I am learning to manifest life, that is to be in the vibration of source, and creating my life.  I had a thought last night before falling asleep. I feel as thought the only thing I am concentrating on at this moment and all the moments throughout my day, is loving myself.  Although, when I desire something, it comes quickly.  Such as, 2 times now I’ve desire to go to the movies. Both times a friend says to me right after the thought, lets got to the movies. When I get home, we will go.  I think how does this happen? Then I think, ahh, I just manifested that, thank you source, more of that please.

But while in bed last night, I am thinking I am only asking and feeling self love right now.  I am not asking for anything specific, other than maybe a movie or something equally in importance to life. Which seems pretty general and not at all specific.  So, I fall asleep, not thinking anything more about it.

Then, this morning while in meditation, my source says to me to listen to Abraham Hicks, which isn’t unusual most days, but not really something my guides prompt me to do.  I go to You Tube and AH 2016 ( Abraham Hicks) and go to the one my innerness tells me to listen to, which is; ” AH-Allowing manifestations to come faster.”  Within the video Esther/AH speaks to me.  I feel this mans frustration and allow him and her to go through it together. Then she states what we want you to do is be general in the vortex of vibration or (loving oneself) and to be really general about that feeling and as you acquire this understanding, then get more and more specific on what it is that you desire and want to ask.

Of course it hits me.  I am just in this state of general loving myself as this is the process of being able to then manifest more and more with effortless ease.  As the weeks have gone on, and I am getting better and better at loving myself all the time, all the time getting used to being happy and joyful. When I start getting out of my vortex of feeling good, I am learning how to get back quickly to this good feeling and back into my vortex.  It takes all kinds of practice to be able to do this, and yet I am, and I am doing it really well now. In fact it is so easy now,  and  why my inner self is starting to ask, what else do you want?  I am not sure, as I thought that all I wanted was to be happy, and joyful all the time, and now that I am learning to have this feeling, I get that the next step is now manifesting something other than just going to to the movies.  Which honestly isn’t a grand feeling or one that is hard to feel.  It’s not hard to feel, I would like to leave the home for a moment,  as I work from home and am here a lot.  So that feeling of wanting to leave and be somewhere else is easy for me to acquire now.  I see how source has lead me to this.  I can now have a clear map of what it is that I am manifesting.  The picture I have in my head of how all of this worked out is rather large and I am unable to put it into words, but it is a knowing that I now have.

God is amazing.  Love is a beautiful vibration and learning to love oneself is a great gift. It is a gift I received when my father passed on.  His love, his presence was so amazingly large in life, that when he left, the love he had for me was so large and deeply felt, I knew in order to grow and to continue on working as a psychic I had to learn to love myself as deeply as my father loved me.  Because that love I felt from him was so powerful, and when it left, I felt empty. Yet now I’ve learned to fill up my own holy grail. Holy grail being your own body, your own source which I believe is within.  It is here for us all, it is the ultimate healing vessel which is within us all.  A powerful and amazing love.  The love we can acquire for ourselves, about ourselves.  If you can love another, you can love yourself even more.

I teach it by feeling.  I will ask you to think of the person or animal which you love greatly. Children, parents, friends, lovers.  It’s all the same, as love is a powerful vibration.  So sitting quietly, think of the person, then feel the love you have for them. It’s near the heart in the middle of the chest. It wells up and is such a beautiful feeling. Now that you have that feeling inside of you, feel it for yourself. Just feel it well up inside of you.  And say to yourself I love me and more of this please God.  And everyday do this exercise. Until you can say, I love me, the feeling comes up within your chest and love yourself until your whole body feels the sensation of love.  This is what I am working on at this point in time.  I believe I have it down, and it is solid within me now.  So much now, that I feel good about teaching it to others.

Now that next step as AH/Esther Hicks teaches, is to feel that general feeling of want, such as going to the movies or finding that new dress that is perfect for me.  Manifesting that and being grateful, thankful and blessed when you get it.  Right now, I am just aware that I am actually manifesting, and doing so at a great speed.  I must be careful, as one doesn’t want to manifest before it is time.  I believe that manifesting is our divine right, but also a right that is to be respected and acquired with great authenticity and focus.  It isn’t to be taken lightly, or misunderstood as it is a great tool.  One that can not be misused or used for anything other than our greatest good for ourselves.

This is my understanding of manifestation though self love.

If you’d like more information, or would like to learn how to fully love yourself and learn to manifest your desires and life you deserve, please feel free to contact me.

~Laura Kuhl

Madison, WI. -based psychic medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic.

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