solid ground, steady and sturdy,  because there is a decision to make and those who are combative and argumentative will not bring in the fresh, creative energy you seek.