What Does A Metaphysician Do? 11 Things You Need To Know About Metaphysics.

What is a metaphysical? It’s a term that you may have heard before, but don’t know exactly what it means. In this blog post, I’ll cover the basics of metaphysics and give you some tips on how to use principles from metaphysics in your daily life. Metaphysical principles are also known as energy principles because they deal with the energy around us, which involves some scientific knowledge. When we work with these energies, our lives can improve dramatically!

Metaphysics is a philosophy or study about principles that govern energy and its movement. These special metaphysical principles can be used to explain the nature of matter, our human experiences, as well as how we communicate with one another. Metaphysical ideas have been around for thousands of years in various cultures from all over the natural world – including those who live on the other side of the veil.

In this blog post, I discuss what a metaphysical or metaphysician is and 11 things you should know about metaphysics.

What is a metaphysician and what do they do?

Person with different metaphysical questions

Metaphysicians have often studied for many years in order to become an expert on the spiritual realm and metaphysical principles that govern this realm. They have the ability to communicate with spirit guides and do readings for people in order to help them understand metaphysical concepts, laws and principles better.

Metaphysicians believe that everything is made from energy; therefore, they often use crystals as a way of focusing their own energy or personal energy. Crystals have metaphysical properties, abilities and energy that can help the metaphysician focus their own energy in order to do readings or spiritual work for people.

Metaphysicians can help you connect with your own intuition and gain knowledge to use your psychic abilities to better understand yourself and the world around you. Many metaphysicians also offer counseling or coaching services. Metaphysics can help you find and remove what is blocking the path to success.

Metaphysicians use intuition and psychic abilities to help people understand the spiritual realm and the metaphysical principles that govern it. Metaphysicians use metaphysical principles, laws and concepts in order to do readings or healings. Some metaphysicians use crystals, tarot cards, and other tools to assist in their readings. A metaphysical reading can give guidance on specific steps to take next in your life.

Metaphysical principles

Metaphysics is a type of philosophy. The first principles have been around for a long time and were introduced by Hermes Trismegistus. Philosophical studies suggest these principles have been in use since the beginning of human consciousness. Many thinkers in philosophy have written about the nature of energy and how to use it. Studies like Aristotle’s metaphysics, Plato’s metaphysics and Aristotle’s four elements, Pythagorean philosophy are all based on metaphysical principles. Aristotle called metaphysics the “first philosophy”.

Today metaphysicians seek to understand these metaphysical laws and principles so they can use them for spiritual purposes or metaphysical purposes, such as doing readings or healings. Instead of there being a single underlying principle, there are many! They can help you connect with your higher power and understand the spiritual realm better. Below are some metaphysical principles:

Rocks stacked symbolizing natural philosophy

The Law of Cause and Effect:

The law of cause and effect is a metaphysical principle that states every event has a cause, and every effect has a prior cause. This means that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, which has even shown empirical evidence in modern science.

The Law of Attraction:

The law of attraction is the metaphysical principle that suggests we attract into our lives whatever we focus on. Meaning if we focus on the good, we will attract more good into our lives. If we focus on the bad, we will attract more bad things into our lives. This can be used to focus on a physical object you desire to attract it.

The Law of Vibration:

The law of vibration is a metaphysical principle that states everything in the universe vibrates at a certain frequency. This includes our thoughts, words, emotions and energy. When we vibrate at a certain frequency (for example: fear or love) that is the same as the metaphysical principle of vibration for this particular thing; therefore, it draws similar things to us.

The Law of Opposites:

The law of opposites states everything has an opposite, and for every metaphysical principle there is an equal or greater metaphysical principle. For example: if someone does something nice for you, it might be because they plan on doing something not so nice to you in the near future; therefore, everything must be balanced – good with bad.

The Law of Change:

The law of change is the metaphysical principle that states everything is in a state of flux, or change. This means that nothing ever stays the same and everything is always moving and evolving.

The Law of Polarity:

The law of polarity is a metaphysical principle that suggests for every positive there is a negative, and for every good there is an evil. This law helps explain how we as humans experience duality in our lives. These are some of the many metaphysical principles that exist, and these metaphysical principles work by using our energy to interact with the universal energies around us.

The Law of Polarity:

The law of polarity is a metaphysical principle that suggests for every positive there is a negative, and for every good there is an evil. This law helps explain how we as humans experience duality in our lives. These are some of the many metaphysical principles that exist, and these metaphysical principles work by using our energy to interact with the universal energies around us.

Our existence consists of a possible world

Metaphysics isn’t something one person knows everything about; instead, it’s a lifelong journey toward knowledge and self-discovery. There are many different metaphysical concepts one can learn about. Metaphysical teachings can nurture positive mental events to help find your life’s purpose.

Metaphysics can help get you started on your journey of self-discovery. If you’re looking for a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries, metaphysics is for you. I highly recommend speaking with a metaphysician today if you’re interested in general metaphysics, as it can help you connect with your intuition and psychic abilities to better understand yourself and the world around you.

