I hear all the time from my clients, friends and family how they “need” to ugh, get back to the gym….yeah, I know, they say. I have to get back to the gym.  I feel so much better, they say to me.  I always think about my own journey and why I love going now.
My mind changed when I began routinely going to Pinnacle, my local Madison, WI. gym.  It’s like most gyms.  Work out space with equipment and the smell of sweat, gym shoes  and the energy of movement, flowing through the air. Workout rooms, where instructors shout out commands and the pounding of shoes vibrate as you walk by, and I think, that looks like fun.  Then the shower rooms, bodies and sweat, showers running, lockers slamming.  The faint hint of underarm deodorant and sweat socks fill the air along with a hint of mildew that is always present. I always smile at the cute little cleaning lady, with her cart and machines as she roams about, cleaning bathrooms and the shower room floors.
I walk to my locker to put my bag of towels, and shower things away, I thank God that I have this body, mind and spirit to move me yet again.  I always enjoy the routine of gathering my bag, water bottle, and keys for the gym. I always meet up with someone I know, and smiles cross our face as we casually say hi, how are you today?  I go up to the machines and do my workout. Making sure my heart per minute don’t go over 133, after 20 minutes a smile emerges from my face, every single time.  I can’t wait to get to that point of the work out.  Then, after a 1/2 hour on the treadmill, I run down the stairs to the pool.. Sauna first, to get my mind straight. I do a mini meditation in there while my body sweats more of the toxins out, and I head to the pool to do another 30 minutes of water running.  I find that water running really helps my endurance, and I love it.  Heidi, the gym guru, has a water bootcamp I join and she kicks my butt.  I love it. The women in the class are amazing, friendly, warm and I always feel so welcome.  Plus, the workout is amazing and Heidi’s energy is addictive and she is so kind, and FULL of amazing information. She  and her classes are wonderful. Yet another reason to love my gym.
The people who go are nice, friendly and I can usually find someone to chat with for a few minutes.
After my water running or laps, I head to the sauna to do another sweat and warm up before hitting the showers and heading home.
I ask myself why I love working out so much.  It’s the whole thing, the movement, the people, the routine and the amazing way I feel when I am done.  I don’t worry if someone thinks my suit is cute, or if my butt is too big or whatever, I just think about all the good things that happen while I am there. I take in the whole experience and I don’t think about if it’s hard or long,  but rather take in everything and everyone around me. The community, and the practice of feeling well.  I practice gratitude, and thankfulness for all that is good there and concentrate on that first and foremost.  I love my gym, walking in the woods with friends and my dogs, love to be busy and stay moving.  I never think that this is hard or I don’t want to do it, but rather when can I go, and I can’t wait for that smile to cross my face from the feeling of wellbeing.  The meditation in the sauna, the people I meet, these are the things I concentrate on, and think about. This is why I love to move.  I also listen to books, music and you tube. Which I find really appealing as well.  SO many good thing happen at the gym.  I love it, and can’t wait to get here today!
Why do you love your workout routine or your gym? I’d love to hear from you.  How can we get other people addicted to loving the feeling, movements and the connections?  Write me a note or give me a call, I’d love to hear from you!

~Laura Kuhl

Madison, WI. -based psychic medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic.

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