8 Life Changing Tools to Create a Positive, Successful and Abundant Life You Deserve

8 Simple Life Changing Tools

If you too are seeking a lifestyle that will create a more positive, successful and abundant life…try these 8 simple life changing tools.  Use 1 or more or all 8 to create the lifestyle that you know you deserve. And if you need guidance I am here for you.

  1. Be aware of self talk.  
  2. Love yourself by sending love to others  who you feel maybe creating havoc in your life
  3. Have a daily practice of meditation and prayer 
  4. Be flexible in mind, body and spirit
  5. Give of yourself with boundaries 
  6. Write down your gratitudes and blessings daily
  7. Feel and envision to manifest your best life
  8. Mindfulness in all areas of your life.

Healing Trauma

As a healer, I find that things happen in sequence.  I will have an abundance of people coming to me for anxiety issues, emotional abuse or all sorts of same kind of trauma. Over the years I've learned that every problem has a solution, and never just one, but many solutions.  The best thing about problems is that there is growth every one of them. These are a few solutions that I’ve found that can be effective.  Now more than ever we are seeking self reflection, going within and seeking our true selves. Many are asking to find their souls-purpose and to create a life that will matter.


What We Think and Feels Creates Our Life

How we think about ourselves create how people react towards you. Being aware of self talk, it can create what we feel we deserve in life.

Love Bombs

Sending love to people who create conflict within your life and see how quickly the situation resolves itself.  You don’t have to walk up, call, text or email, but simply think to yourself, Sally who stole your money and your boyfriend, send her loving thoughts  not hateful ones and see what happens. Any time you start to think badly, stop yourself and send her love. See what happens to your life.

Daily Rituals

Meditation is listening and Prayer is talking to your higher self, source or spirit.  They change the way you view yourself and others. It literally slows down our thinking  into focused thoughts, that calm the mind body and spirit.

Choices To Make

Be flexible by not holding on to one thought or another as right or wrong, good or bad. It’s a practice of allowing what is to be and what will be to be. We are not in control of anyone or situation and once learned we except the reason of not being in control. Things are less stressful and life happens and when you watch this happen, life gets really simple and easy.

Healthy Boundaries

Giving of self, by creating healthy boundaries.  ask yourself, what can yoI allow in my life and still be holding on to my own sense of self awareness and self love? Anything outside of these boundaries is about control. Don't allow others life to control or create havoc in your life. Create a sense of self worth and self love for yourself by taking time to get to know yourself in a loving, caring environment.

Manifesting Our Lives

Writing down creates intentions and when we write down what we are grateful for or blessed, one can see more clearly what you want more of in your life.

Manifesting is about creating a beautiful, loving life through mindful thoughts and feelings. Some say master your thoughts and feelings, master life itself.  You could literally watch your world manifest its way into abundance, richness and love.

Mindfulness Essentials for Life

Food is life. The closer to the ground your food is,  the closer to God, Universe or Energy.  Food is vibrational energy that create how we feel, how we react and how we perceive the world around us.  Food is so important that without that and water, we die rather quickly. Being mindful of what we eat, consume, and allow in and around is mindfulness. What watch, how it makes us feel is mindfulness.  You are the creator of your own world. Be mindful of those things that make our lives beautiful.

Warmly and lovingly see the life you want for yourself. Become that and enjoy all of life's abundance by trying our these 8 simple life changing tools.

Laura Kuhl, 4th generation psychic from Madison, WI.

A Mastermind Challenge of Gratitude

Gratitude Defined:

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, indebtedness; More
Origin : late Middle English: from Old French, or from medieval Latin gratitudo, from Latin gratus ‘pleasing, thankful.’

Awareness Of it All

In the past few months the gratitude attitude had been surrounding me. Literally the Universe was sending me sign after sign to be more grateful and thankful.

Then wouldn't you know during a Sunday mastermind it was decided that for a week we would concentrate on being grateful for everything. We would even journal how we fared. We were to spend a week being grateful.  To be honest, it took effort and real thought to stay in a place of gratitude. Although I wasn’t perfect by any means, I was learning that the more grateful I am for every moment, the easier my life was flowing. I would find solutions to every issue with effortless ease.  I would find that people were reacting to me in a more positive manner and I was being helped, without having to ask, and even the days seemed brighter.