11 things you should know about metaphysics

1. Metaphysics is not a Religion

Metaphysics is not a religion and doesn’t require any specific religious affiliation or belief system. Metaphysics is a philosophy that can be used to help people understand and learn about energy, the universe, as well as themselves. Metaphysical principles are “energy-based” not religious based.

Metaphysics ideas and principles deal more with being spiritual, rather than religious. There’s a big difference between the two. A metaphysical practitioner doesn’t have to be affiliated with any religion, but can study different religions to gain a better understanding of energy and how it works in our lives.

There are many people who identify themselves as “spiritual” but not “religious”. That’s because they don’t believe in the dogma or doctrines of any one religion, but they do believe in a higher power or energy that exists in the universe. Metaphysics is a great way for people to learn about this “higher power” and how to connect with it.

Metaphysical principles can be used by anyone, regardless of their religious affiliation or belief system. They can be used in conjunction with most religions and is not meant to replace or contradict any specific religious doctrine, theology, philosophy of faith or tradition. It’s just another way for people to learn about energy.

2. Metaphysics tools

There are many tools in metaphysics that can help you use metaphysics principles in your life. The three main tools metaphysics practitioners use to understand energy and how it works are Chakras, Auras, and Crystals. These all work with universal energies by using our own personal energy field or aura for metaphysical purposes.

Chakras are energy centers in the body that work with the emotional, mental and physical aspects of our bodies. There are seven main chakras in the body that correspond to different areas of our lives. When these chakras are open and balanced, human beings experience good health, happiness and vitality.

Auras are the energy field that surrounds our bodies and can be seen by certain people who have the ability to see auras. Auras are made up of different colors and each color has its own meaning. When our auras are balanced, we experience good health, vitality and well-being.

Crystals work with energy in many ways including absorbing, amplifying, deflecting and directing energy. Crystals are often used to clear and heal the aura as well as align chakras. They can also be used for metaphysical purposes such as meditation, visualization and energy healing.

Each of these tools have different functions that help us understand how we experience everything through our five senses of seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching.

3. Becoming a Metaphysics Practitioner

You can become a metaphysic practitioner by learning the metaphysical principles and energy tools that you need to know in order to help others with their own metaphysical problems or issues they may be having in their lives. There are many courses available today to learn the different metaphysical principles that can help people understand how energy works, the five senses and more.

These courses or teachers are often available through metaphysics colleges which offer degrees in metaphysical studies with a concentration on certain areas of study such as chakras, crystals, meditation techniques etc. These metaphysical programs usually take one to two years to complete depending on the school and the concentration of study.

Once you’ve learned the metaphysical principles, you can use them to help others with their own lives by using your own personal energy field or aura to heal, balance and align their chakras, clear their auras and more. This is a very rewarding energetic work that can help people gain the knowledge to live happier and healthier lives.

4. Free Will

Holding possible worlds in your hands

We have the ability to choose our own actions, thoughts and destiny in life. This is called free will, although many philosophers may argue there is no such thing. Many metaphysicals say there indeed is such a thing and we can use our personal energy to create the lives we want through our thoughts, emotions and actions.

When we are living in line with our true selves and what we want for our lives, we experience happiness, fulfillment and success. When we’re living in line with what the external world wants for our lives instead of ourselves, we experience pain, suffering and loss.

The path to happiness is through free will where you take responsibility for your life choices by using the metaphysical principles that you’ve learned to create a fulfilling happy lifestyle. But you need to take actionable steps. Mostly you need to live from a place of truth inside yourself and be willing to take risks that come with living an authentic happy lifestyle. Don’t try to fit into other people’s ideas about what or how you should do things or think. People can develop extreme positions that aren’t necessarily true for your individual journey and go against your very nature.

5. Reality

What is reality exactly? Reality is nothing more than a collection of many different energetic vibrations we interpret in our own individual way. We experience the world through our five senses and then interpret what we see, hear, taste, touch and smell into something that makes sense to us individually.

Our reality consists of everything from how much money we make each year to whether or not we believe in God. We are always creating our reality in the actual world with the thoughts we think, the emotions we feel and the actions we take which determine how much happiness or pain comes into our lives.

Many people choose to blame other people for their problems instead of taking responsibility for their own lives by realizing it’s up to them to create the experiences they want in their reality. If you’re experiencing pain and suffering, it lies in prior occurrences in your own thoughts, emotions and actions which create the reality you experience every day.

6. Metaphysics healing

This is a way to use energy to heal mentally, emotionally or physical aspects of the body. Healing takes time and work, but it’s a very rewarding experience. We often don’t realize we have the power to heal ourselves through positive self-talk, meditation and other metaphysical practices.

There is no one right way to do metaphysical healing because each person’s experience, or perception of the objective world, is different. You need to find what works for you and go with it. Be open to new experiences and don’t be afraid to try something different.

Sometimes there are serious blockages that need to be cleared before the healing can take place. The process can be quick or it can take time, depending on what needs to be healed. Just be patient with yourself and always remember you’re in control of your own healing and it’s up to you to make the necessary changes for your health and well-being.

7. Meditation

Man using grateful things exist during meditation

Meditation is a great tool for working with energy because you can use your mind’s eye to see what you want rather than just visualize it. In meditation, you can also connect with your Higher Self or God/Goddess force to receive guidance and help in reaching your goals.

