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Delight your heart with an intuitive reading.

Peace be to you, who enter this website.

Image of Laura Kuhl, 4th Generation Psychic from Madison, Wisconsin.

What can Laura do for you?

You may be wondering what Laura can do for you. The likelihood is that you’ve already felt like she may be the one who can help you. Many of the people who see her have the same experience. And you’re correct. In the 14 years that she’s been doing this work professionally, Laura, a fourth generation healer, has helped hundreds of people connect with loved ones who have died, helped with relationship and career issues, and helped clients figure out why they just haven’t been feeling well.

One of Laura’s many gifts is to help those who have died but have not crossed over into the light. Shes has experience doing this critical work with loved ones who have died from things such as suicide or drug overdoses.

If your home is disturbed by non-essential energies, she can clear your home and return it to a peaceful place to live.

She is an expert at what she does and no matter the issue you are having, Laura’s open heart, and mind will help you find the answers. She will be at your side during the work and will provide the love and support help you to a better place.

Laura has been in conversation with God her entire life. God speaks through her, and she will help you find the peace, joy, and love you crave. It is Laura’s goal to help as many people as she can before she, too, crosses over into the beauty of God’s light.

Trust that you’ve found the one who can help you. Call Laura today and setup an appointment. She’s looking forward to meeting you as well.

Check out new weekly classes with Laura Kuhl!

Register today to start your journey with Laura Kuhl’s Heart Healing Community. A weekly, one-hour meeting via Zoom, will begin Nov. 6th. If you live in the Madison area you may join Laura at her home as well. (day and time may change for the betterment of the people joining the class)

Class is on Sundays at:

4pm Central

5pm Eastern

3pm Mountain

2pm Pacific

Cost: $33 per month

A Zoom link will be provided once you enroll via email

Any questions please feel free to contact Laura

Hablamos Español

Tengo un traductor disponible, puedes enviar un mensaje de texto al 608-239-1316 el traductor se comunicara conmigo y devolveremos tu llamada para resolver cualquier duda.

Hago limpias, remuevo todo tipo de magia negra y limpio tu camino de todo lo negativo. Remuevo entidades de bajo astral.

¿Necesitas respuesta de un ser querido que ya no está? yo te puedo ayudar a contactarlo con la ayuda de dios.

Te protege de ataques energéticos.

Puedo proteger cualquier amuleto o pulsera de mal del ojo.

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Laura Kuhl

Laura is a 4th generation psychic healer and medium. She worked for many years in the beauty industry and gave readings on the side, but in 2012 she was called to put aside cosmetology and focus her energies on healings and readings. Her desire to help others through healings and readings continues and she is actively researching and discovering new methods to move her clients forward in their own life journey. She also partners with international healer Tyhson Banighen on The Wellness Show.