Moving Forward

Every morning before setting foot on the ground, I shall thank God. Perhaps, I shall also try to find more and more things to be thankful for as the days pass. The past few days have been trying but, it was also easy.  When I stopped feeling badly and started feeling grateful for what I have, it instantly changed my perception.  I am always grateful for that. This past week certainly has changed my perception of gratitudes and the joy it brought into my life.



The Day the Devil Broke My Oprah Coffee Mug


People always ask me about experiences I’ve had in the course of my life. One in particular incident stands out and every morning when I go pick out a coffee mug, I remember this day all over again. This is about an ex-boyfriend, his dead mom and my Oprah coffee mug. 


It wasn’t unusual for M and I to hang out and chat during his lunch hour. He worked not far from my house,  so he’d pop on then Beltline and come by and we’d have lunch together. He had 4 kids so time wasn’t always as free for him as it is for me.  This one particular day he came over and moved his chair over by mine so he could see into the kitchen and I was looking out into the living room. Stage set. His could see my coffee mugs, and I could look over my right shoulder and see the oven, but I couldn’t see the shelves. 

He and I were talking about my dogs and how he liked them because I loved them.  As we were discussing my kids…. we both hear a loud thumping banging come from the kitchen. M’s eyes get as big as saucers. I’m like what? And then it happened.  My purple Oprah coffee mug. Yeah, the one from my only time seeing her live in Chicago with my friend Faith. It shot off the shelf, chi WHAT?? the oven it was lying shattered on the floor. 

M stammered, “OMG, that coffee mug just rocked around the Starbucks mug, and flew off the cupboard onto the floor!”   In his shock, he jumped out of his chair to look for the cause. I knew it was supernatural. 

My spidey senses knew someone, something was in my home and it was uninvited.  I also knew that I have made an energetic fortress around my home, and just not everything is invited into it. I knew it had to be someone or something connected to M. 


As I was cleaning up the broken mug,  I was also asking,…who are you?  The answer…. “I am the Devil.” I laughed out loud. I said, “Ha, the Devil doesn’t announce itself as the Devil, so who are you really?” Again, “The Devil!”  

I could feel a female presence relaled to M. I call my trusted friend, and she asked and got the same answer. She is related to M. Is his mom dead? I said yes, and when I said could this be your mom, he said yes.  He then said that his mom was very unhappy when she was dying, and renounced God and said she was the devil. 


That Devil was there and she had a thing or two she wanted to say to me. I started asking her questions.  “Why are you here? What do you want? Why didn’t you cross into the light? “She’s throwing out swear words at me and calling me names and being very nasty.  I am calmly ask her what do you want?  She is yelling at me. “You don’t love my son!”  I said, “You are correct, I just started seeing him, I am not in love with him and he knows it.”  I was astonished that she was yelling at me. Still, I was laughing, telling him everything she was saying, minus the cruel swear words that she was throwing at me. Finally, I told her, “No more names, no more swear words. Let us get you crossed over into the light.”  I asked God to come down and I asked Jesus to surround her and give her peace. I asked crossing over angels to come and light her soul into love and light. 

She remembered God’s loving kindness and Jesus was singing a song. As she crossed into the light, a peaceful feeling entered the room.  She flowed out of my home through the west wall into the light. Beautiful, loving light. She had again renounced the devil and went home to God where she belonged. 

Needless the say I lost my Oprah mug that day. This angry mother claiming to be the Devil, pushed that mug around Starbucks coffee mug. I am convinced that Oprah’s love of God, and her kind soul was what made M’s mother act. When darkness sees the light, it tries to destroy it. And yet, the light always wins. 





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Monthly Tarot Reading August 2021


???? At the heart of the matter: ~Magician Reversed~

Not making it happen. Despite having all the needed elements to take action, no move is made.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~King of Swords Sideways~

What constitutes good communication? Is it too harsh? Is it clear enough? Does it provide a platform for solid progression or is it degenerative? Does it produce a collected head space?

????Advice:~Wise One (Hierophant)~

I heard sit with it and all will be reviled. While the Priestess know how to quietly uphold esoteric knowledge, the Hierophant knows how to show by example, presenting others with practical ways of living spiritually in every day life.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~Emperor Sideways~

What constitutes being in control of your world? Does an emperor walk softly, carrying a big stick? What would you do and what would you not do to keep your world in check?