When meditating, be sure to remain positive and focused on what you want rather than what you don’t want. This will help keep you on track and allow the universe to bring you what you desire.

By using meditation, we can begin to understand the metaphysical principles that govern all within this world and beyond. There are many different types of meditations (including guided), but they generally follow the same pattern: quieting the human mind through deep breathing or focusing on something specific like a mantra or a visualization.

8. Visualization

This is a very helpful tool to work with energy and is closely related to meditation. When we visualize something, we are putting our thoughts and feelings into pictures. This helps us better understand what we want and how to get it. It can also help us release negative thoughts or emotions and replace them with positive ones.

Visualization can help manifest desires, at times in the form of material objects; however, it’s important to remain positive in our thoughts at all times. This means avoiding negative people and experiences that aren’t helpful or supportive.

Creating a vision board is a great way to aid your practice in visualization. Vision boards serve to help us focus on what we want, not on what we don’t want. Place pictures and images of things you’d like to manifest onto your vision board – including cars, houses, vacations, relationships, jobs, etc. – and then spend time each day looking at it and visualizing yourself having those items or experiences.

9. Positive thinking exercises

Woman meditating showing human cognition

Positive thinking exercises are a great way to increase positive energy and help attract what we want into our lives. These exercises can be done in conjunction with meditation, visualization or any other metaphysical practice.

There are many different types of positive thinking exercises, but they all generally involve repeating positive affirmations to yourself regularly. This helps reprogram your subconscious mind to attract positive experiences. Affirmations can be in the form of guided audio, notes around your house or very specific ones situationally.

You could also try making a gratitude journal, in which you write down things you’re grateful for each day. This helps raise your vibration and increase the amount of positive energy you have in your life. Recording a journal is an important tool to help identify emotions, thoughts, and patterns so you can work on releasing them. So recording things we’re grateful for in our lives can help us raise our vibration and thus attract more positive experiences into our lives.

10. Energy Principles:

Energy principles have been around for thousands of years in various cultures from all over the world – including those who live on the other side of the veil. Energy principles are metaphysics principles that can be used to explain how matter works, our human experiences, as well as how we communicate with one another.

Energy principles can be used to explain how energy flows, what the universe is made of, our human nature and behavior. They are a set of metaphysical principles that can help us understand metaphysics itself – which governs all things in this world as well as those on other planes or dimensions.

11. How Energy Principles Work

These metaphysics or philosophy principles work by using our energy to interact with the universal energy around us. This is done through metaphysical processes such as meditation, visualizations and positive thinking exercises. There are a variety of ways we can use these metaphysical principles in our daily lives – including metaphysics healing which uses certain energies to heal the body physically, mentally or emotionally.

Energy principles can be used to explain a variety of metaphysical concepts including the universe, human nature and behavior. These principles work by using our personal energy to interact with universal energies around us. Additionally, energy principles help us understand how metaphysics works – which governs all things in the physical world as well as other planes or dimensions.

Moving Forward

Sign with different support that addresses questions

The metaphysical principles I’ve discussed in this post offer a wealth of insight into human nature and the universe. They can be used in your everyday lives to help us achieve goals and desires. Whether you’re new to metaphysics or have been practicing for years, it’s important to understand how these energy principles work so you can use them effectively in your own life. Remember: when working with any type of spiritual practice, always be sure to take precautions against negative spirits and other entities by using protective measures such as salt lamps or sage smudging. If you are seeking metaphysician to work with please book an appointment with me!

I hope my guide helps clarify and addresses any metaphysical questions you have! If you’re interested in learning more, contact me to learn more about getting started.

8 Life Changing Tools to Create a Positive, Successful and Abundant Life You Deserve

8 Simple Life Changing Tools

If you too are seeking a lifestyle that will create a more positive, successful and abundant life…try these 8 simple life changing tools.  Use 1 or more or all 8 to create the lifestyle that you know you deserve. And if you need guidance I am here for you.

  1. Be aware of self talk.  
  2. Love yourself by sending love to others  who you feel maybe creating havoc in your life
  3. Have a daily practice of meditation and prayer 
  4. Be flexible in mind, body and spirit
  5. Give of yourself with boundaries 
  6. Write down your gratitudes and blessings daily
  7. Feel and envision to manifest your best life
  8. Mindfulness in all areas of your life.

Healing Trauma

As a healer, I find that things happen in sequence.  I will have an abundance of people coming to me for anxiety issues, emotional abuse or all sorts of same kind of trauma. Over the years I've learned that every problem has a solution, and never just one, but many solutions.  The best thing about problems is that there is growth every one of them. These are a few solutions that I’ve found that can be effective.  Now more than ever we are seeking self reflection, going within and seeking our true selves. Many are asking to find their souls-purpose and to create a life that will matter.


What We Think and Feels Creates Our Life

How we think about ourselves create how people react towards you. Being aware of self talk, it can create what we feel we deserve in life.

