If you believe and trust and feel what it is that you know you deserve and want, see it, feel it, create it.  Manifesting is the wave of the future.  If you build it they will come. If you take a leap of faith, it will happen.

I was told a story about a man that was tripping on acid and during his trip he had to create the stones over a large hole to get to where he was going. So in his mind he created each and every stepping stone and crossed the deep hole and got to the other side of the room. This is very much like what this new consciousness is bringing us into.  A place where we must think, believe, feel and see our futures.  If you’ve ever asked for anything, and within hours the answers came or the prayer was answered then you know exactly what I am speaking about.  You just know deep within that it’s what will happen and what IS meant to be.  This is manifesting… Feel it, see it in your minds eye and create it.

It’s not rocket science.  It’s really too easy.  But it takes focused practice and that is time consuming.  It’s what your true desires are all about. You can either keep creating lack or create abundance. It’s up to you my friend. Choices are everywhere. Choose your path.  Mine is abundance and love and success. Wanna join me.  The ride is going to be awesome. Who’s with me?

Peace/love and sunshine!

-Laura Kuhl

Madison-based psychic and medium. A 4th generation Intuitive Healer/Reader and Psychic as well as a Level 1, 2 and 3 Reconnective Practitioner

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