People always ask me about experiences I’ve had in the course of my life. One in particular incident stands out and every morning when I go pick out a coffee mug, I remember this day all over again. This is about an ex-boyfriend, his dead mom and my Oprah coffee mug. 


It wasn’t unusual for M and I to hang out and chat during his lunch hour. He worked not far from my house,  so he’d pop on then Beltline and come by and we’d have lunch together. He had 4 kids so time wasn’t always as free for him as it is for me.  This one particular day he came over and moved his chair over by mine so he could see into the kitchen and I was looking out into the living room. Stage set. His could see my coffee mugs, and I could look over my right shoulder and see the oven, but I couldn’t see the shelves. 

He and I were talking about my dogs and how he liked them because I loved them.  As we were discussing my kids…. we both hear a loud thumping banging come from the kitchen. M’s eyes get as big as saucers. I’m like what? And then it happened.  My purple Oprah coffee mug. Yeah, the one from my only time seeing her live in Chicago with my friend Faith. It shot off the shelf, chi WHAT?? the oven it was lying shattered on the floor. 

M stammered, “OMG, that coffee mug just rocked around the Starbucks mug, and flew off the cupboard onto the floor!”   In his shock, he jumped out of his chair to look for the cause. I knew it was supernatural. 

My spidey senses knew someone, something was in my home and it was uninvited.  I also knew that I have made an energetic fortress around my home, and just not everything is invited into it. I knew it had to be someone or something connected to M. 


As I was cleaning up the broken mug,  I was also asking,…who are you?  The answer…. “I am the Devil.” I laughed out loud. I said, “Ha, the Devil doesn’t announce itself as the Devil, so who are you really?” Again, “The Devil!”  

I could feel a female presence relaled to M. I call my trusted friend, and she asked and got the same answer. She is related to M. Is his mom dead? I said yes, and when I said could this be your mom, he said yes.  He then said that his mom was very unhappy when she was dying, and renounced God and said she was the devil. 


That Devil was there and she had a thing or two she wanted to say to me. I started asking her questions.  “Why are you here? What do you want? Why didn’t you cross into the light? “She’s throwing out swear words at me and calling me names and being very nasty.  I am calmly ask her what do you want?  She is yelling at me. “You don’t love my son!”  I said, “You are correct, I just started seeing him, I am not in love with him and he knows it.”  I was astonished that she was yelling at me. Still, I was laughing, telling him everything she was saying, minus the cruel swear words that she was throwing at me. Finally, I told her, “No more names, no more swear words. Let us get you crossed over into the light.”  I asked God to come down and I asked Jesus to surround her and give her peace. I asked crossing over angels to come and light her soul into love and light. 

She remembered God’s loving kindness and Jesus was singing a song. As she crossed into the light, a peaceful feeling entered the room.  She flowed out of my home through the west wall into the light. Beautiful, loving light. She had again renounced the devil and went home to God where she belonged. 

Needless the say I lost my Oprah mug that day. This angry mother claiming to be the Devil, pushed that mug around Starbucks coffee mug. I am convinced that Oprah’s love of God, and her kind soul was what made M’s mother act. When darkness sees the light, it tries to destroy it. And yet, the light always wins.