Love Bombs

Sending love to people who create conflict within your life and see how quickly the situation resolves itself.  You don’t have to walk up, call, text or email, but simply think to yourself, Sally who stole your money and your boyfriend, send her loving thoughts  not hateful ones and see what happens. Any time you start to think badly, stop yourself and send her love. See what happens to your life.

Daily Rituals

Meditation is listening and Prayer is talking to your higher self, source or spirit.  They change the way you view yourself and others. It literally slows down our thinking  into focused thoughts, that calm the mind body and spirit.

Choices To Make

Be flexible by not holding on to one thought or another as right or wrong, good or bad. It’s a practice of allowing what is to be and what will be to be. We are not in control of anyone or situation and once learned we except the reason of not being in control. Things are less stressful and life happens and when you watch this happen, life gets really simple and easy.

Healthy Boundaries

Giving of self, by creating healthy boundaries.  ask yourself, what can yoI allow in my life and still be holding on to my own sense of self awareness and self love? Anything outside of these boundaries is about control. Don't allow others life to control or create havoc in your life. Create a sense of self worth and self love for yourself by taking time to get to know yourself in a loving, caring environment.

Manifesting Our Lives

Writing down creates intentions and when we write down what we are grateful for or blessed, one can see more clearly what you want more of in your life.

Manifesting is about creating a beautiful, loving life through mindful thoughts and feelings. Some say master your thoughts and feelings, master life itself.  You could literally watch your world manifest its way into abundance, richness and love.

Mindfulness Essentials for Life

Food is life. The closer to the ground your food is,  the closer to God, Universe or Energy.  Food is vibrational energy that create how we feel, how we react and how we perceive the world around us.  Food is so important that without that and water, we die rather quickly. Being mindful of what we eat, consume, and allow in and around is mindfulness. What watch, how it makes us feel is mindfulness.  You are the creator of your own world. Be mindful of those things that make our lives beautiful.

Warmly and lovingly see the life you want for yourself. Become that and enjoy all of life's abundance by trying our these 8 simple life changing tools.

Laura Kuhl, 4th generation psychic from Madison, WI.

A Mastermind Challenge of Gratitude

Gratitude Defined:

the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.
synonyms: gratefulness, thankfulness, thanks, appreciation, indebtedness; More
Origin : late Middle English: from Old French, or from medieval Latin gratitudo, from Latin gratus ‘pleasing, thankful.’

Awareness Of it All

In the past few months the gratitude attitude had been surrounding me. Literally the Universe was sending me sign after sign to be more grateful and thankful.

Then wouldn't you know during a Sunday mastermind it was decided that for a week we would concentrate on being grateful for everything. We would even journal how we fared. We were to spend a week being grateful.  To be honest, it took effort and real thought to stay in a place of gratitude. Although I wasn’t perfect by any means, I was learning that the more grateful I am for every moment, the easier my life was flowing. I would find solutions to every issue with effortless ease.  I would find that people were reacting to me in a more positive manner and I was being helped, without having to ask, and even the days seemed brighter.

Moving Forward

Every morning before setting foot on the ground, I shall thank God. Perhaps, I shall also try to find more and more things to be thankful for as the days pass. The past few days have been trying but, it was also easy.  When I stopped feeling badly and started feeling grateful for what I have, it instantly changed my perception.  I am always grateful for that. This past week certainly has changed my perception of gratitudes and the joy it brought into my life.



The Day the Devil Broke My Oprah Coffee Mug


People always ask me about experiences I’ve had in the course of my life. One in particular incident stands out and every morning when I go pick out a coffee mug, I remember this day all over again. This is about an ex-boyfriend, his dead mom and my Oprah coffee mug. 


It wasn’t unusual for M and I to hang out and chat during his lunch hour. He worked not far from my house,  so he’d pop on then Beltline and come by and we’d have lunch together. He had 4 kids so time wasn’t always as free for him as it is for me.  This one particular day he came over and moved his chair over by mine so he could see into the kitchen and I was looking out into the living room. Stage set. His could see my coffee mugs, and I could look over my right shoulder and see the oven, but I couldn’t see the shelves. 

He and I were talking about my dogs and how he liked them because I loved them.  As we were discussing my kids…. we both hear a loud thumping banging come from the kitchen. M’s eyes get as big as saucers. I’m like what? And then it happened.  My purple Oprah coffee mug. Yeah, the one from my only time seeing her live in Chicago with my friend Faith. It shot off the shelf, chi WHAT?? the oven it was lying shattered on the floor. 

M stammered, “OMG, that coffee mug just rocked around the Starbucks mug, and flew off the cupboard onto the floor!”   In his shock, he jumped out of his chair to look for the cause. I knew it was supernatural. 

My spidey senses knew someone, something was in my home and it was uninvited.  I also knew that I have made an energetic fortress around my home, and just not everything is invited into it. I knew it had to be someone or something connected to M. 


As I was cleaning up the broken mug,  I was also asking,…who are you?  The answer…. “I am the Devil.” I laughed out loud. I said, “Ha, the Devil doesn’t announce itself as the Devil, so who are you really?” Again, “The Devil!”  