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~6 of Swords~

Leaving all that no longer serves you behind will feel like a fresh breeze.

???? Advice:~Page of Swords Reversed~

Sometimes there is a need for a clean cutting away or to just drop something and stop giving it attention.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~Queen of Swords~

Saying your piece, stating your truth

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~3 of Pentacles~

You can't see working together on this. Could things work out and be built properly with the players at hand?

???? Advice:~2 of Pentacles Reversed~

Don't juggle situations, people's hearts, ideas, work, etc. Make a decision. Stick to it and things will naturally move along.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~World Reversed~

I heard "It ain't over till its over." It must be close though because the world is the ending of long term cycles. "A change is gonna come."

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~6 of Swords~

Mental transformation. Leaving behind negative mental tendencies.

???? Advice:~Queen of Wands Reversed~

You've taken time to reflect and think before making a move-it is not yet time for action. Do not flaunt your feathers yet.

LEO ♌️

???? At the heart of the matter: ~Emperor~

How you communicate the ways in which you have control of your world. How do you conduct yourself in regards to others?

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~5 of Wands Reversed~

Leaving a bombardment of conflicting energies behind. Maybe you didn't even realize the turmoil was gone. Make sure you are not led into anything harsh or entangling.

???? Advice:~Page of Cups~

Be kind. Bring the pleasant, generous, warm, openness of child-like enjoyment forth.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~Moon Reversed~

Emotions revealed. Things don't seem so murky and obscured anymore. Things seem more steady and less in flux. Roll with it, cards are being put on the table.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~Awakening (Judgement)~

What have I done? Where have I fallen short? Where have I stood tall and proud? A sense of access and responsibility to every little thing in the akashic records of your being. A transformation you may not even see or feel in how you judge others and yourself is happening.

????ً Advice:~Justice Reversed~

"You take the good, you take the bad, and there you have the facts of life." Come to terms with injustice being a part of the human experience. "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you just might get what you need."



???? At the heart of the matter: ~Page of Cups Reversed~

No offer given, no offer taken.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~2 of Pentacles Reversed~

Not seeing the way to be steady, smooth, and even keel. Libra's goal is to be in balance, not needing to tip the scales back and forth.

???? Advice:~Page of Wands Reversed~

Taking action to move toward this thing, person, concept, etc.  would likely be a juvenile mistake.



???? At the heart of the matter:~4 of Swords Reversed~

Done thinking~the desire to Do. Done resting~the desire to get up and out and live again.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~8 of Pentacles Reversed~

Not putting in effort and missing the details. Is someone flaking out on you? Are you being a flake? Paying attention to the work of being you.

???? Advice:~Ace of Cups Reversed~

Do not give or solicit love offers




???? At the heart of the matter:~4 of Wands Reversed~

Not feeling comfortable or stable enough to enjoy the celebration of life.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~Ace of Wands Reversed~

Inaction, and the effects that follow.

???? Advice:~6 of Pentacles ~

Fair treatment in what you give you time and effort to including yourself helps you to feel grounded.




???? At the heart of the matter: ~Ace of Swords Reversed~

Not speaking one's piece. The transformation comes when one speaks their truth in a sober fashion

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~2 of Swords Reversed~

You may not realize the decision has already been made. Leaving the mental activity mode.

???? Advice:~2 of Cups~

Allow your higher self and your human self to mesh in agreement to treat every connection as heart felt and genuine and the world will show you live in kind.



???? At the heart of the matter: ~High Priestess Sideways~

To open the door to your being or not. Being an open channel opens one to all kinds of energies and understandings

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~The Devil~

What heals and what harms? What draws you into a place you really didn't want to be? Is there anything that has a hold on you from junk food to junk TV to negative thinking?

???? Advice:~Queen of Pentacles Reversed~

Not the time to make moves, show your hand, or strut your feathers or live above your means. Keep things on the quieter side. Don't skip out on meetings, etc.



???? At the heart of the matter:~4 of Cups~

A little sullen, not appreciating what's in front of you. Not seeing the gifts one has been provided with.

???? What you don't see or need to take a look at:~Wise One (Hierophant)~

How to utilize spiritual understanding in the physical realm. How to put good ideals into action in the human experience.

???? Advice:~8 of Swords Reversed~

Get out of the mind trap.

