In the past few months I’ve read this to my clients over 90 times… and yesterday after reading it once again to a person who clearly didn’t love themselves, an epidemic of sorts, I choose to blog about it.
I ask myself why do so many of us get in the habit of self hatred, rather than self love?  I’ve heard it said to me over and over, “But, isn’t that selfish to love yourself above others?”  My response is that you can not truly love something if you don’t love yourself first. It would be like trying to fill up a glass of water with an empty well.  If you are not full, you can not fill another.  If anything that I’ve learned over the past 20 some odd years, is that loving myself has increased my value within myself and others. It’s clearly working, as the more I love myself and except myself for truly who and what I am, others find solace in my confidence and feel the love.  My clientele can feel it, and know that what I do and say is because I want nothing more than for them to feel the love themselves. I truly want them have that loving relationship that they long for, to have people respect them and not push them around, for their lives to make sense and to have the courage to move forward, make decisions that will make their life better for everyone involved.
So I made a list of words that described myself and that I love about me.  Then I wrote this, for myself by myself.  I’ve shared it so many times with the same reaction….how do I do that for me?

1) Write down words that describe yourself that you like; funny, cute, smart, loving, caring, etc.
2) Open up a Thesaurus and put in the words one by one and write down more words that make you feel good about yourself.
3) Sit down and write out why you are these particular words and that you attract the same in others these things.
4) re-read everyday and watch your life change before your eyes.

Not only are you creating a new way of thinking of yourself, but how others see you. This will also attract more of these like minded people into your life. Reaffirming your love of yourself, as they will also be the things you love about yourself.
Caution: People who don’t fit these criteria will fall away from you, be prepared for a shift in your friends, family and life.  It’s powerful stuff right here, but so worth while.  Who doesn’t want to have true love, people who feel good and attract others that feel the same way?  Who doesn’t want to be happy, healthy and be abundant in every way possible?  Try it, let me know how it goes and allow me to share with you my life affirming letter to myself.

Things in my life are always working out for me.
I am more than this physical body.
I am beautiful.
I am Love.
I am Light.
I am an amazing woman.
I am free in spirit and allow others around me to feel free as well.  I am fun, and fun people are attracted to me. I am frisky and I enjoy it. I am clear in my thoughts and actions in this life, and attract others that are also clear in thought.
I am ever expanding vibrations of love, light, joy, happiness, abundance and thoughts.
I am easy going and attract others that are also easy going. I am soft hearted and kind and attract others that are kind and soft hearted. I am joyful and happy in all situations. I find the best possible out come for joy, fun and laughter everyday and I also attracted others with the same intentions. I am full of sunshine and giggles and I attract others with this same kind heart, joy and lightness within. I am magnetic in romantic, passionate ways, sexy, sultry and open minded and attract others with the same open mind. I am amusing, pleasant, merry witty, lively and playful in nature and others like this are attracted to me as well.
My spirit is Peppy, zippy, cheerful, jubilant, delightfully jolly, alluring, charming, cute and dazzling and in all of this, I attract the same in others.

Not only have I read this out loud to many people, sometimes numerous times a day, but I read it out loud to myself.  Since I started this statement of I am’s essentially, I have actually become and attracted all of this and more.

It’s helped me to claim who it is that I am and want to become, as most of the people know me well, know I am not that easy going…among other things in here, but one can change and one can become and grow always.  I am becoming much more happy than I ever was before, but also much stronger in who I am as Laura Kuhl.  It’s amazing, lovely journey.  I hope this helps you, gives you courage and plants a seed.  I send you love, light, joy and much happiness today and everyday.

Peace and Love 0n!
~Laura Kuhl

Madison, WI. -based psychic medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic.

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