I could feel a female presence relaled to M. I call my trusted friend, and she asked and got the same answer. She is related to M. Is his mom dead? I said yes, and when I said could this be your mom, he said yes.  He then said that his mom was very unhappy when she was dying, and renounced God and said she was the devil. 


That Devil was there and she had a thing or two she wanted to say to me. I started asking her questions.  “Why are you here? What do you want? Why didn’t you cross into the light? “She’s throwing out swear words at me and calling me names and being very nasty.  I am calmly ask her what do you want?  She is yelling at me. “You don’t love my son!”  I said, “You are correct, I just started seeing him, I am not in love with him and he knows it.”  I was astonished that she was yelling at me. Still, I was laughing, telling him everything she was saying, minus the cruel swear words that she was throwing at me. Finally, I told her, “No more names, no more swear words. Let us get you crossed over into the light.”  I asked God to come down and I asked Jesus to surround her and give her peace. I asked crossing over angels to come and light her soul into love and light. 

She remembered God’s loving kindness and Jesus was singing a song. As she crossed into the light, a peaceful feeling entered the room.  She flowed out of my home through the west wall into the light. Beautiful, loving light. She had again renounced the devil and went home to God where she belonged. 

Needless the say I lost my Oprah mug that day. This angry mother claiming to be the Devil, pushed that mug around Starbucks coffee mug. I am convinced that Oprah’s love of God, and her kind soul was what made M’s mother act. When darkness sees the light, it tries to destroy it. And yet, the light always wins. 





Deep Clearing Protocol Coaching with Laura Kuhl

Interested in clearing out limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you?


Doing the deep clearing protocol is like a beautiful shower every morning for your whole being. You physical, mental and spiritual self will love you for this gift you are giving to yourself. So many clients have seen profound changes in the way they view their life and how they feel. You too can find relief. Just call today to set up an appointment for a reading and talk to Laura.

What wold it be like to have more energy, personal strength, boundaries and love in your life?

Call or text 608-217-7689 to set up an appointment and if the DCP is right for you.


I met Laura through a mutual friend and I as many of you,I was quite curious. The reading was quite profound and she encouraged me to do the deep clearing protocol.

You see, I had been lost for quite some time, robbed of my natural gifts and no one could explain what was going on with me. Not a single doctor, friend or family member.  Not one ounce of creativity was to be found within me.

I proceeded with my first day of the deep clearing protocol and thought to myself when would I know if it worked?

Within days I began to writing again, and was able to creatively express myself.

Take It from someone who has invested a lot to modern medicine that only left me with no answers.  I encourage you to walk through with faith and trust and see this for what it really is which is relief.

I haven’t even finished the protocol yet, and my life has changed significantly for the better.


Laura Kuhl, 4th generation psychic from Madison, WI.

Spokes Woman For God- Laura Kuhl- Psychic Healer

Gods Spokeswoman Explained

My early memory at age of 3, is me sitting in church. I told my mom I was going to work for God someday. She turned the Bible up right in my hands and said "Then start with reading the Bible upright."
My mentor told me I was Gods spokeswoman. I have sat with this information and have let it sink in and feel it for a few days now. I've asked myself over and over, does this feel right? But that early memory makes me think he may just be on to something here.

Being Raised Christian

I love God, my father, I love Jesus Christ as my savior. My parents raised me a Methodist church.  I listened to my dad read the Bible to my mother many nights as a child. I fell asleep in the knowing and the security of my fathers protection not only on earth, but in Heaven as well.

I've traveled in many different dimensional realities always knowing that Jesus was by my side and that I was protected by the word of God, and his promise to me.
I've helped many people rid their lives of demons, those that turn lights on and off or move stuff around. Little pests if what they really are. Letting go of things that do not serve our highest good for God, that is why I love to help people. Many memories of helping others with relationships, loss of loved ones, career choices and dealing with many of life's issues.

Clearer Understanding

I've made friends, and grown, healed and spent almost 20 years trying to be the best version of me. More work is ahead, but I am now at a point where I can honestly say, I did what I set out to do from age 3 years old. I still remember sitting on that purple fabric church pew, singing songs to God. This is also the place that I took Jesus Christ as my savior at age 9 with my father by my side. Where I was baptized, went to bible school and praised the God I adore.

I would say then that yes, I am a Spokeswoman for God. Just asking God to speak through me and allow me to do this work in the best way that I can.

4 Steps To Manifesting Your Love

In the past few months I've read this to my clients over 90 times... and yesterday after reading it once again to a person who clearly didn't love themselves, an epidemic of sorts, I choose to blog about it.
I ask myself why do so many of us get in the habit of self hatred, rather than self love?  I've heard it said to me over and over, "But, isn't that selfish to love yourself above others?"  My response is that you can not truly love something if you don't love yourself first. It would be like trying to fill up a glass of water with an empty well.  If you are not full, you can not fill another.  If anything that I've learned over the past 20 some odd years, is that loving myself has increased my value within myself and others. It's clearly working, as the more I love myself and except myself for truly who and what I am, others find solace in my confidence and feel the love.  My clientele can feel it, and know that what I do and say is because I want nothing more than for them to feel the love themselves. I truly want them have that loving relationship that they long for, to have people respect them and not push them around, for their lives to make sense and to have the courage to move forward, make decisions that will make their life better for everyone involved.
So I made a list of words that described myself and that I love about me.  Then I wrote this, for myself by myself.  I've shared it so many times with the same reaction....how do I do that for me?

