8 Simple Life Changing Tools

If you too are seeking a lifestyle that will create a more positive, successful and abundant life…try these 8 simple life changing tools.  Use 1 or more or all 8 to create the lifestyle that you know you deserve. And if you need guidance I am here for you.

  1. Be aware of self talk.  
  2. Love yourself by sending love to others  who you feel maybe creating havoc in your life
  3. Have a daily practice of meditation and prayer 
  4. Be flexible in mind, body and spirit
  5. Give of yourself with boundaries 
  6. Write down your gratitudes and blessings daily
  7. Feel and envision to manifest your best life
  8. Mindfulness in all areas of your life.

Healing Trauma

As a healer, I find that things happen in sequence.  I will have an abundance of people coming to me for anxiety issues, emotional abuse or all sorts of same kind of trauma. Over the years I’ve learned that every problem has a solution, and never just one, but many solutions.  The best thing about problems is that there is growth every one of them. These are a few solutions that I’ve found that can be effective.  Now more than ever we are seeking self reflection, going within and seeking our true selves. Many are asking to find their souls-purpose and to create a life that will matter.


What We Think and Feels Creates Our Life

How we think about ourselves create how people react towards you. Being aware of self talk, it can create what we feel we deserve in life.

Love Bombs

Sending love to people who create conflict within your life and see how quickly the situation resolves itself.  You don’t have to walk up, call, text or email, but simply think to yourself, Sally who stole your money and your boyfriend, send her loving thoughts  not hateful ones and see what happens. Any time you start to think badly, stop yourself and send her love. See what happens to your life.

Daily Rituals

Meditation is listening and Prayer is talking to your higher self, source or spirit.  They change the way you view yourself and others. It literally slows down our thinking  into focused thoughts, that calm the mind body and spirit.

Choices To Make

Be flexible by not holding on to one thought or another as right or wrong, good or bad. It’s a practice of allowing what is to be and what will be to be. We are not in control of anyone or situation and once learned we except the reason of not being in control. Things are less stressful and life happens and when you watch this happen, life gets really simple and easy.

Healthy Boundaries

Giving of self, by creating healthy boundaries.  ask yourself, what can yoI allow in my life and still be holding on to my own sense of self awareness and self love? Anything outside of these boundaries is about control. Don’t allow others life to control or create havoc in your life. Create a sense of self worth and self love for yourself by taking time to get to know yourself in a loving, caring environment.

Manifesting Our Lives

Writing down creates intentions and when we write down what we are grateful for or blessed, one can see more clearly what you want more of in your life.

Manifesting is about creating a beautiful, loving life through mindful thoughts and feelings. Some say master your thoughts and feelings, master life itself.  You could literally watch your world manifest its way into abundance, richness and love.

Mindfulness Essentials for Life

Food is life. The closer to the ground your food is,  the closer to God, Universe or Energy.  Food is vibrational energy that create how we feel, how we react and how we perceive the world around us.  Food is so important that without that and water, we die rather quickly. Being mindful of what we eat, consume, and allow in and around is mindfulness. What watch, how it makes us feel is mindfulness.  You are the creator of your own world. Be mindful of those things that make our lives beautiful.

Warmly and lovingly see the life you want for yourself. Become that and enjoy all of life’s abundance by trying our these 8 simple life changing tools.