ARIES: Queen of Coins, Ace of Swords reversed 
Sitting secure in abundance, in a mommet of recognition of those who gave guidance and protection along the way. An understanding of how lies, misperceptions and the like effect growth & success has been developed. What now seems obvious, once was not. chalk it up to another notch of experience on your belt~you’re sitting pretty. 

TAURUS: 4 of Wands, 6 of Swords
Riding the wave of stable energy at hand, one walks away from situations of mental turmoil to people & places that match one’s own newfound sense of solidity of character. A celebration of genuinity. Nice!

GEMINI: Queen of Cups, the Wheel reversed 
A simple twist of fate, seemingly beyond one’s control, felt like a stop sign from the universe. In the turn of events that followed, the ability to gracefully honor life with gratitude, and bestow love and respect upon one’s self and others, imparts a sense of knowing that one is emotionally capable. 

CANCER: Star, Devil
Strong energies at work. The healing hand of the Universe steps in, guiding one away from that which does not align with the light of good. We know what is right and wrong, and when we are allowing ourselves to be pulled into the shadows. Dark night of the soul is over. Rest easy, a new day is on the way. 

LEO: King of Cups, Strength reversed
Having been through one’s fair share of heartfelt situations on the road of life may have diminished the child-like sense of strength which comes from lack of fear. Trusting intuition with a watchful, calm demeanor has been achieved. An understanding of the value of genuine love has been developed as well as the ways disingenuousness can harm. 
Note: I happened to notice the Lovers at the bottom of the deck, and under that the 2 of Cups, the Sun, and the Ace of Cups. Moving past being jaded allows these gorgeous energies of new, well-matched of love in. 

VIRGO: Page of Wands, Queen of Swords reversed with the Devil reversed 
A new day is dawning. After a period of turmoil, in which harsh words may have seemed necessary in order to turn away from that which one knew was damaging, an aire of child-like optimism is a long awaited breath of fresh air one was more than ready for.

LIBRA: King of Swords reversed, 5 of Cups reversed 
Past the turning point and headed out of a sullen heart-space, you are no longer willing to entertain advice from others. There is no need to be harsh if you have no use for what others offer. “I don’t even care if I care anymore” can be just as easily be said or thought in the light, easy tone of grace.

SCORPIO: The World reversed, Knight of Wands reversed 
You have seen yourself in the cosmic mirror, experienced the cosmic reflection of your being …and you are aware of the one last little thing that needs to be addressed before the book closes and a new one is opened: that unstable, pesky, in and out energy (person, idea, etc) that never really goes away… You have come far & it wont be long before you’re writing yourself into a whole new world.

SAGITTARIUS: The World, 10 of Cups
The End. Whether or not you are already aware of your divinely matched counterpart, a new, emotionally fulfilling adventure awaits as you reap the rewards of having learned to fill your own cups of love first. Big endings mean big beginnings where others meet you at the height of your light. 
Note: The World popped out of the deck and landed upright in front of me. Much like Scorpio, you too have seen the cosmic reflection of your being.

CAPRICORN: 10 of Coins reversed, Queen of Cups
You kindly come to the aid of others, yet are not feeling the love and support being reciprocated by those around you at this time. Aware of your emotional strength and talents, you know that keeping your chin up and continuing to fill your own cups first, will bring a new cycle of stability, further allowing you to distribute the overflow of love to others without accessing whether one is deserving. 
Note: Somewhat similar to the feeling of standing solidly emotionally on one’s own in Gemini’s reading

AQUARIUS: Ace of Cups, Queen of Swords and 5 of Swords 
Your cup runneth over. Sending forth kind words and thoughts to those feeling anxious (including one’s self) can only lead to more love returned upon the sender. Having moved past situations of mental strive in your own life, you provide a discerning ear and dispense logical advice. “Would you rather be right or be happy?” Love chooses you. 

PISCES: Magician reversed, Queen of Coins 
Not feeling that your world is at your command? Have you put others on pedestals so high it diminishes your ability to connect with them? You have previously realized that everything successful people have in them to reach the top also exists in yourself. Resist making any “tricky” moves & conduct yourself with the glory of accomplishment in each moment.