1) Write down words that describe yourself that you like; funny, cute, smart, loving, caring, etc.
2) Open up a Thesaurus and put in the words one by one and write down more words that make you feel good about yourself.
3) Sit down and write out why you are these particular words and that you attract the same in others these things.
4) re-read everyday and watch your life change before your eyes.

Not only are you creating a new way of thinking of yourself, but how others see you. This will also attract more of these like minded people into your life. Reaffirming your love of yourself, as they will also be the things you love about yourself.
Caution: People who don't fit these criteria will fall away from you, be prepared for a shift in your friends, family and life.  It's powerful stuff right here, but so worth while.  Who doesn't want to have true love, people who feel good and attract others that feel the same way?  Who doesn't want to be happy, healthy and be abundant in every way possible?  Try it, let me know how it goes and allow me to share with you my life affirming letter to myself.

Things in my life are always working out for me.
I am more than this physical body.
I am beautiful.
I am Love.
I am Light.
I am an amazing woman.
I am free in spirit and allow others around me to feel free as well.  I am fun, and fun people are attracted to me. I am frisky and I enjoy it. I am clear in my thoughts and actions in this life, and attract others that are also clear in thought.
I am ever expanding vibrations of love, light, joy, happiness, abundance and thoughts.
I am easy going and attract others that are also easy going. I am soft hearted and kind and attract others that are kind and soft hearted. I am joyful and happy in all situations. I find the best possible out come for joy, fun and laughter everyday and I also attracted others with the same intentions. I am full of sunshine and giggles and I attract others with this same kind heart, joy and lightness within. I am magnetic in romantic, passionate ways, sexy, sultry and open minded and attract others with the same open mind. I am amusing, pleasant, merry witty, lively and playful in nature and others like this are attracted to me as well.
My spirit is Peppy, zippy, cheerful, jubilant, delightfully jolly, alluring, charming, cute and dazzling and in all of this, I attract the same in others.

Not only have I read this out loud to many people, sometimes numerous times a day, but I read it out loud to myself.  Since I started this statement of I am's essentially, I have actually become and attracted all of this and more.

It's helped me to claim who it is that I am and want to become, as most of the people know me well, know I am not that easy going...among other things in here, but one can change and one can become and grow always.  I am becoming much more happy than I ever was before, but also much stronger in who I am as Laura Kuhl.  It's amazing, lovely journey.  I hope this helps you, gives you courage and plants a seed.  I send you love, light, joy and much happiness today and everyday.

Peace and Love 0n!
~Laura Kuhl

Madison, WI. -based psychic medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic.

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Lose Weight, Exercise and Love Doing It!

I hear all the time from my clients, friends and family how they "need" to ugh, get back to the gym....yeah, I know, they say. I have to get back to the gym.  I feel so much better, they say to me.  I always think about my own journey and why I love going now.
My mind changed when I began routinely going to Pinnacle, my local Madison, WI. gym.  It's like most gyms.  Work out space with equipment and the smell of sweat, gym shoes  and the energy of movement, flowing through the air. Workout rooms, where instructors shout out commands and the pounding of shoes vibrate as you walk by, and I think, that looks like fun.  Then the shower rooms, bodies and sweat, showers running, lockers slamming.  The faint hint of underarm deodorant and sweat socks fill the air along with a hint of mildew that is always present. I always smile at the cute little cleaning lady, with her cart and machines as she roams about, cleaning bathrooms and the shower room floors.
I walk to my locker to put my bag of towels, and shower things away, I thank God that I have this body, mind and spirit to move me yet again.  I always enjoy the routine of gathering my bag, water bottle, and keys for the gym. I always meet up with someone I know, and smiles cross our face as we casually say hi, how are you today?  I go up to the machines and do my workout. Making sure my heart per minute don't go over 133, after 20 minutes a smile emerges from my face, every single time.  I can't wait to get to that point of the work out.  Then, after a 1/2 hour on the treadmill, I run down the stairs to the pool.. Sauna first, to get my mind straight. I do a mini meditation in there while my body sweats more of the toxins out, and I head to the pool to do another 30 minutes of water running.  I find that water running really helps my endurance, and I love it.  Heidi, the gym guru, has a water bootcamp I join and she kicks my butt.  I love it. The women in the class are amazing, friendly, warm and I always feel so welcome.  Plus, the workout is amazing and Heidi's energy is addictive and she is so kind, and FULL of amazing information. She  and her classes are wonderful. Yet another reason to love my gym.
The people who go are nice, friendly and I can usually find someone to chat with for a few minutes.
After my water running or laps, I head to the sauna to do another sweat and warm up before hitting the showers and heading home.
I ask myself why I love working out so much.  It's the whole thing, the movement, the people, the routine and the amazing way I feel when I am done.  I don't worry if someone thinks my suit is cute, or if my butt is too big or whatever, I just think about all the good things that happen while I am there. I take in the whole experience and I don't think about if it's hard or long,  but rather take in everything and everyone around me. The community, and the practice of feeling well.  I practice gratitude, and thankfulness for all that is good there and concentrate on that first and foremost.  I love my gym, walking in the woods with friends and my dogs, love to be busy and stay moving.  I never think that this is hard or I don't want to do it, but rather when can I go, and I can't wait for that smile to cross my face from the feeling of wellbeing.  The meditation in the sauna, the people I meet, these are the things I concentrate on, and think about. This is why I love to move.  I also listen to books, music and you tube. Which I find really appealing as well.  SO many good thing happen at the gym.  I love it, and can't wait to get here today!
Why do you love your workout routine or your gym? I'd love to hear from you.  How can we get other people addicted to loving the feeling, movements and the connections?  Write me a note or give me a call, I'd love to hear from you!