Get your head out of the sand and turn the frown up-side-down. Do not make things harder than they need to be.

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Monthly Tarot Reading July 2021


Knight of Swords, Hermit reversed: After a period of contemplation, you've put it all into words and are now ready to release them.

Advice~Queen of Wands: Act in a regal manner. Be dynamic, charming, warm, colorful, and strong in your message. Do not jump the gun. Be aware of juvenile communications and thoughts. You've got this.




Empress reversed, Lovers reversed: You may not be feeling the connection with someone this month. You might be fine with that considering you didn't feel uplifted by it. Perhaps you were not living your finest hour, even feeling that the connection burst your bubble of abundance. You might even know who you'd rather work with.

Advice: You may already have a better tomorrow in your sights and won't feel left out for long.




(This might be for a particular person~the message was quite specific. The feeling of knowing one had messed up came over me and I heard lyrics from Bob Dylan's Walkin' Down the Line: "My money comes and goes and rolls and flows through the holes in the pockets in my clothes.")

8 of Coins reversed, Tower reversed: Feeling out of sorts. Not proud of your actions or inactions this month. Perhaps you neglected the details or the work entirely. Disaster nearly avoided. Its not as bad as it seems.

Advice~9 of Coins reversed: If you are not single do not act that way. Move forward.




4 of Swords, 3 of Coins: I heard lyrics from the Cheers theme song: "Takin' a break from all your worries sure would help a lot." I also heard the words: the institution vs the people. Taking a moment to contemplate the building of a solid foundation.

Advice~Knight of Swords: If you have an idea you think is solid, after thinking of the community at hand it pertains to, put it out there~say your piece.



LEO ♌️

Wanderer (the fool), World reversed: The fresh feeling~the fun of a new start. You are no longer experiencing the end of a major life cycle and are gathering momentum to get out and live it up again.

Advice~Wise One (hierophant): Now you will have the chance to put to use the knowledge you have gained.




King of Coins, Hermit reversed: I heard Hopeton Lewis lyrics: "take it easy, no need to worry." Someone is sitting pretty; relaxing into the work of life, getting out there and fully enjoying engaging in the moment at hand.

Advice~Queen of Swords reversed: You understand more flies are caught with honey than vinegar. When something difficult needs to be communicated you are aware there is no need for sharp words or tones.




Death reversed, 10 of Wands reversed: I heard lyrics from the Violent Femmes: "gone, daddy, gone, the love has gone~away."

You may be asking "Is it over yet?" ...because you're feeling over it and not tied to something or someone anymore. A moment of purgatory.

Advice~Empress reversed: You do not have to be all things to all people. You may need a genuine moment of downtime to breathe new breath before your fully abundant self surfaces again.




10 of Cups reversed, 4 of Cups: Not having the ideal life or partner. Perhaps no offer is given or you may find that you pass up an offer, holding out until what is right for you comes along.

Advice~Ace of Cups reversed: Do not give or accept love offers at this time.




Awakening (judgement), 9 of Cups: What constitutes playing dirty? What constitutes the makeup of a true victory? You are being given what you wanted~all you have to do is enjoy it.

Advice~2 of Swords: Do not flounder back and forth. Choose it and go with it~energies are in your favor.




2 of Wands, 10 of Cups reversed: Meeting the world, seeing eye to eye on common ground, starting a situation in the face with openness. You know you cannot have all the things that you want in life.

Advice~9 of Coins: You find strength in your independence no matter what the world shows you.




Death reversed, 2 of Coins: I heard lyrics from Bob Dylan's 115th Dream "I decided to flip a coin, Like either heads or tails

Would let me know if I should go, Back to ship or back to jail."

Ending of harsh situations. Transformation by way of knowledge quietly accumulated. Weighing options by thinking yourself into one situation, then another~feeling into what each would be like.

Advice~Queen of Swords: Watch your wording. There are truly no wrong paths. That which is meant for you will surely never pass you by.




Magician reversed, 4 of Swords: Inactivity. The heart of the matter is getting on with creating a new human experience. Use downtime wisely and pay attention to your thoughts so that genuinely restorative relaxation can happen.

Advice~Emperor reversed: Find the balance of releasing control to the universe and letting God steer you toward that which is good for you to experience, then act upon those things

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Monthly Tarot Reading March 2021

♈️ ARIES ~2 of Swords reversed~          

Someone's mind is made up and they're sticking to it for better or worse.

