Laura Kuhl, 4th generation psychic from Madison, WI.

Gods Spokeswoman Explained

My early memory at age of 3, is me sitting in church. I told my mom I was going to work for God someday. She turned the Bible up right in my hands and said “Then start with reading the Bible upright.”
My mentor told me I was Gods spokeswoman. I have sat with this information and have let it sink in and feel it for a few days now. I’ve asked myself over and over, does this feel right? But that early memory makes me think he may just be on to something here.

Being Raised Christian

I love God, my father, I love Jesus Christ as my savior. My parents raised me a Methodist church.  I listened to my dad read the Bible to my mother many nights as a child. I fell asleep in the knowing and the security of my fathers protection not only on earth, but in Heaven as well.

I’ve traveled in many different dimensional realities always knowing that Jesus was by my side and that I was protected by the word of God, and his promise to me.
I’ve helped many people rid their lives of demons, those that turn lights on and off or move stuff around. Little pests if what they really are. Letting go of things that do not serve our highest good for God, that is why I love to help people. Many memories of helping others with relationships, loss of loved ones, career choices and dealing with many of life’s issues.

Clearer Understanding

I’ve made friends, and grown, healed and spent almost 20 years trying to be the best version of me. More work is ahead, but I am now at a point where I can honestly say, I did what I set out to do from age 3 years old. I still remember sitting on that purple fabric church pew, singing songs to God. This is also the place that I took Jesus Christ as my savior at age 9 with my father by my side. Where I was baptized, went to bible school and praised the God I adore.

I would say then that yes, I am a Spokeswoman for God. Just asking God to speak through me and allow me to do this work in the best way that I can.