A dog climbing a tree in Georgia
Losing A Pet Suddenly-An Ode to Hope.

There is nothing more heart breaking than losing a pet suddenly. I am a psychic medium in Madison, WI. and my dear friend just lost her dog this past week. The sudden loss is unbearable, I am writing about Hope to help ease this loss.

I got a call from my dear friend in Georgia. On the other line, I heard a tremor in her voice, “Ask me what’s wrong.” Silence filled the air as I sensed the sadness, and the shaking in her voice. I was afraid to ask, but I did anyway. “My friend, what’s wrong?” I asked sullenly. “Hope was run over.” My heart dropped. The beautiful little girl who climbed pecan trees, ran like the wind, and snuggled on the couch with me was gone. “Oh dear, I am so sorry.”

Losing a pet suddenly to a freak accident is a pain that pierces deeply. Her kind, softhearted partner had accidentally and suddenly run over our dear lovely Hope. He had called her at work, hanging up three times before finally, the third time blurting it out. The sudden death of a pet is shocking, unbearable, and the truth is so heartbreaking. There’s no time to say goodbyes, no chance to think we might save them… just suddenly gone. The heartache, the cries that hurl out with the sobbing of disbelief and utter emptiness can be overwhelming.
Hope and Gracie together were a brightness, a duo that now left Gracie alone, missing her best friend.
Today, Gracie walks near her mom, no longer running through the GLoosing A Pet Suddenly-An Ode to Hopeeorgia pines, just walking mournfully near to her mom. After a few tears and a moment to gather ourselves, the next question came through gentle sobs, “Do dogs go to heaven?”
“Of course,” I blurted out. “I will talk to her as soon as it’s time for you all to connect.” People often come to me to talk to their dear pets once again and to find out if they are truly at peace.

Hope and Gracie were picked up in a parking lot in Macon, Georgia. The two litter mates, cute as bugs in a rug, had to go with them to the farm. Perfectly smitten, they went home to raw food, love, and a place to run like the wind—heaven on earth for any four-legged friend. They were loved beyond measure, fed well, and taken such good care of that they were spoiled like kings and queens. Hope is running free now, climbing those pecan trees, still among her people in the Georgia Pines.

Ode to Hope

Our Hope, you danced in fields of green,
With eyes so bright, a lively sheen.
In pecan trees, you found your climb,
In every heart, you were sublime.

A sudden loss, a tearful night,
Your spirit soared, took sudden flight.
In Georgia pines, you used to play,
Now in our hearts, you’ll always stay.

Your snuggles warm, your run so free,
A bond of love eternally.
Though tears may fall and hearts may ache,
In dreams and thoughts, your soul partake.

Oh, Hope, dear pet, your life was so sweet,
In heaven’s fields, we will one day meet.
Run free, dear friend, and know our love,
From earth below to skies above.


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