Advice~Strength reversed~

You don't always have to be tough.

♉️ TAURUS ~King of Cups~

"Are you going to take my hand?" someone asks in a heartfelt manner. Love is available.

Advice~4 of Cups reversed~

Do not stay sullen; it doesn't behove you.

♊️ GEMINI~Page of Cups~

A little something is offered in the way of kindness.

Advice~10 of Pentacles~

Do not be dismayed with small offers, think bigger. Act from the sense of having it all and you will surely have it.  

♋️ CANCER~3 of pentacles sideways~

Are we working together? We could build something solid, but  I'm not going to beg

Advice~Queen of Cups~

Act with love no matter what others do. Use your big heart.

♌️ LEO~ 7 of Wands reversed~

You have no need to keep your guard up and feel the freedom from having to defend anything.


The energy is better spent in believing in the lover you choose. Enjoy.

♍️ VIRGO ~Moon~

There is more to see and feel and be reviled this month as you move through the depth of this journey.

Advice~Justice reversed~

In the midst of injustice... how will you act?  

♎️ LIBRA~World~

Recognition of all that has come before this complete ending. Hindsight is 20/20

Advice~2 of pentacles~

You are setting a standard of balance within in order to ensure fairness in all endeavors to come.

♐️ SAGITTARIUS ~Priestess sideways ~

Am I solid on my own? How do others see me? I know I am strong and loved so why do I question it?

Advice~7 of Cups~

Walk away from muddled thinking. Make solid choices and run with them.

♑️  CAPRICORN ~1 of Swords sideways~

Is it truth or not? Is it of the light or of the dark? Is it Yin or yang? Trying to see both sides of the coin.

Advice~2 of Pentacles~

Take another look at who and what you invest in. What deserves your time?

♒️  AQUARIUS ~Fool reversed~

Not taking the step. Whatever the world has on offer, you're not buying. 

Advice~6 of Swords~

Walk away, just put it down and walk away. (The Fool being reversed seems to indicate you're a step ahead and on the right track.)

♓️ PISCES~1 of Wands reversed~

"Not gonna do it." Shying away from action. No passion to initiate.


You knew. ...didn't you? Resolve to follow that knowing. Feel the connectivity of all that is. It is at your command as you are at its command. Walk with grace.

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Monthly Tarot Readings Feb. 2021

ARIES: Queen of Coins, Ace of Swords reversed 
Sitting secure in abundance, in a mommet of recognition of those who gave guidance and protection along the way. An understanding of how lies, misperceptions and the like effect growth & success has been developed. What now seems obvious, once was not. chalk it up to another notch of experience on your belt~you're sitting pretty. 

TAURUS: 4 of Wands, 6 of Swords
Riding the wave of stable energy at hand, one walks away from situations of mental turmoil to people & places that match one's own newfound sense of solidity of character. A celebration of genuinity. Nice!

GEMINI: Queen of Cups, the Wheel reversed 
A simple twist of fate, seemingly beyond one's control, felt like a stop sign from the universe. In the turn of events that followed, the ability to gracefully honor life with gratitude, and bestow love and respect upon one's self and others, imparts a sense of knowing that one is emotionally capable. 

CANCER: Star, Devil
Strong energies at work. The healing hand of the Universe steps in, guiding one away from that which does not align with the light of good. We know what is right and wrong, and when we are allowing ourselves to be pulled into the shadows. Dark night of the soul is over. Rest easy, a new day is on the way. 

LEO: King of Cups, Strength reversed
Having been through one's fair share of heartfelt situations on the road of life may have diminished the child-like sense of strength which comes from lack of fear. Trusting intuition with a watchful, calm demeanor has been achieved. An understanding of the value of genuine love has been developed as well as the ways disingenuousness can harm. 
Note: I happened to notice the Lovers at the bottom of the deck, and under that the 2 of Cups, the Sun, and the Ace of Cups. Moving past being jaded allows these gorgeous energies of new, well-matched of love in. 

VIRGO: Page of Wands, Queen of Swords reversed with the Devil reversed 
A new day is dawning. After a period of turmoil, in which harsh words may have seemed necessary in order to turn away from that which one knew was damaging, an aire of child-like optimism is a long awaited breath of fresh air one was more than ready for.

