I have to admit…I’m falling in love.

I have to admit…It’s quite serious.

I have to admit…It’s not as it seems.

I have to admit…It’s scary as hell.

I have to admit…My mind is a mess.

I have to admit…I think about it a lot.

I have to admit…sometimes it’s messy.

Sometimes it’s scary, sometimes, I have to bite my lip to make sure its real. Sometimes, I stop, I look in the mirror.

Yep, there you are. I love you so much, you maybe scared, messy and too much, but you are all that I have, and the more

I get to know you, the more I am falling deeply in love with me.

It’s not easy. Loving me. I sometimes am too hard on myself, and other times, I am too soft. Either way. I love me most, when I am outspoken and messy and just not right. Cause this is me…and I am alright!

Learning to love me. Another series, in the events, of my life.  Carry on.