Have you been hearing more and more about solar flares? I have been, and they’ve
been making sleeping more difficult than normal. Being a psychic medium and
healer, I am more prone to feeling energetic atmosphere changes. So I am like a
thermometer for people, and I can talk about these energy flares as they happen.
Solar flares are powerful bursts of energy from the sun. . It’s like the Sun sneezing
really hard! These flares shoot out lots of light and radiation into space. They can
be as bright as millions of nuclear bombs exploding all at once! Today, on May 21,
2024, scientists at https://www.swpc.noaa.gov are watching the sun closely
because of some exciting solar activity. I also feel the effects of the solar flares,
like some people feel storms. These intense storms are what I am starting to talk
more about. This is also a site that we can bookmark as a great place to watch
where the solar flares are today. I enjoy this site as I can see pictures of the sun
and what these solar flares are doing day by day.

What Are Solar Flares?

Solar flares happen when the sun’s magnetic energy gets intermingled and
tangled up and suddenly releases a lot of energy. This energy comes out as light,
heat, and radiation. Solar flares can affect things on Earth, like communication
signals and power grids, because they send out charged particles that impact our
planet’s atmosphere. They also affect our energy grids around our bodies and
make us more anxious and have more energy or want to sleep, but sleep will not
come easily.

Scientists also study solar flares using spacecraft and special telescopes that can
look at the Sun in different types of light. One important spacecraft is the Solar
Dynamics Observatory (SDO). It watches the Sun all the time and helps scientists
understand how solar flares happen and how they impact us.

Today’s Solar Flares

Today,May 21, 2024 scientists observed a big solar flare coming from a sunspot.
Sunspots are dark, cooler areas on the sun’s surface where magnetic activity is

This solar flare is classified as an “X-class” flare, which means it’s one of the
most powerful types. It’s like getting an A+ on a test but for solar flares! This one
was an 8. That is very intense

Why Do Solar Flares Matter?

Solar flares are important because they can affect our technology and our night

  • Satellites: Solar flares can damage satellites in space, which can mess up
    things like GPS navigation and other technology systems.
  • Power Grids: Strong solar flares can cause power outages by affecting
    electrical grids here on Earth.
  • Auroras: On the bright side, solar flares can create beautiful light shows
    in the sky called auroras. These are also known as the Northern Lights.
    People near the poles might see amazing displays of colorful lights in the
    night sky tonight. I’ve watched the Northern lights all of my life. One
    Christmas in Rhinelander, WI. We were coming home from Christmas
    Night church serve and I saw the northern lights. It was a magical
    Christmas I remember all of my life.

What Can We Do About Solar Flares?

We can’t stop solar flares, but we can prepare for them. Engineers design
satellites and power grids to handle the extra energy from solar flares. Scientists
also give warnings when a big solar flare is coming, so we can protect our
technology. It also gives me a heads up that I may not be feeling great in the next
few days. Anxiety, sleepless nights and just an overall feeling of unrest.
So in conclusion solar flares are happening now more than ever and can be seen
and felt all over our beautiful Mother Earth. It can cause sleepless nights,
technology difficulties and of course beautiful northern lights. Be on the lookout
for these solar flares by accessing the web site I use. I hope this helps you
understand our world a bit better. Love On!


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