LIBRA: King of Swords reversed, 5 of Cups reversed 
Past the turning point and headed out of a sullen heart-space, you are no longer willing to entertain advice from others. There is no need to be harsh if you have no use for what others offer. "I don't even care if I care anymore" can be just as easily be said or thought in the light, easy tone of grace.

SCORPIO: The World reversed, Knight of Wands reversed 
You have seen yourself in the cosmic mirror, experienced the cosmic reflection of your being ...and you are aware of the one last little thing that needs to be addressed before the book closes and a new one is opened: that unstable, pesky, in and out energy (person, idea, etc) that never really goes away... You have come far & it wont be long before you're writing yourself into a whole new world.

SAGITTARIUS: The World, 10 of Cups
The End. Whether or not you are already aware of your divinely matched counterpart, a new, emotionally fulfilling adventure awaits as you reap the rewards of having learned to fill your own cups of love first. Big endings mean big beginnings where others meet you at the height of your light. 
Note: The World popped out of the deck and landed upright in front of me. Much like Scorpio, you too have seen the cosmic reflection of your being.

CAPRICORN: 10 of Coins reversed, Queen of Cups
You kindly come to the aid of others, yet are not feeling the love and support being reciprocated by those around you at this time. Aware of your emotional strength and talents, you know that keeping your chin up and continuing to fill your own cups first, will bring a new cycle of stability, further allowing you to distribute the overflow of love to others without accessing whether one is deserving. 
Note: Somewhat similar to the feeling of standing solidly emotionally on one's own in Gemini's reading

AQUARIUS: Ace of Cups, Queen of Swords and 5 of Swords 
Your cup runneth over. Sending forth kind words and thoughts to those feeling anxious (including one's self) can only lead to more love returned upon the sender. Having moved past situations of mental strive in your own life, you provide a discerning ear and dispense logical advice. "Would you rather be right or be happy?" Love chooses you. 

PISCES: Magician reversed, Queen of Coins 
Not feeling that your world is at your command? Have you put others on pedestals so high it diminishes your ability to connect with them? You have previously realized that everything successful people have in them to reach the top also exists in yourself. Resist making any "tricky" moves & conduct yourself with the glory of accomplishment in each moment.

Deep Clearing Protocol Coaching with Laura Kuhl

Interested in clearing out limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you?


Doing the deep clearing protocol is like a beautiful shower every morning for your whole being. You physical, mental and spiritual self will love you for this gift you are giving to yourself. So many clients have seen profound changes in the way they view their life and how they feel. You too can find relief. Just call today to set up an appointment for a reading and talk to Laura.

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I met Laura through a mutual friend and I as many of you,I was quite curious. The reading was quite profound and she encouraged me to do the deep clearing protocol.

You see, I had been lost for quite some time, robbed of my natural gifts and no one could explain what was going on with me. Not a single doctor, friend or family member.  Not one ounce of creativity was to be found within me.

I proceeded with my first day of the deep clearing protocol and thought to myself when would I know if it worked?

Within days I began to writing again, and was able to creatively express myself.

Take It from someone who has invested a lot to modern medicine that only left me with no answers.  I encourage you to walk through with faith and trust and see this for what it really is which is relief.

I haven’t even finished the protocol yet, and my life has changed significantly for the better.


Laura Kuhl, 4th generation psychic from Madison, WI.

Spokes Woman For God- Laura Kuhl- Psychic Healer

Gods Spokeswoman Explained

My early memory at age of 3, is me sitting in church. I told my mom I was going to work for God someday. She turned the Bible up right in my hands and said "Then start with reading the Bible upright."
My mentor told me I was Gods spokeswoman. I have sat with this information and have let it sink in and feel it for a few days now. I've asked myself over and over, does this feel right? But that early memory makes me think he may just be on to something here.

Being Raised Christian

I love God, my father, I love Jesus Christ as my savior. My parents raised me a Methodist church.  I listened to my dad read the Bible to my mother many nights as a child. I fell asleep in the knowing and the security of my fathers protection not only on earth, but in Heaven as well.

I've traveled in many different dimensional realities always knowing that Jesus was by my side and that I was protected by the word of God, and his promise to me.
I've helped many people rid their lives of demons, those that turn lights on and off or move stuff around. Little pests if what they really are. Letting go of things that do not serve our highest good for God, that is why I love to help people. Many memories of helping others with relationships, loss of loved ones, career choices and dealing with many of life's issues.