~Laura Kuhl

Madison, WI. -based psychic medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic.

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Love Yourself~ A Psychic's Point of View

I am learning to manifest life, that is to be in the vibration of source, and creating my life.  I had a thought last night before falling asleep. I feel as thought the only thing I am concentrating on at this moment and all the moments throughout my day, is loving myself.  Although, when I desire something, it comes quickly.  Such as, 2 times now I've desire to go to the movies. Both times a friend says to me right after the thought, lets got to the movies. When I get home, we will go.  I think how does this happen? Then I think, ahh, I just manifested that, thank you source, more of that please.

But while in bed last night, I am thinking I am only asking and feeling self love right now.  I am not asking for anything specific, other than maybe a movie or something equally in importance to life. Which seems pretty general and not at all specific.  So, I fall asleep, not thinking anything more about it.

Then, this morning while in meditation, my source says to me to listen to Abraham Hicks, which isn't unusual most days, but not really something my guides prompt me to do.  I go to You Tube and AH 2016 ( Abraham Hicks) and go to the one my innerness tells me to listen to, which is; " AH-Allowing manifestations to come faster."  Within the video Esther/AH speaks to me.  I feel this mans frustration and allow him and her to go through it together. Then she states what we want you to do is be general in the vortex of vibration or (loving oneself) and to be really general about that feeling and as you acquire this understanding, then get more and more specific on what it is that you desire and want to ask.

Of course it hits me.  I am just in this state of general loving myself as this is the process of being able to then manifest more and more with effortless ease.  As the weeks have gone on, and I am getting better and better at loving myself all the time, all the time getting used to being happy and joyful. When I start getting out of my vortex of feeling good, I am learning how to get back quickly to this good feeling and back into my vortex.  It takes all kinds of practice to be able to do this, and yet I am, and I am doing it really well now. In fact it is so easy now,  and  why my inner self is starting to ask, what else do you want?  I am not sure, as I thought that all I wanted was to be happy, and joyful all the time, and now that I am learning to have this feeling, I get that the next step is now manifesting something other than just going to to the movies.  Which honestly isn't a grand feeling or one that is hard to feel.  It's not hard to feel, I would like to leave the home for a moment,  as I work from home and am here a lot.  So that feeling of wanting to leave and be somewhere else is easy for me to acquire now.  I see how source has lead me to this.  I can now have a clear map of what it is that I am manifesting.  The picture I have in my head of how all of this worked out is rather large and I am unable to put it into words, but it is a knowing that I now have.

God is amazing.  Love is a beautiful vibration and learning to love oneself is a great gift. It is a gift I received when my father passed on.  His love, his presence was so amazingly large in life, that when he left, the love he had for me was so large and deeply felt, I knew in order to grow and to continue on working as a psychic I had to learn to love myself as deeply as my father loved me.  Because that love I felt from him was so powerful, and when it left, I felt empty. Yet now I've learned to fill up my own holy grail. Holy grail being your own body, your own source which I believe is within.  It is here for us all, it is the ultimate healing vessel which is within us all.  A powerful and amazing love.  The love we can acquire for ourselves, about ourselves.  If you can love another, you can love yourself even more.

I teach it by feeling.  I will ask you to think of the person or animal which you love greatly. Children, parents, friends, lovers.  It's all the same, as love is a powerful vibration.  So sitting quietly, think of the person, then feel the love you have for them. It's near the heart in the middle of the chest. It wells up and is such a beautiful feeling. Now that you have that feeling inside of you, feel it for yourself. Just feel it well up inside of you.  And say to yourself I love me and more of this please God.  And everyday do this exercise. Until you can say, I love me, the feeling comes up within your chest and love yourself until your whole body feels the sensation of love.  This is what I am working on at this point in time.  I believe I have it down, and it is solid within me now.  So much now, that I feel good about teaching it to others.

Now that next step as AH/Esther Hicks teaches, is to feel that general feeling of want, such as going to the movies or finding that new dress that is perfect for me.  Manifesting that and being grateful, thankful and blessed when you get it.  Right now, I am just aware that I am actually manifesting, and doing so at a great speed.  I must be careful, as one doesn't want to manifest before it is time.  I believe that manifesting is our divine right, but also a right that is to be respected and acquired with great authenticity and focus.  It isn't to be taken lightly, or misunderstood as it is a great tool.  One that can not be misused or used for anything other than our greatest good for ourselves.

This is my understanding of manifestation though self love.

If you'd like more information, or would like to learn how to fully love yourself and learn to manifest your desires and life you deserve, please feel free to contact me.

~Laura Kuhl

Madison, WI. -based psychic medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic.

If you are interested in learning more about Laura and her work, call or text for your next appointment. 608-217-7689 e-mail @ soul2soulreadings@gmail.com

Image of Laura Kuhl's Father, Fred Kuhl.

Death of A Loved One~A Psychic's View Point

4-10-16 my father died. 11 p.m. my sister called and said he passed Laura, dad is gone. I sat in bed not knowing what to say or do. This is the moment that my family had been praying about. What does one do when your prayers are answered? The final one, the one that will change who and what you are and your outlook, the way you view the lake, the trees, the people in your life. What do you do when nothing else matters but the moments you were with him. All consuming thoughts of one person, his life, his mistakes, his joys and his voice and all that is gone and not one more memories will be made only the ones you had. You then start to understand that life is short, and memories and what you create while you are here are all that matter.

Then the friends that stood in line at the funeral to hug you, and to say the things that meant the world to them. I met people who cried and had never even met him, but because her husband was so touched by him, she too had been touched by my dad. The ones who showed up mean the world to me, even the ones I looked right at and didn't recognize. I stared at people, good friends and had no idea who they were. The day was a blur with kleenex, hugs and tons of heavy wet tears.

I never knew that the tears were different from other tears. They are heavy, wet and would seep out of my eyes without warning. I'd just be standing still, not thinking of my father, and these huge tears would fall from my eyes. My mind couldn't connect the dots. Why am I crying I feel nothing, no pain, no sorrow, nothing ... yet the tears came. Mind you I had lost others that I cried, for but nothing compared to the death of my father. The man who's birthday is one day before mine, we both shared a gift from God, and we just were a like. Thought a like, sang alike, liked the same things. Muppets, children laughter, people, fishing, nature, walks, dogs, God, mom, family. He taught me what is important in this life and what isn't. He was such a kind person, and so strong, yet stubborn, and mean and had a voice that could knock you down if he allowed it. He also was funny, and a jokester. If he had a nick name for you, you knew he liked you, saw something in you he liked. To be liked by Coach Kuhl, dad, Fred, my Poppa San was to know God, His presence was so strong. While he declined this last year and moved out of my parents home, the house became less crisp, less light filled. Different. His energy was clearing, and enlightening.. And now that it is gone, I see the difference in the world.

I also see my father. He sits to my left and puts his large hand on my leg while I meditate. He was a light in front of me while he was dying. Like a child wrapped up in a white light. Now his light and his being is so large and he is so clear and crisp to me. He came to me the first time on Monday morning after his death. He stood before me in his red coaching shorts, a blue shirt and a whistle. I laughed and told Decker, I've not seen him in this outfit since I was in high school. He wore suites by the time I was a senior in high school. He never leaves me now, and say it's ok snook ums you are going to be OK.

I had no idea how much this was going to hurt. I had no idea that I was going to miss him this much, and I had no idea how much I loved him until he was gone. God I think, has death, so we understand the truth about love. That connection to the people who feed us, love us, challenge us, and give us life, are beyond measure. That love really is all that matters. Connections to people, the ones who have really been here for me Sara, Eddie, Judy, Decker, my family of course, these are the people that matter most right now.

Sleep is huge right now. I sleep a lot. I am not going to the bathroom like I used to, my eating habits are changing and I find myself drinking, more than eating. I find that coffee and coconut juice is more satisfying than food. Mornings are the hardest, I cry a lot. My mom says its because I never excepted that my father was sick, and their may be truth to that statement. As he was always so strong and never sick. I can't remember a time when my dad missed work or anything due to sickness. My mom, always sick. Me, you sneeze and I am sick the next day!

Now I find him in my work. The other day while talking to a client, I heard myself talking about people lots of people, like a minnow bucket. That is my Poppa right there, I thought. I can feel him now, so strong and loving. His death has changed me in profound ways. In ways that no one can measure or really talk about. In my view I am becoming the person I was always meant to be. I have big shoes to fill, and with his help, and God, I am sure to do it without fail. I feel his presence in everything I do now. I feel his warmth and loving ways. He is helping me with readings, and making decisions, and I feel more confident and stronger than ever. Where he couldn't do it in life, he is surly doing it in death. He is so loving, big and amazing. I am so blessed, so grateful and thankful.

So, he's really not gone, just changed. Bigger, more loving and powerful than ever. How much better can it get than this? Love 0n Poppa San, love on! See you in the wind, the trees. on the lake, and everywhere in between. Never leave me, always work with me. As you are apart of me, and I am you.

-Laura Kuhl

Madison-based psychic and medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic.

If you are interested in learning more about Laura and her work, call or text for your next appointment. 608-217-7689 e-mail @ soul2soulreadings@gmail.com