Clearer Understanding

I've made friends, and grown, healed and spent almost 20 years trying to be the best version of me. More work is ahead, but I am now at a point where I can honestly say, I did what I set out to do from age 3 years old. I still remember sitting on that purple fabric church pew, singing songs to God. This is also the place that I took Jesus Christ as my savior at age 9 with my father by my side. Where I was baptized, went to bible school and praised the God I adore.

I would say then that yes, I am a Spokeswoman for God. Just asking God to speak through me and allow me to do this work in the best way that I can.

4 Steps To Manifesting Your Love

In the past few months I've read this to my clients over 90 times... and yesterday after reading it once again to a person who clearly didn't love themselves, an epidemic of sorts, I choose to blog about it.
I ask myself why do so many of us get in the habit of self hatred, rather than self love?  I've heard it said to me over and over, "But, isn't that selfish to love yourself above others?"  My response is that you can not truly love something if you don't love yourself first. It would be like trying to fill up a glass of water with an empty well.  If you are not full, you can not fill another.  If anything that I've learned over the past 20 some odd years, is that loving myself has increased my value within myself and others. It's clearly working, as the more I love myself and except myself for truly who and what I am, others find solace in my confidence and feel the love.  My clientele can feel it, and know that what I do and say is because I want nothing more than for them to feel the love themselves. I truly want them have that loving relationship that they long for, to have people respect them and not push them around, for their lives to make sense and to have the courage to move forward, make decisions that will make their life better for everyone involved.
So I made a list of words that described myself and that I love about me.  Then I wrote this, for myself by myself.  I've shared it so many times with the same reaction....how do I do that for me?

1) Write down words that describe yourself that you like; funny, cute, smart, loving, caring, etc.
2) Open up a Thesaurus and put in the words one by one and write down more words that make you feel good about yourself.
3) Sit down and write out why you are these particular words and that you attract the same in others these things.
4) re-read everyday and watch your life change before your eyes.

Not only are you creating a new way of thinking of yourself, but how others see you. This will also attract more of these like minded people into your life. Reaffirming your love of yourself, as they will also be the things you love about yourself.
Caution: People who don't fit these criteria will fall away from you, be prepared for a shift in your friends, family and life.  It's powerful stuff right here, but so worth while.  Who doesn't want to have true love, people who feel good and attract others that feel the same way?  Who doesn't want to be happy, healthy and be abundant in every way possible?  Try it, let me know how it goes and allow me to share with you my life affirming letter to myself.

Things in my life are always working out for me.
I am more than this physical body.
I am beautiful.
I am Love.
I am Light.
I am an amazing woman.
I am free in spirit and allow others around me to feel free as well.  I am fun, and fun people are attracted to me. I am frisky and I enjoy it. I am clear in my thoughts and actions in this life, and attract others that are also clear in thought.
I am ever expanding vibrations of love, light, joy, happiness, abundance and thoughts.
I am easy going and attract others that are also easy going. I am soft hearted and kind and attract others that are kind and soft hearted. I am joyful and happy in all situations. I find the best possible out come for joy, fun and laughter everyday and I also attracted others with the same intentions. I am full of sunshine and giggles and I attract others with this same kind heart, joy and lightness within. I am magnetic in romantic, passionate ways, sexy, sultry and open minded and attract others with the same open mind. I am amusing, pleasant, merry witty, lively and playful in nature and others like this are attracted to me as well.
My spirit is Peppy, zippy, cheerful, jubilant, delightfully jolly, alluring, charming, cute and dazzling and in all of this, I attract the same in others.

Not only have I read this out loud to many people, sometimes numerous times a day, but I read it out loud to myself.  Since I started this statement of I am's essentially, I have actually become and attracted all of this and more.

It's helped me to claim who it is that I am and want to become, as most of the people know me well, know I am not that easy going...among other things in here, but one can change and one can become and grow always.  I am becoming much more happy than I ever was before, but also much stronger in who I am as Laura Kuhl.  It's amazing, lovely journey.  I hope this helps you, gives you courage and plants a seed.  I send you love, light, joy and much happiness today and everyday.

Peace and Love 0n!
~Laura Kuhl

Madison, WI. -based psychic medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic.

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